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SUBJECT / FILE HEADING         COMMENTS                           CREDITS
1955 rural scene, with boat andVINTAGE SLIDE
Red Barn
Photo Technique, Handwriting Reshows some overhead slide transparencies
Photo Technique, Handwriting ReAutomated Pantograph, used to copy names for mass mailings
Photo Technique, Handwriting RePantograph
Photo Technique shows setups & various equipment used for nature photography

Animal Tracks muskrat tracks
Animal Tracks ghost crab hole & tracks
Animal Tracks Diamondback Rattle Snake tracks
Animal Tracks Ocelot tracks
Animal Tracks Yellow Crowned Night Heron tracks
Animal Tracks Florida Panther tracks

Veterinary Procedures small dog getting his teeth cleaned

MEDICAL Woman receiving injection
MEDICAL Dr. performing a procedure on anestitized woman
MEDICAL woman with Lyme Disease, showing bull's eye up close
MEDICAL Greenbrier (Smilax) severe scratches on a leg
MEDICAL Close-up of Herpes virus sores on a Caucasian female
MEDICAL Caucasian female receiving a cat scan
MEDICAL control panel of cat scan equipment
MEDICAL C-Arm -Fluoroscopy machine, used only during surgery (medical procedure)
MEDICAL Woman with Lyme's Disease, shows bull's eye rash
MEDICAL Physicians working with patients, also, Pain Management Studies
MEDICAL venous stasis ulcer
MEDICAL ringworm on childs face - fungal infection, most common in children, not
MEDICAL Jock Itch fungal infection, tiny fungus, needs dark and damp - Tinea cru
MEDICAL close-up of Petechia spots on a Lyme Disease patient
MEDICAL (portable) Bone Density Scanner, with patient being scanned, scans the h
MEDICAL possible West Nile Virus in a dead crow
MEDICAL American Red Cross Truck in a neighborhood, after Hurricane Isabel, deli
MEDICAL cross section of human heart, male, 62 years old, congestive heart, pres
MEDICAL Pharmacist / Occupation/Career
MEDICAL device that fills pill capsules
MEDICAL Inside a Pharmacy
MEDICAL Compounding drugs- Mortar & Pestle
MEDICAL counting the prescribed number of tablets
MEDICAL measuring liquid medication
MEDICAL abrasions from Rice Cut Grass, Leersia
MEDICAL Mosquito bites, various stages
MEDICAL Leishmaniasis - caused by Diphasic Protozoa
MEDICAL human bite mark on a person's arm
Antique Medical (Psuedo MedicalPsychograph, Phrenology - took 32 measurements, Science Museum MN
Antique Medical (Psuedo MedicalFluoroscope X-ray machine, 1950's, to see foot bones in shoes, Science M
MEDICAL / (MEDICINES / PILLS /pile of colorful pills laid out, shown also in a tray
MEDICAL / (MEDICINES / PILLS /bottles of steroids with syringe, Stanozolol
MEDICAL / (MEDICINES / PILLS /Bottles of Ritalin, shown also pill tablets laid out
MEDICAL / (MEDICINES / PILLS /Several Bottles of Herbal Medicines, i.e. St. John's Wort, Bee Pollen, V
MEDICAL / (MEDICINES / PILLS /Jar of Caffeine powder
M.D. News Large container (dumpster type) marked American Waste Industries Inc., b

Handicaps, Disadvantaged Older Man in wheelchair tending to a "container garden"
Handicaps, Disadvantaged woman in wheelchair, dressed in green, wearing big St. Patrick's Day hat
Handicaps, Disadvantaged young male in wheelchair in front of possibly a hospital or rehab center
Handicaps, Disadvantaged woman in a portable chair admiring a garden

Outstanding, Records, i.e. larglarge moth, large walking stick, largest wingspan of moth, largest herba

Illegal Drugs crack cocaine, homemade crackpipe
Illegal Drugs Cocaine and Paraphernalia
Illegal Drugs cocaine plants, shown also with red berries
Illegal Drugs man dressed in camouflage clothes, Drug Lord Guerrilla, caption "Drugs

Scientists, Nature Studies Biologist with Blue Bird nesting boxes
Scientists, Nature Studies freshwater fish collecting, collecting insects with a kick net
Scientists, Nature Studies dip-netting for fish
Scientists, Nature Studies Biologist studying tropical fish
Scientists, Nature Studies Boy Scout Camp, environmental studies, amphibian class
Scientists, Nature Studies herpetologist holding indigo snake
Scientists, Nature Studies two marine biologists from Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries net
Scientists, Nature Studies Photographer photographing flowers
Scientists, Nature Studies Nighttime nature studies, looking for beaver activity and bats
Scientists, Nature Studies biologist checking deer carcasses for deer ticks
Scientists, Nature Studies tagging monarchs in fall
Scientists, Nature Studies women at Wye Marsh Wildlife Center, Midland,Ontario, CANADA working with
STRANGE NATURE hornet nest built on an outdoor lamp light
Blood Lichen one shaped like "J", one shaped like "S"
tree shaped like letter "T", struck by lightning

GENETICS polymorphism in moth larva
GENETICS polymorphism in frogs
GENETICS polymorphism in barking tree frogs
GENETICS color variation in flowers
GENETICS color variation in egg yolks
GENETICS Group of mallard ducks, some appear to be mixed with a different breed
GENETICS single shot of mixed breed duck

Heart Shaped Prickly pear cactus shaped like heart
Heart Shaped Floating Hearts, Big, Nymphoides aquatica
Heart Shaped Coral Vine
Heart Shaped Frog Bit leaves
Heart Shaped Yellow Floating Heart, Nymphoides peltata

BIRD FEEDER bird feeder shaped like a miniature Gazebo
BIRD FEEDER bird feeder, squirrel proofed

MISCELLANEOUS Preacher as a Mime
MISCELLANEOUS Blessing of Animals in Episcopal Church for Feast of St. Anthony
MISCELLANEOUS sap dripping in bucket
MISCELLANEOUS scenes of after-fire at a physician's office
MISCELLANEOUS / RESEARCH Scientist using Laser
MISCELLANEOUS in the Ozarks, water wheel and grinding wheel, College of the Ozarks at
MISCELLANEOUS Highway Interchange on West Coast
MISCELLANEOUS Movie Studio gift shop on West Coast
MISCELLANEOUS development taking over - countryside -condos and corn in MN
MISCELLANEOUS Old time phone booth, with someone on phone, and others outside waiting
MISCELLANEOUS glass & flame
MISCELLANEOUS moving Carousel (Merry-Go-Round)
MISCELLANEOUS jars of jams, jellies, sauces, mustards etc. at Roberts Fruit Stand in F
MISCELLANEOUS water panel controls on Fire Engine
MISCELLANEOUS highway along side Columbia River OR
MISCELLANEOUS highway on West Coast, very foggy
MISCELLANEOUS semi truck on highway on West Coast, in rain (transportation)
MISCELLANEOUS images of fruits in containers, as larger format
MISCELLANEOUS several large items made out of trash cans in Franconia Sculpture Garde
MISCELLANEOUS on this property, a Red Barn used for tool storage
MISCELLANEOUS a rustic birdhouse in the Sculpture Garden
MISCELLANEOUS overgrown garden
MISCELLANEOUS artist (woman) welding sculptures (hobby / occupation)
MISCELLANEOUS survey marker
MISCELLANEOUS well and bucket large format
MISCELLANEOUS aerial advertising from airplane
MISCELLANEOUS oasis in Mojave Desert
MISCELLANEOUS dilapidated fruit stand in Midwest
MISCELLANEOUS Swale (drainage)
MISCELLANEOUS an old hinge, close-up
MISCELLANEOUS water valves, aquaculture
MISCELLANEOUS soap bubbles in a Jaccuzzi
MISCELLANEOUS Campus of Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK, showing surrealistic praye
MISCELLANEOUS Aluminum cans at aluminum factory to be recycled
MISCELLANEOUS giant sculptures of reused materials in Franconia Sculpture Garden, Shaf
MISCELLANEOUS things made from recycled metal, i.e. horse or deer, chair, bench, ball,
MISCELLANEOUS Chemistry adhesions - water attracted to other material vs. gravity
MISCELLANEOUS Mezuzah on door post of Jewish Homes / Religious Symbol (Jewish)
MISCELLANEOUS Masonic 16th Degree with cap -Fraternal Symbol
MISCELLANEOUS neon lit bulbs standing alone
MISCELLANEOUS tree cutter blades and tree cutter
MISCELLANEOUS Dam on Mississippi River in Guttenberg Iowa
MISCELLANEOUS smallest Post Office in US, Ochopee MN., still working
MISCELLANEOUS ceramic horses
MISCELLANEOUS moonshine still
MISCELLANEOUS old fashioned spittoon
MISCELLANEOUS rusty lantern
MISCELLANEOUS wooden foot bridge
MISCELLANEOUS yellow tattered leaf
MISCELLANEOUS milk spilling / milk splash
MISCELLANEOUS oyster shell in cement at Edgar Alan Poe Museum in Richmond
MISCELLANEOUS green water for St. Patrick's Day
MISCELLANEOUS dew droplets on green leaves
MISCELLANEOUS University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Law School
MISCELLANEOUS ivy growing on outer walls of the Law School above
MISCELLANEOUS object (perhaps holiday ornament) made of plastic discards
MISCELLANEOUS Artist's barn, winter scene of barns, one with headshot of man painted o
MISCELLANEOUS red barn showing in a winter scene, with snow on ground
MISCELLANEOUS Psychodelic colored lights, at night
MISCELLANEOUS Live Bait Vending machine, offering fishing bait - European Night Crawle
MISCELLANEOUS DRAGON made of driftwood
MISCELLANEOUS police car and fire truck at scene of fire, at night
MISCELLANEOUS firehydrant, with Common Beggar-tick (Bidens pilosa alba) growing near i
MISCELLANEOUS Outhouse, with Resurrection Fern growing on top
MISCELLANEOUS Musician playing trumpet in a band in a shopping mall
MISCELLANEOUS kites flying in air
MISCELLANEOUS Falconry, man holding falcon at Bird Show, Norfolk VA Zoo
MISCELLANEOUS swirling patterns in sand, unusual formations
MISCELLANEOUS man walking down a long narrow road, labeled "Walking into Infinity"
MISCELLANEOUS canopy road in Florida
MISCELLANEOUS piece of cowhair caught on barb wire fence
MISCELLANEOUS Glass Scape scene, sandwiched slide of glass goblets
MISCELLANEOUS several images of glassware, colored glass, blown glass
MISCELLANEOUS GRAVITY, shows inside of egg being dropped after it has been cracked ope
MISCELLANEOUS GRAVITY, several images of colored liquid being splashed out of contain
MISCELLANEOUS image of beads and flowers in a stained glass look
MISCELLANEOUS fire watching tower
MISCELLANEOUS swimming pool in a nicely landscaped setting
MISCELLANEOUS statue taken inside Detroit College of Law, Michigan State Law School
MISCELLANEOUS Geodesic Domes (buildings), Patagonia, Chile, shown exterior of building
MISCELLANEOUS solar collectors absorb solar radiation & convert it to heat energy
MISCELLANEOUS wind power - wind turbine machine, charges batteries used in small photo
MISCELLANEOUS glass windows facing south, passive solar heat
MISCELLANEOUS American Flag, variious images and views
MISCELLANEOUS Terrorism in Kabul, Afghanistan, shown car bombing
MISCELLANEOUS Historic Building, Holland House Restaurant in Pella Iowa
MISCELLANEOUS on the ropes, endurance course
MISCELLANEOUS sheriff's deputy with puppet, Ventriloquist, shown also with several sma
MISCELLANEOUS King & Queen, along with 2 young girls as "Princesses" in St. Patrick's
MISCELLANEOUS old bridge, concrete
MISCELLANEOUS red pincushion with threaded needle and colorful pins
MISCELLANEOUS table with several bottles of soda (soft drinks) lined up
MISCELLANEOUS piles of oyster shells
MISCELLANEOUS stone entrance that says Fort Monroe VA
MISCELLANEOUS Gate 4, Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, VA, entrance
MISCELLANEOUS Virginia Beach Fishing Pier
MISCELLANEOUS attractive outdoor fall arrangement at someone's house
MISCELLANEOUS dumpster with homeless (feral) cats around it, light dusting of snow on
MISCELLANEOUS exterior of school building
MISCELLANEOUS large crane used in ship yard repair, large ships in scene
MISCELLANEOUS machine shop
MISCELLANEOUS Transmitter, Transformer, Power Lines, CA.
MISCELLANEOUS Transmitter, Transformer, Power Station, Power Lines, CA.
MISCELLANEOUS Factories, spewing black smoke, Industrial, West Coast
MISCELLANEOUS flowerboxes, planters, windowboxes, very unusual, creative, shown also W

MISCELLANEOUS boats in a harbor, West Coast
MISCELLANEOUS ranch on West Coast
MISCELLANEOUS irrigation and field watering
MISCELLANEOUS farm scene near Santa Rosa CA
MISCELLANEOUS farm scene near Estes Park CO
MISCELLANEOUS Lifeguard Station, Kaui Hawaii
MISCELLANEOUS fruit in basket
MISCELLANEOUS lemon in bowl
MISCELLANEOUS unknown ranch along Hwy. 1 in OR
MISCELLANEOUS farm, windmill, West Coast
MISCELLANEOUS Street Fair in Old Town, San Diego

CITY SKYLINES Albany at Dawn and at Dusk
CITY SKYLINES Egyptian sky dancer
CITY SKYLINES Rensselaer NY Church
CITY SKYLINES Rainbows various
CITY SKYLINES Red Sky at Night

LIGHTHOUSES Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Florida, shown with sailboat
LIGHTHOUSES Hope Town Lighthouse, in Hope Town Harbour, Bahamas, One of three kerose
LIGHTHOUSES Old Lighthouse in Point Loma San Dilarge format
LIGHTHOUSES lighthouse on West Coast large format
LIGHTHOUSES lighthouse, close-up of light Kaui large format
LIGHTHOUSES lighthouse, Port Townsend WA large format
LIGHTHOUSES lighthouse at Grand Marris MN on Lake Superior

CIRCUS Ringling Brothers, when in Norfolk, VA
CIRCUS one shot shows huge sores on camel's leg, very visible
CIRCUS trapeze act
CIRCUS clown on wire
CIRCUS elephant act

EXHIBITS Nauticus Museum, downtown Norfolk, VA
EXHIBITS Nauticus Museum, downtown Norfolk, also shown as seen on the Waterfront
EXHIBITS young children at Tornado Tube at Nauticus Museum
EXHIBITS young children at touch tank at Nauticus Museum, watching a shark
EXHIBITS Bird show, Norfolk VA Zoo
EXHIBITS Animal training at Bird Show, Norfolk Zoo
EXHIBITS unusual birdhouse
EXHIBITS museum diorama of box turtle
EXHIBITS more museum dioramas, some wax, some latex
EXHIBITS people looking at aquarium exhibit
EXHIBITS people looking at aquarium exhibit, Virginia Marine Science Museum, Virg
EXHIBITS Cinnamon Bun, Snail Shells, Cameo, from Roberts Fruit Stand in FL
EXHIBITS Conch shells made into Conch Horns,from Roberts Fruit Stand in FL

SKELETONS Yellow Bat, Lasiurus intermedius
SKELETONS Mink, mustela vison
SKELETONS Short-tailed & Common, Blarina telmalestes, Blarina brevicauda
SKELETONS River Otter, Lutra canadensis
SKELETONS Monodelphis adusta (South America)
SKELETONS Opossum, Virginia, Didelphis virginia
SKELETONS Opossum, Metachirus nudicaudatis
SKELETONS Golden Mouse, Ochrotomys nutalli
SKELETONS Cotton Mouse, Peromyscus gossipinus
SKELETONS Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys volans
SKELETONS Muskrat, Ondatra zibetica
SKELETONS Norway Rat, Rattus norvegicus
SKELETONS man holding carapace of giant armadillo
SKELETONS Carapace of Southern Naked tail Armadillo, Cabassous unicinctus
SKELETONS same image as above, but shown also with skull of Capybara
SKELETONS Moose Alcesalces - fossil head shot Alaska, Pleistocene
SKELETONS common bullfrog
SKELETONS Taiwan Habu, Trimersurus flavoriridis
SKELETONS Egyptian Cobra, Naja haje, Africa
SKELETONS Russels Viper, Vipera russelli

COLLECTIONS Shell Collection, Virginia Living Museum, Newport News VA
COLLECTIONS Fossil Collection, Virginia Living Museum, Newport News VA
COLLECTIONS Rock & Mineral Collection, Virginia Living Museum, Newport News VA
COLLECTIONS Ivory tusks (illegal)
COLLECTIONS Ivory Product (illegal) - Peddler cSmithsonian
COLLECTIONS Ivory Product (illegal) - Folding FSmithsonian
COLLECTIONS Beetle Collection
COLLECTIONS Butterfly Collection
COLLECTIONS Beetles of the World Collection
COLLECTIONS Butterfly Dimorphism
COLLECTIONS Morpho Butterflies
COLLECTIONS Orthoptera Collection
COLLECTIONS Various insects, spiders
COLLECTIONS Bird Collection
COLLECTIONS Bird Egg Collection
COLLECTIONS Camera Collection
COLLECTIONS Mammal Skull Collection
COLLECTIONS Indian Artifacts, and sorting & displaying area
COLLECTIONS Arrowheads & Points collection
COLLECTIONS Rocks & Minerals of the US on map
COLLECTIONS Rocks & Minerals collected in Virginia, close-up of map
COLLECTIONS Shrunken Heads Collection
COLLECTIONS Taxidermy Bat Collection
COLLECTIONS Moth Collection
COLLECTIONS Latex models of items used in museum dioramas

FOSSILS Coelacanth - Diplurus newarki 200 mSmithsonian
FOSSILS Ecphora gardnerae
FOSSILS in Central FL
FOSSILS Oak, 12 million years
FOSSILS earliest known evidence of all forms of life, 3.5 billion years old
FOSSILS Elm, Miocene Age, 12 million years
FOSSILS Miocene Age, Chesapecten nefrens, shown also with other life forms
FOSSILS Echinodermata - Starfish -urchins crinoids
FOSSILS Sabre-toothed Cat (Tiger), Smilodon californicus
FOSSILS Saber-toothed Cat / Hoplophoneus S Dakota
FOSSILS Miocene Age, Pectin, Chesapecten neVirginia State Fossil
FOSSILS Trilobite, Isotelus brachicephalus - 438 million years old, Late Ordovic
FOSSILS Horseshoe Crab Euproops danae Ill.Smithsonian
FOSSILS Horseshoe Crab Fossil Mesolimulus (Smithsonian
FOSSILS Sea Turtle, C.F. Taxochelys Sp, Late Cretaceous, 80-70 million years ago
FOSSILS Eurypterid Sea Scorpion, Eurypterus remipes, Devonian Age
FOSSILS Eurypterid Sea Scorpion, Hughmiller3 inches, from the Ordovician to Perm
FOSSILS Sea Scorpion Eurypterus remipes 400 million years ago- late Silurian
FOSSILS Velociraptor, 6' long, 4-5' tall, 75 million years ago, Cretaceous Age,
FOSSILS Archaeopteryx lithographica, Jurassic, 130 million years ago (first bird
FOSSILS Wooly Mammoth, Elephas primigenius (Blumenbach), Pleistocene, tooth show
FOSSILS Mastodon Tooth, Mammut americanum, Pleistocene Age, Randolph County, WV
FOSSILS South American Giant Armadillo, Glyptodon clavipes Quaternary 25,000 yrs
FOSSILS Bat Icaronycteris Eocene-age speciSmithsonian
FOSSILS Alalcomenaeus
FOSSILS Chenjiangocaris longiformis
FOSSILS Heliobatis radians, female, fish fossil
FOSSILS Leanchoilia illecebrosa
FOSSILS Leptauchenia nitida
FOSSILS Liaoxitriton, amphibian fossil
FOSSILS Lytoloma elegans, turtle fossil
FOSSILS Tree Trunk, Lepidedendron, Webster County West Virginia
FOSSILS Calamite Foliage, Annularia stellata, Coal, West Virginia
FOSSILS Calamites in coal, Pennsylvanian Age, Tucker County, West Virginia
FOSSILS Coal, Bituminous seams, coal, shale, lensing coal, sand stone, West Virg
FOSSILS Coal, Bituminous limestone, sand stone, West Virginia
FOSSILS Blastoid Pentremiles sp, Mississippian Age, extinct class of echinoderms
FOSSILS Amphibian print on a trackway, (in hard shale) it had stepped on a fern
FOSSILS Coal, Arborescent Lycopod, StigmariLongest 40 ft in length. Pennsylvania
FOSSILS Coal, Calamite Foliage, Annularia sScouring rush
FOSSILS Coal Plant, Dolerotheca sp, complexNeuropteris & aletopteris are seed fe
FOSSILS Coal Fossils, Ferns, Neuropteris shNeuropteris & aletopteris are seed fe
FOSSILS slime mold growing in coal seam thaNeuropteris & aletopteris are seed fe
FOSSILS spring water coming out of coal, also shows iron oxide, West Virginia
FOSSILS Coal, bituminous, Chalcedony quartz, layered with chert (yellow)
FOSSILS layers of stratified rock
FOSSILS Ancient Fossil Bacteria, Cynobacteria, oldest fossil, stromatolite, 3.5
FOSSILS dinosaur fossils in Smithsonian Museum
FOSSILS Stromatolite - algae 400 million yeScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Stromatolites, Blue-Green algae, 2.Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Stromatolite, fossilized Blue-GreenScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Log, 60 million years old, InvertibScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Hypselosaurus eggs - dinosaur, HighScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Glyptodon clavipes, South American Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Early Reptile, not a dinosaur, afteScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS mummy, man from 18th Dynasty, arounScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS, FISH Big Cephalopod, Endoceras sp., 450 Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS, FISH fossil fish, Hiphactinus, one of laScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS, FISH Knightia sp., Diplomystus sp., PharScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS, FISH Lungfish Dipterus valenciennesi MidSmithsonian
FOSSILS, FISH Lungfish-like, Devonian Fish Smithsonian
FOSSILS Palm Frond Carbon-film Trac 50 millScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Ammonite Scaphitidae, 7.5 million yScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Ammonite Arietiles sp. 150 million Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Ammonite Hypha Tocheras Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Cycads 230 million years old Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Sabre Predator - Hoplophoncus sp., Science Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Tortoise (turtle), Stylemys 35 millScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Oreodont, extinct, related to sheepScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Timber, lost on bottom of Lake SupeScience Museum in St. Paul, MN
FOSSILS Decora Shale Slab, sedimentary rock
FOSSILS Fossil, Coral, Valley of Fire
FOSSILS White Calcite, Valley of Fire
FOSSILS Small Cave, Valley of Fire
FOSSILS Footprints in Sandstone of either T. Rex or Dilophosaurus (Painted Deser
FOSSILS, Crinoid Sea Lilies Actinocrinites sp. Crown only with Smithsonian
FOSSILS, Crinoid Sea Lilies - cActinocrinites sp. Colony / Crowns Smithsonian

FOSSILS / AMBER scotylidae is a family commonly called Ambrosaia Beetles
FOSSILS / AMBER achilidae is a family of planthoppers
FOSSILS / AMBER Leguminoseae is a family of plants from which the Hymneaea tree, Acacia,
FOSSILS / AMBER wasp with long "stinger" is a male Branconid
FOSSILS / AMBER scotylidae
FOSSILS / AMBER stingless bee
FOSSILS / AMBER tortoise beetle
FOSSILS / AMBER bristletail nymph
FOSSILS / AMBER curculionidae
FOSSILS / AMBER fulgorid
FOSSILS / AMBER lampyridae
FOSSILS / AMBER may fly head
FOSSILS / AMBER may fly head male
FOSSILS / AMBER may fly male
FOSSILS / AMBER polyxenid millipede
FOSSILS / AMBER psuedoscorpion
FOSSILS / AMBER pteromalid wasp
FOSSILS / AMBER pyrochroidae
FOSSILS / AMBER salticidae
FOSSILS / AMBER scotyolidae
FOSSILS / AMBER wood gnat - anisopodidae
FOSSILS Ecphora gardnerae, Maryland
FOSSILS Miocene Gastropods
FOSSILS Pliocene, 5-3 million years ago
FOSSILS Campanile giganteum, Eocene, Bestarmor, may be biggest, France
FOSSILS Miocene, Turritella megaldoris, Terebra aclinica Terebra plicaria
FOSSILS Miocene, Turitella exalta / Terebralis
FOSSILS Jurassic - Walking Stick Fossil, Chresmoda obscura, 145 million years ag
FOSSILS Late Jurassic, Dragonfly Fossil, 145 million years ago
Feathered Serpent god Quetzalcoatlus largest flying animalSan Antonio Bota
Fused or Flat Ankle Syntarsus San Antonio Bota
Egg Snatcher Oviraptor ate mollusks such as San Antonio Bota

DINOSAURS Stegosaurus, Covered Roof Lizard only plated Dinosaur found in west NA
DINOSAURS Deinonychus, Terrible Claw Peabody Museum
DINOSAURS Albertosaurus & Tyrannosaurus - Killing in Kansas 70 million years ago
DINOSAURS Tyrannosaurus Rex a cast of "Stan,"Smithsonian
DINOSAURS Allosaurus fragilis MN Science Museum, collected by Jim M
DINOSAURS Great Hall of Dinosaurs features DePeabody Museum
Dinosaur Mural Rudolph Zallinger’s famous dinosaurPeabody Museum

FORESTS George Washington National Forest, Virginia
FORESTS In Dismal Swamp, Virginia
FORESTS Fall Colors, Forest edge
FORESTS Jericho Ditch Forest, Virginia
FORESTS Primary Forest, North Carolina
FORESTS Amazon Rain Forest
FORESTS Southern Forest
FORESTS Staton Creek Falls, Virginia

MOUNTAINS George Washington National Forest, Virginia
MOUNTAINS Natural Bridge, VA
MOUNTAINS Natural Bridge, VA, cave entrance
MOUNTAINS Sunset in the Mountains
MOUNTAINS mountains in Russell County VA
MOUNTAINS huge boulder, man sitting on top
MOUNTAINS River running through
MOUNTAINS in Virginia
MOUNTAINS Brick/stone building covered with ivy vines
MOUNTAINS cabin marked "Tidewater"
MOUNTAINS mountain stream, rock bed
MOUNTAINS scenic, tree close-up
MOUNTAINS Blue Ridge Mts. of Virginia
MOUNTAINS San Francisco Peaks, perpetually snow-capped

NATIONAL PARKS George Washington National Forest, Virginia, at sunset or dusk

MIMICRY Bumblebee Moth, mimics hummingbird
MIMICRY Bee mimic moth and bee on same flower
MIMICRY Snake, False Coral, Geophis semidoliatus
MIMICRY Owl Butterfly, open wings mimic owl
MIMICRY Ensatina Salamander (Ensatina eschscholtzii) mimics Redbelly Newt (Taric

MIMICRY Notodont Moth, Hemiceras flava adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Notodont Moth, Crinodes besckei adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Noctuid Moth, Ceroctena amyata adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Common Looper, Autographa precationadult, FL
MIMICRY Noctuid Moth, Pseudophisia includenadult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Pyralid Moth, Liopasis dorsalis adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Pyralid Moth, Agathodes designalis adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Noctuid Moth, Gonodonta incurva adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Pyralid Moth, Ramphidium sp. adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Noctuid Moth, Ophismatropicalis, Ecuador
MIMICRY Mimallonid Moth, Quentalia numalia adult, Ecuador

MIMICRY Noctuidae Moth, Emarginea gammophoradult, Ecuador

MIMICRY Mimallonid - Moth, Quentalia numaladult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Notodont Moth, Nystalea sp. adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Cossidae Moth, Cossula sp. adult, Ecuador
Notodontidae, Colax apulus adult, Ecuador
MIMICRY Notodont Moth, Nystalea sp. adult, Ecuador

CAMOUGLAGE Bedstraw looper larva mimics twig
CAMOUGLAGE Thornbug resembles thorns, defense against being swallowed
CAMOUGLAGE Tree hopper
CAMOUGLAGE Walking stick insect
CAMOUGLAGE Woodcock among leaves, same coloring
CAMOUGLAGE nest among leaves, tree branches
CAMOUGLAGE green anole among green leaves
CAMOUGLAGE stick insect on leaf, disappears when sun behind leaf
CAMOUGLAGE bird dropping moth, resembles bird droppings
CAMOUGLAGE moth larva on leaf
CAMOUGLAGE moth on tree bark, same coloring

Whimsical, Comical, Humor, Humolarge yellow Labrador Retriever dog sitting in driver's seat of pick up
Whimsical, Comical, Humor goats, nosing around camera bag, eating straw
Whimsical, Comical, Humor house mouse in cereal box
Whimsical, Comical, Humor house mouse next to Jif Peanut Butter jar
Whimsical, Comical, Humor mouse drawn on wall, next to mouse hole
Whimsical, Comical, Humor black-tailed prairie dog sitting on haunches
Whimsical, Comical, Humor cartoon of butterfly larva "talking" to each other
Whimsical, Comical, Humor toy poodle in bicycle basket, wearing sunglasses
Whimsical, Comical, Humor Hoary Bat drawn on teeshirt
Whimsical, Comical, Humor nose of short tail shrew poking up out of some reeds
Whimsical, Comical, Humor car decorated with buttons, beads, bangles, taken in Florida
Whimsical, Comical, Humor coconuts painted to look like people, coconut dolls, FL.
Whimsical, Comical, Humor buffalo in front of sign that reads "Do Not Feed or Touch Animals"
Whimsical, Comical, Humor dog (pet) shaking hands with its master
Whimsical, Comical, Humor Large Saguaro Cactus in Sun City Ariz. dressed up like Santa Claus, Chri
Whimsical, Comical, Humor live horse with "HORSE" painted on its side
Whimsical, Comical, Humor live horse with "COW" painted on its side

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSHigh School, Big Band, shown also Band Director, trumpet player, tenor s
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSAfter Mass in San Jose Mission, San Antonio, TX Mariachis play and famil
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSman in Oberammergau, Germany playing a stringed instrument. An accompli
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSOompa (Oompah) Band, Fredericksburg Texas
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSstreet musician in Switzerland, playing some type of horn
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSJazz Dining Room, Two Sisters in New Orleans
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSStreet Band, French Quarters, New Orleans
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSLur, straight wooden trumpet, Medieval Switzerland, bronze age instrumen
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSman playing trumpet in a band in a shopping mall
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSOtavalo Indians playing flute
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSSousaphones Silver In Parade marching band, Washington D
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSBrass marching band with drums In Parade marching band, Washington D
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSlittle boy (Ecuador) playing a flute like instrument
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSgroup of bagpipers playing bagpipes
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSsingle bagpiper playing instrument
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSyoung boy playing violin
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSyoung girl playing violin
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSman playing saxophone, Reggie Oliver
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSmen playing steel drums, group is called Caribbean Soul
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSWest African Talking Drum & Stick 20th Century African Museum Philadelp
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSman playing guitar, with other people in slide, VINTAGE
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSMonks in Ladahk, Himalayas, playing musical instrument called a Shawm, d
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSArabs playing ancient instruments
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSNay: an open-ended, obliquely blown flute made from reed
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANStabl, a large double-sided drum
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSmizma or zurnar belongs to the doubthe double reed needs high blowing po
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSKen Peplowski, alto saxophone player
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSinstructor - music lessons, college level
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSArabs playing ancient instruments
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSmen playing musical instruments
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSPianist in concert, Chopin's Birthplace in Poland
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSCountry Band, Hillbilly, Blue Grass
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSyoung girl playing guitar
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSRam's Horn Shofar, Ash Kenazi, blown as a call to repentance, Religious
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSYemenite Shofars, African antelope, 38" in length / 5 pitches, Religious
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANS3 young girls at piano, singing
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSPossibly Mariachi Band or another similar band in Juarez Mexico, playing
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSOompa (Oompah) Band, Dixie Land Band, Fredericksburg Texas
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSabove band, shown also Sousaphone player, Tenor Saxophone player, Barito
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSBeggars Fiddle, wood, snakeskin, bamboo and horsehair bow
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSFlat Lute / Moon Guitar - wood, Jade & snakeskin
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSLong necked Lute, wood & snakeskin
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSDulcimer, wood & brass, Chinese
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSNative War Drum made of rawhide in Buckhorn Museum in San Antonio TX
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSPanpipes, Bass - Antara single ro and reeds
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSFusion Andiana - Music from Peruvian Mts. - Chimes
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSKena Flutes - Peruvian Music - straight single
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS / MUSICIANSRichard Elliott - Famous Saxophone Player

EMOTIONS sorrow at the site of a restaurant fire
EMOTIONS Great Horned Owl looking SLEEPY
EMOTIONS Chinese silkworm larvae, "kissing"
EMOTIONS Salmon Crested Cockatoo "Yawning"
EMOTIONS two women, one COMFORTING the other
EMOTIONS baby squirrel, no mother, shown awake
EMOTIONS baby squirrel, no mother, shown SLEEPING
EMOTIONS baby squirrel, no mother, shown CALLING for mother

SYMBIOSIS ants and aphids on plant

TAXIDERMY skunk and weasel
TAXIDERMY mounted bird with prey
TAXIDERMY Ruby-throated hummingbird
TAXIDERMY white tailed deer head
TAXIDERMY Shrunken Heads - Buckhorn Museum in San Antonia TX
TAXIDERMY Head of a Buck with 78 points to his antlers, Buckhorn Museum in San Ant

Acts of Nature / Natural Disasttoppled tree with roots showing
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastshrub oak growth stunted by intense fire period
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastbeaver damage
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastice damage, snow
Acts of Nature / Natural DisastTravelers Palm after hurricane
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastlog snagged in tree after flood
Acts of Nature / Natural DisastDismal Swamp, Virginia
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastautomobiles after being involved in crash
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastcar roof smashed in after tree branch fell on it
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastdamage to house after snow and ice laden tree branches fell on it
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastdamage to house after severe wind storm, fallen tree branches
Acts of Nature / Natural Disasttree suffering from ice damage, Michigan
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastseveral images after Hurricane Isabel on 9/18/03, in the Hampton Roads a
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastvarious images of downed power lines all over the Hampton Roads area
Acts of Nature / Natural DisastJuliet tomato plants after high winds from Hurricane Isabel
Acts of Nature / Natural DisastChurch on Granby St. with downed trees after Hurricane Isabel
Acts of Nature / Natural Disasthouses with trees on them after Hurricane Isabel
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastfallen tree (huge) in front of door of home
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastdowned Sycamore tree in Ghent after Hurricane Isabel
Acts of Nature / Natural Disasttop of a downed China Berry Tree, after Hurricane Isabel
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastview from attic hole, left by damage to home from Hurricane Isabel
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastwindmill destroyed by heavy winds
Acts of Nature / Natural Disaststraight line winds, tornado strength w/out torque
Acts of Nature / Natural Disasttornado twisted tree, twisted break in tree
Acts of Nature / Natural DisastAmerican Red Cross Truck in a neighborhood after Hurricane Isabel, deliv
Acts of Nature / Natural Disastpeople picking up food and bottled water, after Hurricane Isabel

PARASITISM Mites and Pseudoscorpions on back of Beetle
PARASITISM Katydid killed by fungus
PARASITISM Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora
PARASITISM Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora, shown Pink form
PARASITISM Indian Pipe, Monotropa uniflora, shown also seed pods,
PARASITISM Evaniid wasp, Evania appendigaster, larvae roach parasite
PARASITISM Digger Wasp, Scolia dubia, with beetle larva
PARASITISM maggots in oakworm
PARASITISM larva on willow
PARASITISM spider wasp with spider
PARASITISM bot flies on rat
PARASITISM saddleback parasitising cocoons
PARASITISM leeches on snapping turtle
PARASITISM parasitic wasp on wooly bear caterpillar
PARASITISM moth larva
PARASITISM Dwarf mistletoe
PARASITISM Mistletoe, Phoradendron serotinum
PARASITISM Berries of Mistletoe, Phoradendron serotinum
PARASITISM Spanish Moss, Tillandsia usneoides, SAPROPHYTIC & EPIPHYTE
PARASITISM Beechdrops, Epifagus virginiana, parasitic on Beech
PARASITISM Parasitic wasp laying eggs into egg case of black & yellow argiope spide
PARASITISM Bold faced hornet, Vespula maculata
PARASITISM Wasp, Scolia bicincta fab.
PARASITISM Gypsy Moth - male pupa
PARASITISM Tarantula Killer Wasp, Pepsis formosa
PARASITISM Larva of parasite popping out of Pandora Sphinx larva
PARASITISM Parasitic Wasp laying eggs in Golden Orb Weaver egg case
PARASITISM Parasite on Quercus roots
PARASITISM Parasitized Rustic Sphinx Larva (Manduca rustica)
PARASITISM variable oakleaf caterpillar being paratized (Lochmaeus manteo)
PARASITISM, Snow Plant some say parasite - draws nutrition from the mycorrhizae that are associ

Animal Defense i.e. tail breaksTiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum, tail-lashing (poison in tail)
Animal Defense i.e. tail breaksFour-toed Salamander, Hemidactylium scutatum, tail breaks off

Acts of Vandalism Tennis shoes hanging from overhead wires
Acts of Vandalism plane in drug drop off
Acts of Vandalism shopping cart dumped over a fire hydrant

Prison / Corrections Dade County FL

CANNIBALISM damsel fly eating another damsel fly
CANNIBALISM rough green snake just swallowed another rough green snake
CANNIBALISM dragon fly eating another dragon fly
CANNIBALISM black & yellow argiope spider eating same

PREDATION Caterpillar Hunter Beetle, Colosono sercutator, eating Sphinx Moth
PREDATION Anole eating katydid
PREDATION Spectacled Caiman eating frog
PREDATION Tarantula Killer Wasp, Pepsis formosa
PREDATION Spider eating butterfly in web
PREDATION Butterflies caught in spider web
PREDATION Predacious Shield bug, Euthyrhynchus floridansus, with wasp
PREDATION Mantis eating hornet, rough green snake waiting to eat mantis
PREDATION Mantis eating black widow spider
PREDATION American House Spider, Tegenaria gigantea, eating bug
PREDATION Wasp killing spider
PREDATION Spider on Cranefly
PREDATION Female Redheaded Barbet with lizard
PREDATION Short-tailed Shrew being eaten by snake
PREDATION Carolina Wolf spider (Lycosa carolinensis) killing small earth snake (Ha

MUTATIONS Two-headed snapping turtle
MUTATIONS Albino snapping turtle, Chelydra sperpentina
MUTATIONS rhododendron, 2 colors on same plant

DEATH Domestic Pigeon, Columba livia
DEATH dead bird
DEATH dead deer
DEATH shrunken heads
DEATH dead crow, possible West Nile Virus, vector
DEATH, Animal Cruelty young raccoon trapped in a Have-a-Heart (Humane) trap, to be released el
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Carriage Mule with bridle sores in mouth
DEATH, Animal Cruelty opossum with head bashed in
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Dead Caracara
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Eastern mud turtle with fish hook in mouth
DEATH, Animal Cruelty antlers
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Amazon Indian with birds he shot
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Indian Head Gear, birds
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Skinned animal, seal prob.
DEATH, Animal Cruelty eastern mud turtle with broken shell
DEATH, Animal Cruelty feeder mice in overcrowed, filthy cages
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead skunks
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead dog, hanging on wall in New Orleans
DEATH, Animal Cruelty skin of Oncilla, felis tigrina (SA)
DEATH, Animal Cruelty turtle shells for sale, New Orleans
DEATH, Animal Cruelty Common anteater, bloodied and injured or dead
DEATH, Animal Cruelty fish hooked through eye
DEATH, Animal Cruelty fish on fishing hook
DEATH, Animal Cruelty frog pocketbook in Mexico
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead, decaying snapping turtle
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead turtle
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead & decaying mammal unidentifiable
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead female frog with young
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead white cedar tree
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead cormorant in South America
DEATH, Animal Cruelty turtle head impaled on metal railing
DEATH, Animal Cruelty turtle being skinned and cleaned out
DEATH, Animal Cruelty dead sea turtle
DEATH, Animal Cruelty a lizard (appears to be extremely frightened and in discomfort) with a s
DEATH, Animal Cruelty boa and otter skins
DEATH, Animal Cruelty skinned Capybara, ready to cook
DEATH, Animal Cruelty items confiscated by US Fish & Wildlife, of products made from Endangere
DEATH, Animal Cruelty TOOL, Whaling Harpoon, Improved Iron Toggle. CA 1850

Cats that Kill Wildlife domestic cat with common grackle
Cats that Kill Wildlife domestic cat with small brown bat
Cats that Kill Wildlife domestic cat with robin

VOODOO shop in New Orleams with voodoo props, icons, stuffed bat, skulls, statu
VOODOO entrance to voodoo shop in New Orleans
VOODOO more masks and skulls in voodoo museum in New Orleans

Commercialization of EnvironmenCommercialization of Endangered Pitcher Plants
Commercialization of Environmenlarge new home under construction
Commercialization of Environmenpower line cutting through woods

POLLUTION Petroleum storage
POLLUTION mercury warning sign in Flordia Everglades where people fish from boats
POLLUTION alligator in water with soda bottle floating around
POLLUTION In Richmond, Virginia Power Plant
POLLUTION oil refinery, taken at night
POLLUTION massive fish kill in Stumpy Lake, Virginia Beach

POWER PLANT, St. Paul MN cooling towers, boiler
POWER PLANT, St. Paul MN stacks with exhaust
POWER PLANT, St. Paul MN power plant is 3 plants in one, cooling heating, electrical
POWER PLANT, St. Paul MN billowing clean white smoke / exhaust

WOOD PROCESSING (WEST COAST) Pomost large format

SHIPPING/MOVING loading large flatbed truck with logs, smoke billowing from nearby struc
SHIPPING/MOVING large logs floating in water / Bay
SHIPPING/MOVING loading lumber
SHIPPING/MOVING freighter at night
SHIPPING/MOVING Log Boom (shown also tugboats)

MANUFACTURE Factory, Pollution
MANUFACTURE Paper Mill, Pollution

DEFOLIATION Aluminum factory in Surinam / smog, pollution
DEFOLIATION Pungo, Back Bay, Virginia burning off
DEFOLIATION Forest cutting in Quinnade
DEFOLIATION Equatorial Forest, Ecuador
DEFOLIATION Cloud Forest, Mera
DEFOLIATION Rain Forest, French Guyana
DEFOLIATION Rain Forest, Amazon, Panama, Old Equipment from construction of Canal
DEFOLIATION Amazon Rain Forest, Ecuador, Decomposition of tree
DEFOLIATION Land clearing for future building

TRANSPORTATION Train in mountains, perhaps excursion
TRANSPORTATION car driving in Sandbridge, VA - early 60's
TRANSPORTATION Jeep & trailer in Mississippi
TRANSPORTATION old car in FL., Model T, poss.
TRANSPORTATION Old Citroen (car) France
TRANSPORTATION Metro Train System, Washington DC
TRANSPORTATION defunct abandoned railroad tracks no longer useable
TRANSPORTATION Durango-Silverton CO, Narrow Gauge Railroad
TRANSPORTATION tractors and various farm equipment
TRANSPORTATION some images with Farm Children on the equipment
TRANSPORTATION Felling machine with cutting attachment for logging
TRANSPORTATION tractor attachment
TRANSPORTATION disc - circular saw
TRANSPORTATION young man or teenager on a dirt bike or small motorcycle
TRANSPORTATION backhoe, shown also dumping dirt
TRANSPORTATION Tree cutting machine
TRANSPORTATION planters, seed drills
TRANSPORTATION machinery that breaks up clods & clumps of dirt
TRANSPORTATION Construction Cranes
TRANSPORTATION Trolley Car, San Francisco CA larger format
TRANSPORTATION Railroad Station larger format
TRANSPORTATION Livestock Transport truck - Semi
TRANSPORTATION Segway in Washington DC, human transporters, Armed Forces Retirement Hom
TRANSPORTATION police on motorcycles in Washington DC during Cherry Blossom Festival pa
TRANSPORTATION 811 Train Engine called Thomas the Tank
TRANSPORTATION Train Tracks at Train Station
TRANSPORTATION Space Station Discovery Launch at Cape Canaveral FL, various images
TRANSPORTATION Railroad Tracks, Crossing Sign, West Coast
TRANSPORTATION Blade on train car to remove or push snow

AIRCRAFT Navy airplanes at Naval Air Show
AIRCRAFT Navy airplanes at Naval Air Show, in flight
AIRCRAFT Navy airplane at Naval Air Show, on the ground
AIRCRAFT Navy airplane at Naval Air Show, on the ground, Stealth F-117A Nighthawk
AIRCRAFT Airplane taking off, Airport upper Amazon, Ecuador
AIRCRAFT Space Shuttle Challenger (the spacecraft that blew up in Jan.1986, ) sch
AIRCRAFT commercial aircraft, Northwest Airlines airplane, sitting on ground at a
AIRCRAFT jet exhaust, cannot see air moving
AIRCRAFT Pontoon Aircraft some larger format
AIRCRAFT Seaplanes and Helicopters

bent wing tips decrease drag by reducing wing tip vortices. Because wing is actually pu

AIRPORTS Washington DC, various images, one at sunset
AIRPORTS Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, Lester B Pearson International, views from int
AIRPORTS San Francisco Airport Terminal larger format
AIRPORTS Airline Terminal in Orlando FL
AIRPORTS Aukland New Zealand, Air New Zealand, also shows 747
AIRPORTS Space Shutttle, Discovery, Launch in Cape Canaveral FL. on September 29,

BOATS Canadian Cruise Ship (poss) in portlarger format
BOATS houseboat in Costa Rica
BOATS Tugboat from Moran Towing, Downtown Norfolk, shown moored up to a Navy S
BOATS harbor/water scene, Norfolk viewed from Portsmouth Seawall
BOATS Crane barge at sunset
BOATS Barge on Mississippi River - MN
BOATS Government owned Research Vessell, shows Boom (Crane) that lowers things
BOATS Battleship USS Wisconsin, largest & last Battleship built by US Navy
BOATS Spirit of Norfolk, downtown Norfolk VA
BOATS USS Wisconsin, piered at Norfolk Waterfront
BOATS tugboat on the waterfront (Norfolk VA)
BOATS shiprepair, crane on a barge
BOATS various boats at pier, commercial and personal (pleasure)
BOATS view of several boats, Elizabeth River, Norfolk VA
BOATS pleasure boats, Roadside Service Boat, yachts, all in same scenes, both
BOATS Barge in fog, Norfolk, VA
BOATS Boston Tea Party Museum
BOATS Ferry boat in Guatemala
BOATS Log canoe, Panama
BOATS Shrimp boat, Bayou, Louisiana
BOATS Tugboat, Norfolk, VA
BOATS Biscayne Bay, FL
BOATS father & daughters in canoe, birdwatching - in winter, in Dismal Swamp (
BOATS same father & daughters in motor boat, birdwatching, in winter, in Disma
BOATS People boarding and aboard glass bottom boat
BOATS ferryboat on Colorado River
BOATS sailboat on Lake Havasu in Arizona
BOATS Sailboat on Mississippi River, Dubuque, Iowa
BOATS houseboat on Lake Havasu in Arizona
BOATS boating on Lake Havasu in Arizona
BOATS Dixie Bell on Colorado River in Lake Havasu City, AZ
BOATS, Navy Ship USNS LCpl Roy M. Wheat, Freighter, transfers ships from Commissioned Nav
BOATS, Navy Ship possible APL-YRBM - Navy living quarters, in foreground, in back is civi
BOATS boat marina scenes
BOATS one log canoe in Cuyabeno Ecuador
BOATS Ferry on River of No Return in Brazil
BOATS Calif. San Diego - boats in a Marinlarge format
BOATS Sailboats large format
BOATS (HARBOR) La Push, WA. Olympic Peninsula large format
BOATS (HARBOR) Harbor in Seattle, WA large format
BOATS (HARBOR) Gloucester Harbor, MA. large format
BOATS (HARBOR) Victoria Harbor, Victoria, BC large format
BOATS (HARBOR) Fish Sale, unknown location large format

FISH PONDS Aquaculture overflow system / filtration system, with plants and fish
FISH PONDS Carp breeding
FISH PONDS Fairchild Gardens
FISH PONDS Norfolk Botanical Gardens (Norfolk VA)
FISH PONDS Walkway across pond
FISH PONDS Pond at night
FISH PONDS shown with ornamental statuary and appropriate plants and rocks
FISH PONDS same as above, shows a large frog hiding out
FISH PONDS use of pond screen to reduce light, less green water
FISH PONDS Leda & the Swan Statuary - England, use of decorative statuary in settin
FISH PONDS another fish pond, waterway
FISH PONDS goldfish pond in snow in MN
FISH PONDS shown with Duckweed, Norfolk Botanical Gardens
FISH PONDS goldfish pond in with Banana Leaf for shade, shown also, water lettuce

BODIES of WATER pond at lake, Lake Mattameskeet NWR, Northa Carolina
BODIES of WATER Beaver Pond in Oregon, northern pond or river
BODIES of WATER Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, from a distance, shows clouds above
BODIES of WATER shows Norfolk Naval Base in background, People fishing from pier
BODIES of WATER Water evaporating off Lake
BODIES of WATER Similar scene as above, shows City of Hampton at a distance on the horiz
BODIES of WATER Mississippi River
BODIES of WATER Lotus Pond at Back Bay (Virginia Beach VA)
BODIES of WATER Fresh water lake drainage
BODIES of WATER lily pond with swamp background, Tyrell County NC
BODIES of WATER seagulls on beach, tide is out (beach scene)
BODIES of WATER Virginia Wesleyan Lake (Virginia Beach VA)
BODIES of WATER Stream in Winter, with snow
BODIES of WATER Walden Pond, Freshwater, showing fall foliage
BODIES of WATER Walden Pond, Freshwater
BODIES of WATER Frog Pond, Virginia Wesleyan (Virginia Beach VA)
BODIES of WATER Sink hole, Pot Hole in George Washington National Forest, (VA) larvae o
BODIES of WATER Choppy water
BODIES of WATER Lake Prince
BODIES of WATER Cold Rain Forest
BODIES of WATER Long pond at sunset
BODIES of WATER Pond with egret
BODIES of WATER Pond at Night
BODIES of WATER Mountain Stream
BODIES of WATER Natural Bridge, VA
BODIES of WATER waterway at sunset
BODIES of WATER Temporary pond
BODIES of WATER Shenandoah River headwaters
BODIES of WATER Lagoon in Swamp (Tyrell County, NC)
BODIES of WATER Northwest River (Carolina Beach Rd., NC)
BODIES of WATER Pool in Louisiana Park (water garden)
BODIES of WATER destroyed wetlands, new homes in housing development
BODIES of WATER Pond scene in Florida, with yellow wild flowers
BODIES of WATER similar scene as above, Tranquility
BODIES of WATER similar scene as above, shown on foggy morning
BODIES of WATER pond in Michigan also shows horses and geese
BODIES of WATER Wasaga Beach, Nottawasaga Bay, Niagara Escarpment, summer resort, Ontari
BODIES of WATER Highland Hammock FL - pond or stream
BODIES of WATER Sunset on Mississippi River, near Dubuque Iowa
BODIES of WATER meandering stream - taken from air
BODIES of WATER stream of upper Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN, shown purple loosestr
BODIES of WATER Solution Hole in Everglades, shown with Duckweed and Spirodella
BODIES of WATER shown also, sign that says Anginga Trail, "Solution Hole"
BODIES of WATER Pond in Florida
BODIES of WATER Tempory pond (rainfall) on high beach with vehicle tracks driving thru i
BODIES of WATER Patterns on top of water
BODIES of WATER Pond in Mississippi Flood Plain, MN
BODIES of WATER Two isolated Ponds - Shallow Wetland Mississippi River Marsh in Flood Pl

SWAMPS Knotts Island, Currituck Co. (NC)
SWAMPS South Mills, swamp habitat, people in kayak
SWAMPS swamp at Moyock, NC

WATERFALLS Minnehaha Falls (Minnehaha Creek) Minnesota, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
WATERFALLS Staton Creek Falls, George Washington National Forest (Virginia)
WATERFALLS Niagara Falls
WATERFALLS S. Chile National Park
WATERFALLS San Rafael Falls, E. Ecuador
WATERFALLS Waterfalls in Quetico Prov. Pk. CANADA, rushing water

SALT MARSHES at sunset, shows phragmites
SALT MARSHES in winter, Thole St., Norfolk, VA
SALT MARSHES glasswort, salicornia
SALT MARSHES reclaimed wetlands, recovering habitat
SALT MARSHES low tide at tidal saltmarsh, Newport News TIDAL MUD FLATS, visable at l
SALT MARSHES saltmarsh at Thole Street, Norfolk, VA
SALT MARSHES saltmarsh at Thole Street, Norfolk, VA in winter
SALT MARSHES saltmarsh scene in Ding Darling NWR, FL, showing two egrets in trees
SALT MARSHES in Chesapeake VA (raccoon in background)

Children with Animals several images of children with butterflies landing on them, Butterfly W
Children with Animals children with plant or butterfly cages
Children with Animals young man with turtle
Children with Animals children with marine toad
Children with Animals children at a nature camp, discovering life in a temporary pond
Children with Animals children with white tailed deer fawn, being hand raised and bottle fed
Children with Animals children with opossum babies, mother killed
Children with Animals children with turtle
Children with Animals young boys playing in mud
Children with Animals young boys with huge snapping turtles
Children with Animals children in Ecuador
Children with Animals young boy amidst venus flytraps
Children with Animals young boy with quail eggs
Children with Animals little blond girl with huge caterpillar
Children with Animals Panamanian boy with Iguana
Children with Animals young boys studying nature exhibits
Children with Animals children holding various herps, during amphibian class
Children with Animals children practicing archery
Children with Animals children on nature hike, studying
Children with Animals children with walking stick insect
Children with Animals young boy with 2 very large bullfrogs
Children with Animals children with Florida Kingsnake, Lampropeltis getulus floridana
Children with Animals Children feeding Koi fish
Children with Animals children at a petting zoo, shows goats and sheep
Children with Animals young girl with pet Nubian goat, wearing a hat
Children with Animals same girl, kissing her pet goat
Children with Animals several children with their pet Nubian goats
Children with Animals young girl with Marmoset on shoulder

Children with PLANTS young girl admiring Bromeliad, prob. 9 yrs old
Children with PLANTS young boy checking out fish pond equipment, prob. 9 yrs. old

PEOPLE men cutting trees, using chainsaws
PEOPLE, FAMOUS Mariel Hemmingway, (actress) granddlarge format
PEOPLE, FAMOUS the late Margeaux Hemmingway (actress), granddaughter of author Ernest H
PEOPLE reef balls to improve species variety and population density (Barbados)
PEOPLE children Snorkeling in Barbados
PEOPLE girl getting hair done in corn rolls, Dreadlocks
PEOPLE woman in Barbados carrying a box on her head
PEOPLE people running, Running Club
PEOPLE man on telephone - Executive
PEOPLE man cooking on a grill, barbecue, father and son
PEOPLE Rotary men barbecueing chicken in Mt. Pleasant Iowa
PEOPLE man with several animal skins
PEOPLE woman tasting wild cherries
PEOPLE alcoholic
PEOPLE man smoking
PEOPLE migrant workers picking beans, in FL.
PEOPLE man with young raccoon
PEOPLE man getting haircut in South America
PEOPLE Cleaning Lady, Old Church, Puerta Vallarta
PEOPLE little girl with an open parasol, approx 5 - 6 years old
PEOPLE 2 young girls sitting on butterfly shaped bench, shown also holding gras
PEOPLE two girls in butterfly garden at Norfolk Boanical Gardens, one is holdin
PEOPLE Indian boy in South America, probably 2-3 years old
PEOPLE Indian boy in South America, close-up of face, probably 5-7yrs old
PEOPLE Woman setting up equipment, perhaps for a bird show or bird or animal tr
PEOPLE father and children on John Deere construction equipment (backhoe type)
PEOPLE men fishing from small boat
PEOPLE still water fishing from small boat
PEOPLE female volunteer at Virginia Marine Science Museum, Virginia Beach VA
PEOPLE firefighters - fire at night
PEOPLE children eating watermelon
PEOPLE people at an outdoor exhibit
PEOPLE children viewing an outdoor fossil collection
PEOPLE men in front of long, unusual looking horns, like Alpine horns
PEOPLE Shrimp netting in Bayou Louisiana
PEOPLE young Jewish child getting haircut
PEOPLE young woman, blue teeshirt
PEOPLE man on a bicycle, pulling camera bag on handcart
PEOPLE photographer photographing turtle
PEOPLE troubador in Texas (singing cowboy)
PEOPLE young man up in a tree with a net, hanging over the water
PEOPLE Naturalist leading a nature hike with young boys
PEOPLE people at an outdoor summer festival
PEOPLE People at Northwest River Park, on paddle boats or in canoes
PEOPLE children on swings, and also playing on dirt mounds
PEOPLE group shot of people at nature camp
PEOPLE Father & Daughters canoeing while bird watching, bird watching in winter
PEOPLE father and children fishing from boat
PEOPLE adults in woods setting, appear to be at a nature talk
PEOPLE hikers, an adult & scouts (Vintage)
PEOPLE campsite at Dismal Swamp (Virginia) (Vintage)
PEOPLE Naturalist holding a bird
PEOPLE (Vintage) man on old motorcycle
PEOPLE Naturalist on a scooter with turtle hanging from his back
PEOPLE 2 young women in front of white heron
PEOPLE man made estuary, people with nets crabbing
PEOPLE Blond woman and her daughter, behind bars, perhaps at circus or other ev
PEOPLE men standing in front of dilapidated hut on Knotts Island, with animal s
PEOPLE man in front yard of that same hut above, with hunting dog (taken 1963)
PEOPLE Baby on beach with Pigeons, shows child interacting with animals
PEOPLE two women, one older, one younger, sitting on a swing together, showing
PEOPLE mother and child at play
PEOPLE 2 girls "posing", sisters, friends
PEOPLE mother and boy child doing homework
PEOPLE man (grandfather) with young boy, going fishing or boating
PEOPLE woman with lots of rings on her finger, looking at jewelry
PEOPLE woman on excerise bike
PEOPLE woman with straw hat, summer attire, sipping cold drink
PEOPLE 2 girls - probably around 10 years, in swimsuits
PEOPLE woman with straw hat, summer attire, sipping cold drink
PEOPLE mother and toddler in a swimming pool
PEOPLE young boy laying on his back resting
PEOPLE young couple looking dreamily at each other, young love
PEOPLE blond woman hanging a sale sign
PEOPLE couple, hugging and kissing
PEOPLE couple being romantic
PEOPLE male surveyor
PEOPLE male construction worker, repairman
PEOPLE man using VSC 2000 equipment for Handwriting analysis
PEOPLE court scene in Moot Court Room at Michigan State Law School, Detroit
PEOPLE child catching snowflakes on tongue, boy
PEOPLE child catching snowflakes on tongue, girl
PEOPLE children catching snowflakes on tongue, boy & girl
PEOPLE mother and children, boy and girl
PEOPLE mother and child, boy
PEOPLE mother and child, girl
PEOPLE older man, shown smoking, pipe, pensive, in nature, with camera
PEOPLE family feeding pigeons
PEOPLE farmer and son, at Farmers Market, selling crops (vendor at Farmers Mark
PEOPLE Hmong Farmers Market or Mong to the Hmong means "blooming fertile" or "y
PEOPLE shown also, children working, jobs, teens working, St. Paul, MN
PEOPLE Seafood Market at a Farmers Market in Seattle WA
PEOPLE children collecting by the water
PEOPLE woman selling Cockscomb at Farmers Market in St. Paul MN
PEOPLE Honeycrisp apples at the above market
PEOPLE Heirloom Tomatoes being sold at the above market
PEOPLE Leeks and onions being sold at the above market
PEOPLE Eggplants being sold at the above market
PEOPLE Cucumbers being sold at the above market
PEOPLE children (youth) selling watermelons at a Farmers' Market
PEOPLE grandfather with grandson
PEOPLE 2 men collecting
PEOPLE Construction - workman finishing stucco job
PEOPLE Construction - roof repairman in Florida
PEOPLE Eskimos camped alongside fishing camp, Tree River, Northwest Terr. CANAD
PEOPLE shown also, Eskimo family includingsome large format
PEOPLE man (men) eating Yucca plant in South America
PEOPLE man bird watching, Scientist
PEOPLE woman in pioneer dress, feeding chickens at Living History Farms in Iowa
PEOPLE photographer, man smoking pipe, thoughtful, pensive, senior citizen, ou
PEOPLE older man, poverty, isolation
PEOPLE various images of young adults, couples, VINTAGE
PEOPLE bird photographers, Fort DeSoto FL
PEOPLE children blowing bubbles
PEOPLE young girl making Valentines
PEOPLE Teddy Goodgame, Chemehuevi Indian with a rare handwoven basket. For sal
PEOPLE close-up image of basket only
PEOPLE birthday party in South America, probably a young girl
PEOPLE CLOWN at Pungo Strawberry Festival, making balloon sculptures
PEOPLE shown also, children with above clown
PEOPLE little girl, prob. 2-3, clogging (dancing)
PEOPLE Barbecue/Pig roast, shown also man carving the pig
PEOPLE teenage couples at the barbecue
PEOPLE couple dancing at the barbecue
PEOPLE younger girl learning to dance
PEOPLE beekeeper at Norfolk Zoo, shown working the bees, smoking, collecting ho
PEOPLE women and children (young toddlers) dressed in Colonial wear, early Amer
PEOPLE / Occupation female pilot
PEOPLE / Occupation doctor (female) talking to woman patient
PEOPLE / Occupation nuritionist speaking to group of women (occupation)
PEOPLE grocery shopping
PEOPLE checking blood sample
PEOPLE / Occupation airline stewardess (occupation)
PEOPLE exterior of health department building with sign that says Vernon J. Har
PEOPLE / Occupation druggist (female) standing in Pharmacy
PEOPLE / Occupation doctor (female) in exam room talking with woman patient (obese)
PEOPLE / Occupation woman making cloth handbags, shown measuring pattern
PEOPLE / Occupation shown cutting pattern
PEOPLE / Occupation shown sewing handbag
PEOPLE / Occupation shown ironing fabric
PEOPLE / Occupation Phone company service technician on telephone pole ladder
PEOPLE / Occupation Handwriting Expert / Document Examiner
PEOPLE / Occupation Law Enforcement - Sheriffs Deputies
PEOPLE / Occupation Bartender, serving alcohol, drinking alcohol
PEOPLE 2 women reading newspaper ads for grocery specials
PEOPLE family sitting at breakfast table
PEOPLE baby foods
PEOPLE children seated at a table, having a party maybe
PEOPLE toddler with blocks
PEOPLE toddler
PEOPLE children in a cart being pulled by an Adult driving a small John Deere g
PEOPLE children with Robot Band
PEOPLE young girl on a pony
PEOPLE several images of pregant women
PEOPLE several women with several children of all ages, perhaps a clinic waitin
PEOPLE woman with infant (alcohol)
PEOPLE pregant woman drinking a can of beer (fetal alcohol syndrome)
PEOPLE several more images of women with children and newborns in various setti
PEOPLE woman with elderly lady doing crafts
PEOPLE elderly woman knitting or crocheting
PEOPLE woman gardener picking greens
PEOPLE / Occupation Catholic school classroom with Nun in habit (teacher)
PEOPLE woman canning food
PEOPLE mentally handicapped adult gardening
PEOPLE older woman painting on canvas on an easel
PEOPLE young girl on bicycle delivering newspapers
PEOPLE young woman on ladder painting a mural on an exterior wall
PEOPLE woman standing in front of horse
PEOPLE silhouette of a young woman on the water
PEOPLE naked toddler (little girl) in child's wading pool
PEOPLE Farm Kids shown on tractor and various farm equipment
PEOPLE Brownie Scout, 8 years old, looking at aquarium
PEOPLE same girl feeding birds in winter in MN also feeding carrots to wildlife
PEOPLE boy with cows large format
PEOPLE people at a Campfire, shown also roasting marshmallows
PEOPLE Boy and bicycle, shown also close-uModel Released
PEOPLE (Occupation) Field Biologists in Wet Prairie in WI
PEOPLE (Occupation) Locksmith and Locks
PEOPLE several people on the back of a wagon being pulled by mules
PEOPLE young men in Cap and Gown graduating from Old Dominion University
PEOPLE Potter close-up at Halizo Arts Festival
PEOPLE Students Playing Bocce at ODU
PEOPLE / ANIMALS Woman with Golden Retriever Puppy
PEOPLE / FISHING Lake Trout, North West Territory, Great Bear Lake, Canada
PEOPLE / FISHING step by step images of how to prepare lake trout for outdoor cooking
PEOPLE / FISHING Arctic Char fishing, Tree River, (beyond Arctic Circle) NWT Canada
PEOPLE / FISHING during Aug. & Sept. male char turn brilliant red on lower half, may be s
PEOPLE / FISHING fishing for Arctic Grayling in Camsell River, NWT, Canada
PEOPLE / FISHING fishing from a boat in South Dakota, including walleyes
PEOPLE / FISHING Bonefish (Alba vulpes) found in shallow water, difficult to spot against
PEOPLE / FISHING men bonefishing
PEOPLE / FISHING Northern Pike Fishing, Churchill Risome images large format
PEOPLE / FISHING fishing from boat and explorig Quetico Province Park CANADA
PEOPLE / FISHING Portaging Quetico Province Park CANADA
PEOPLE / FISHING people fishing in Guncoat Bay, Saskatchewan CANADA
PEOPLE / ANIMALS Family at Parrot Jungle in FL.
PEOPLE little girl about 10 years old with dead butterflies, also with woman (
PEOPLE same little girl above with same woman (teacher) (mentor) in Museum, (Sc
PEOPLE young boy reading
PEOPLE young boy playing pinball
PEOPLE 2 young girls sharing secrets
PEOPLE releasing a trapped raccoon, shows correct way to release a wild animal
PEOPLE children playhing at rivers edge
PEOPLE children in apple orchard, also picking apples, Midwest
PEOPLE toddler at piano
PEOPLE young boy drawing on sidewalk
PEOPLE boy touching large tortoise
PEOPLE boy with watering can
PEOPLE children with colorful makeup on faces
PEOPLE boy with heliconid butterfly
PEOPLE boy with owl butterfly
PEOPLE boy & girl at childrens' museum exhibits
PEOPLE children fishing from dock
PEOPLE children floating on river
PEOPLE close-up of human eye
PEOPLE female water skier (sport)
PEOPLE young teenage boy watering flowers in a nursery, hanging baskets
PEOPLE men in Cap and Gown graduating from ODU
PEOPLE / Occupation Medical office manager (Male)
PEOPLE / Occupation Executive (Male)
PEOPLE / Occupation Physician Dictating (Male)
PEOPLE / Occupation Medical Office Staff, Executives, Professionals
PEOPLE / Occupation Lunch Meeting, Medical, Executives
PEOPLE (Children) playing around a large water fountain
PEOPLE (Children) Elementary children in a school play
PEOPLE (Children) Young Boy (teenager) on Computer in 1989
PEOPLE (Children) flying kites at Mount Trashmore
PEOPLE (Children) boys in yard outside in Midwest
PEOPLE (Children) boys watching ants
PEOPLE (Children) boys playing basketball
PEOPLE (Children) Children Froggin' in the rain in MN

LOGGING / LUMBER tug towing lumber, Port Angeles, WAlarge format
LOGGING / LUMBER tree climbing contest large format
LOGGING / LUMBER lumber large format
LOGGING / LUMBER lumber plant large format
LOGGING / LUMBER lumber cutting area large format
LOGGING / LUMBER various images of cutting, loading, hauling lumber, all phases of the lo
LOGGING / LUMBER lumber mill
LOGGING / LUMBER logging tug
LOGGING / LUMBER clear cutting logs

AMERICAN INDIANS Peacepipe made of pipestone rock - from MINN
AMERICAN INDIANS Feather Bonnet, symbol of American Indian
AMERICAN INDIANS Dagger, Prehistoric - Tennessee
AMERICAN INDIANS Arrowheads, Prehistoric - Oregon
AMERICAN INDIANS 2 young children, Native American, at an Indian Powwow, boys approx 8-10
AMERICAN INDIANS same as above, one boy only, Accohannock Cherokee (Eastern Shore MD)
AMERICAN INDIANS man in native dress, (gear) Occaneechi band of the Saponi Nation
AMERICAN INDIANS man in native dress, (gear), probably another nation or tribe
AMERICAN INDIANS Indian Powwow, presenting colors, with flags
AMERICAN INDIANS Tsaliga Tribe, Cherokee, Carlisle SC, man in native gear, with Crow head
AMERICAN INDIANS same as above, with young boy approx 10-12 years old
AMERICAN INDIANS Meherrin x Mattaponi Indian Woman in native dress
AMERICAN INDIANS 4 Native American women, dark skinned, in native dress
AMERICAN INDIANS older Native American woman in regalia "Tear Dress", Southeastern Woodla
AMERICAN INDIANS Native American man, another tribe or nation not identified, in native d
AMERICAN INDIANS Native American artifacts (arrowheads) found near Austin, MN

AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Hubbell Trading Post, visitors' center. National Historic Site, Built in
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Shown above, also served as Schoolhouse for Navajos at one time
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Hubbell Hill, burial site of Hubbells and many horses, which were close
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Mary Lee Begay, demonstrating rug weaving at the Trading Post
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Chinle Wash Canyon de Chelly, AZ
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Spider Rock, named for holy spider woman who taught Navajo women to weav
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe bottom of Canyon de Chelly, truck trip, must be accompanied by Navajo gu
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe visitors viewing Antelope House ruins named for Antelope, 40-50 room vil
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Navajo women and handmade jewelry for sale under cottonwood trees White
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe Begay, Navajo guide at Canyon de Chelly
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe buffalo skull and bronze relief of unidentifed Navajo mark entrance to H
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe rock from quarries used to build Trading Post, 1883, still in operation
AMERICAN INDIANS, Navajo Tribe original sign at Hubbell Trading Post
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Tritribal members in regalia (dress), all shown at annual powwow
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Trifather and daughter
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Triseveral of different little girls by themselves
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Tritribal dance
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Trimother and daughter
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Triteenager
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Triseveral images of individual tribe members
AMERICAN INDIANS, Mesquakie Triteepees
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFilemost of the images are large format negatives
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFileBlack Elk teaching Indian Sign language to kids
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFileseveral images such as above, with Mount Rushmore in the background
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFileRosebud Indian Reservation
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFileSt. Frances Indian Mission
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFilechurch services
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFilewomen with beautiful hand-made native dress
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFileCrazy Horse Canyon, formed by the White River, named for Sioux Chief who
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFiletourists on horseback trail rides
AMERICAN INDIANS, Sioux SubFileNative American dancers
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko TribAnadarko is now home of one of largest gatherings of Plains Indians in O
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko TribSummer home of Plains Indians, Teepee Indian Village USA
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko TribDancers, posing, not dancing in front of Teepee
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko Tribdoing Eagle Dance
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko Tribothers, singularly, dancing
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko Tribburial site
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko TribHeadquarters sign at village (ancient)
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko Tribtotem pole
AMERICAN INDIANS, Anadarko TribPlume Dancers
AMERICAN INDIANS, Red Earth Celheld indoors, Presentation of Colors
AMERICAN INDIANS, Red Earth CelShawl Dance (Women)
AMERICAN INDIANS, Red Earth CelParade, Outdoors
AMERICAN INDIANS, Red Earth CelBell Ringers
AMERICAN INDIANS, Cherokee, TaCherokee Heritage Center, 17th Century Village Living History Museum, sh
AMERICAN INDIANS, Cherokee, Tademonstrating blow gun, basket weaving, cooking over open fire
AMERICAN INDIANS, Cherokee, Talittle Native American girl washing hands in stream, shown also writing
AMERICAN INDIANS Manitoulin Indian, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, CANADA

OBESITY heavyset man carving a ham, probably at an outing or picnic
OBESITY obese woman
OBESITY several images of overweight women

STUDENTS (many Vintage) young scouts at a camp, feeding a fawn
STUDENTS young scouts at a camp, hiking
STUDENTS young scouts getting ready for cookout
STUDENTS young boys hiking, outdoor studies
STUDENTS young boys checking under a log
STUDENTS adult male and young boys, at man made estuary, using nets to find crabs
STUDENTS teens gardening
STUDENTS growing wild asparagus

Beaches, West Coast Woodside CA, at sunset
Beaches, West Coast Pebble Beach, bubbles in water

Beaches, East Coast Nags Head in winter (North Carolina)
Beaches, East Coast Birdwatcher tent, Kiptopeke Park, Cape Charles, VA - Eastern Shore
Beaches, East Coast Knotts Island, Beach with waterfowl (North Carolina)
Beaches, East Coast Beach and seagulls in air
Beaches, East Coast Beach and seagulls on beach
Beaches, East Coast Crowded beach at Virginia Beach, VA in July
Beaches, East Coast Jetty/Wharf at Ocean View Beach in Norfolk, to prevent beach erosion
Beaches, East Coast Beach at Ocean View in Norfolk, Lifeguard stand with Lifeguard (occupati
Beaches, East Coast Harrison's Pier at Ocean View Beach in Norfolk

PATTERNS, DESIGNS Dilapidated van

CHEMISTRY Balmer lamp, atomic hydrogen
CHEMISTRY Beaker with liquid

GEOLOGY Minerals at Smithsonian, Hubnerite with Quartz ancash, Peru
GEOLOGY graphite
GEOLOGY galena
GEOLOGY Famous Gems
GEOLOGY The Marie-Louise Diadem -Commissioned in 1810 by Napoleon on his marria
GEOLOGY Hope Diamond - A Blue Diamond
GEOLOGY Oppenheimer Diamond 253.7 carats, one of largest uncut diamonds known t
GEOLOGY A gift from Napoleon to his second wife in celebration of birth of their
GEOLOGY Colored Diamonds 240 Natural Colored diamonds 166.64 total carats - Auro
GEOLOGY Logan Sapphire
GEOLOGY Corundum var Ruby in matrix of white marble

GEOLOGY Volcanic Froth Pumice, solidified foam, lightest rock, floats
GEOLOGY rock cut showing geological strata -North Shore MN
GEOLOGY survey marker at highest point in MN, Eagle Mt. - rock is 1 billion year
GEOLOGY sandstone in MN, shale, limestone, St. Peter Sandstone, ordovision quart
GEOLOGY Quartz crystals
GEOLOGY Fluorescent Minerals
GEOLOGY Various Fluorite
GEOLOGY sandstone pothole
GEOLOGY conglomerates, stream worn
GEOLOGY stones worn smooth by river rocks
GEOLOGY soil drift down mountain in MN in February
GEOLOGY Quartz / Pyrite, taken from Souden Mine in 1890 - Science Museum in St.
GEOLOGY sand bar in Florida, showing water bird with wings outstretched
GEOLOGY Island, Forida Keys
GEOLOGY sand dunes
GEOLOGY sand dunes, Sandbridge, Virginia Beach VA
GEOLOGY heiroglyphics
GEOLOGY Banded iron, 3.8 billion years old, Western Greenland
GEOLOGY Oldest fossil, stromatolite, 35 - West Australia
GEOLOGY Oldest rocks, 3.96 -billion years old -Slave Geologic Province NW Territ
GEOLOGY Oldest rocks, cobble, 3.8-billion years old -Greenland, suggests earth h
GEOLOGY "green rock"
GEOLOGY Murchison Meteorite, 4.6-billion years old
GEOLOGY Murchison Meteorite, as above, Remnant of the birth of the solar system,
GEOLOGY Dolomite, thick or in layers alternating with shale
GEOLOGY Elbrook formation of upper Cambrian 520 million years old, Gray dolomite
GEOLOGY Quartz Amethyst, Las Vegas
GEOLOGY Archiean World, 3500 million years ago, Stromalolites, mound like, gree
GEOLOGY coal, bituminous
GEOLOGY sedimentary rocks, shown with ripple marks, formed from silt, mud, slow
GEOLOGY Quartz Crystals
GEOLOGY Quartz Rose
GEOLOGY Quartz huge Crystals- 1300 lbs Otjua Mine Africa- Namibia - Smithsonian
GEOLOGY friction marks from rocks, sliding past each other, striations scoured &
GEOLOGY conglomerate=cemented gravel, river bottom, geologists study to learn wa
GEOLOGY igneous rock, formed from cooling molten material, granite is common ign
GEOLOGY metamorphic rock, marble formed by intense pressure, heat, chemical chan
GEOLOGY Sideling Hill, Appalachian Mts. Formation, revealed in 380' vertical cut
GEOLOGY lightly folded strata, W. VA
GEOLOGY siltstone, vertical strata, W.VA
GEOLOGY sandstone approaching quartzite, W. VA
GEOLOGY Catlinite- a type of clay, soft red stone, pipestone, "peace pipes", qua
GEOLOGY Sandstone Concretion -France quartz cement - Smithsonian
GEOLOGY Cretaceous-tertiary boundary - light colored clay
GEOLOGY island in river during dry season, Mirador Puyo
GEOLOGY Islands, aerial of San Blas Island, Panama
GEOLOGY gold, Au - Calaveras County CA
GEOLOGY gold, Au - Empire Start Mines, Nevada County CA
GEOLOGY gold, Au - Grass Valley District Nevada County CA
GEOLOGY gold, 2544 grams
GEOLOGY hematite Fe203, Cumbria England
GEOLOGY silver
GEOLOGY silver w/ Calcite, Butopilas Chihuahua
GEOLOGY copper
GEOLOGY Copper (CU) White Pine Mine Michigan huge chunk
GEOLOGY Cinnabar
GEOLOGY Malachite
GEOLOGY shown also - tool called a pickaxe
GEOLOGY Boulders in the Pacific
GEOLOGY Fresh Meteorite
GEOLOGY Gneiss, Metamorphic rock with distinct banding or foliated metamorphic r
GEOLOGY Granite, Stoney Creek Granite
GEOLOGY Pegmatite Gneiss
GEOLOGY Penninite, Chlorite West Rock Mountain CT
GEOLOGY glacial striations and polish Devils Postpile National Monument, carved
GEOLOGY oldest known rock, Slave Geologic Province, 3.96 billion years old, Gnei
GEOLOGY close-up of above
GEOLOGY Ironstone, earliest evidence of bodies of water on earth, Greenland
GEOLOGY Gneiss, Greenland 3.8 billion years ago
GEOLOGY Cape Mendocina CA, most seismically active in continental US, most Earth
GEOLOGY Limestone quarries in Stone City, Iowa, on the Wapsipinicon River

ASTRONOMY Mercury, Discovery Rupes

WEATHER Steam vapors from heated swimming pool in the winter snow covered Sun

HIGH CLOUDS Cirrus in first part of name, contrail
Cirrus uncinus, Mares' Tails hooked forms emanate from denser portion of clouds (aerial)
Cirrus intortus very irregular shapes (aerial)
Cirrus fibratus most common cirrus cloud, striated composition
Cirrus radiatus, shows contrails
Cirrus stratus, ice crystals
Cirrostratus, without cirrus
Cirrocumulus undulatus ripples of undulatus - small size of waves / elements
Contrail Condensation trails from jet -contrails form through injection of water

Lenticular over a meadow, stratLenticularis some large format
Stratus clouds & sunset - Central Calif.
Stratus, clouds over water
Stratocumulus with vertical development
Stratocumulus layered
Altostratus Sun shining through breaks

Cumulonimbus - very colorful
Cumulonimbus calvus some large format
Cumulus developing (morphing) will be a cumulus nimbus when there is dark band along lower edge of clo
Cumulus congestus
Cumulonimbus incus = anvil top
Cumulus with rain some large format
Thunderstorm seen from above, Cumulonimbus with anvil (incus)
Post frontal Cumulus building over a ridge (West Coast)
Cumulonimbus, Rain storm well developed, much rain falling
Thunderstorm over Bay, Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand

Mixed Clouds - Skies
shown also view from airplane window, with airplane wing visible
Altocirrus & Cumulus

STORMS, Showers, Thunderstorms
Grand Canyon, Rain
storm seen from above, flattened top caused by variation in airmass temp

STORMS, Tornadoes, Hurricanes
Tornado, NC
after hurricane in Hertford, NC, 1955
log up in a tree - probably after heavy flood or tornado
funnel cloud (funnel cloud if NOT touching ground) tornado descending from clouds in SE S. Dakota

STORMS, Snow, Ice, Hail

Drought / related events Dry seasons sandstorms forest fires
Drought / related events Grassland Calif. dry season
Drought / related events Dry River Bottom, drought
Drought / related events Slash fire

Optical Phenomena
Sunsets, Green Flash, Rainbows, Arcs, Corona, Iridescence, Crepuscular Rays
Crepuscular rays formed
Sundogs, Parhalia, Mock Suns
Glory, Anticorona, Pilots Halo
Rainbow in Desert

Obstruction to Vision
fog, pollution
cumulus cloud with base on ground. Usually forms at night and early morning
evaporating / lifting with sunrise heat
with wind blowing from land

Red moon - Pipsico (VA)
Norfolk, VA Freemason Street
Cloud Forest, Mera
SUNRISE over Lake Harris, FL
SUNRISE over Jungle, Ecuador
SUNRISE Dawn at Bosque del Apache NWR, NM
SUNSETS Mississippi River, near Dubuque IA, also shown, motor boat in some image
SUNSETS Holavida Ecotourist Reservation, Puyo Ecuador
SUNSETS Palm/Tropical Sunset
SUNSETS sunset over Hudson Bay, CANADA, shown also as Tundra Environment
SUNSETS Puyo Rain Forest, Ecuador
SUNSETS Sun reflected light from water
SUNSETS Sunset over San Juan Island, WA

SOILS scene in Williamsburg, VA
SOILS wind on grass, marks on sandy soil
SOILS plant growing in sandy soil
SOILS topsoil shift on hill or mountain, trees growing at an angle

EROSION fallen tree
EROSION stream going to underground cave
EROSION Oregon coast near Garabaldi
EROSION differential erosion of soft & hard rock layers with the help of wind er

ENVIRONMENTS Sphagnum Moss in bog near Eagle Mt. MN
ENVIRONMENTS view of North Shore MN, near Grand Marais, Lake Superior shoreline
ENVIRONMENTS coniferous forest bordering lake & marsh in N. MN, near Eagle Mt. in the
ENVIRONMENTS Beaver dam only, in wetlands at Gooseberry Falls State Park on Northshor
ENVIRONMENTS Woodland Strawberry in a Pine Habitat on West Coast (Forest Detail)
ENVIRONMENTS Shrub Oaks stunted by intense fire period, Turkey Oak among oaks shown
ENVIRONMENTS springs and seeps, mud flat in flood plain
ENVIRONMENTS roadside marsh, shallow water, flood plain
ENVIRONMENTS reconstructed prairie in MN
ENVIRONMENTS Oasis, Palm Springs, CA area
ENVIRONMENTS oasis in fault
ENVIRONMENTS Marsh at Teton National Park, WYOMING
ENVIRONMENTS drop in elevation, wetland behind river dune
ENVIRONMENTS healthy vegetation, shoreline, Mississippi side channel, MN
ENVIRONMENTS Mississippi, MN, cologization of a new sand bar in flood plain
ENVIRONMENTS sand prairie MN-prairie - larkspur, hoary puccoon, & yarrow
ENVIRONMENTS sand prairie-Grey Cloud Island SNA MN-oak, yarrow, & plantain

CAVES, Endless Caverns Drapery -a speleothem that is formed when water deposits calcite in thin
CAVES, Endless Caverns Column - when a stalactite and a stalagmite meet, or when one or the oth
CAVES, Endless Caverns Flowstone-rock waterfall. Forms when a lot of water flows down walls, ov
CAVES, Endless Caverns Cave Bacon - form of drapery. On slanted ceiling, water sometimes deposi
CAVES, Lurray Caverns, VirginiaRock formations, stalactite
CAVES, Lurray Caverns, VirginiaRock formations, stalagmite
CAVES, Lurray Caverns, VirginiaRock formations, fried eggs
CAVES, Lurray Caverns, VirginiaRock formations, organ
CAVES calcium carbonate, hanging down like a stalactite, from lime in cement
CAVES Collingwood Scenic Caves Nature Preserve, Ontario CANADA, shown various
CAVES entrance to a cave, with Wild Columbine growing

CONSTRUCTION Putting on a new roof, (Florida)
This Old House Eastern Shore, Virginia an old homestead
This Old House Migrant workers' old home, Cape Charles, Virginia, Eastern Shore
This Old House Dismal Swamp, old home (VA)
This Old House Old Spanish Fortress at San Jose, CR
This Old House Termite nest in Myotis Bat Colony
This Old House North Carolina, pre-Civil War, home of Eastern Big-eared bats
This Old House trapper's dilapidated shack in the woods, with a dead raccoon hanging by
This Old House abandoned barn and silo, used for animal feed, Michigan
This Old House log cabin made from Eastern Hemlock, Haliburton Forest, CANADA
This Old House rickety, ramshackle stair case, rotting

VOLCANOES Volcanic ash, Chile, Pampas grass recolonization since last erupt. 1957
VOLCANOES Cotopaxi in Ecuador
VOLCANOES S. Chile, Common Monkey Tree, ash high up
VOLCANOES shows flowers growing where there is volcanic ash
VOLCANOES Vista Vol. Villarica, S. Chile
VOLCANOES Conguillio National Park, volcano covered with snow, Chile
VOLCANOES Volcano Llaima, Conguillio S. Chile
VOLCANOES, Lava Flow Plants Monkey Tree, S. Chile
VOLCANOES, Lava Flow Plants lillies
VOLCANOES, Lava Flow Plants orchids
VOLCANOES, Lava Flow Plants Lake View of Sierra Nevada
VOLCANOES, Lava Flow Plants pampas grass, Llaima in background

CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) gravesite of Nathanial Hawthorne
CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) gravesite of Henry Thoreau, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) gravesite of Louisa May Alcott
CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) gravesite of Ralph Waldo Emerson
CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) graveside services at a cemetery after a funeral
CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) Fort Snelling National Cemetery in winter, St. Paul MN, shown also Chris
CEMETERIES (CEMETERY) Pet Cemetery with a pretty garden and bench

STATUES Norfolk Botanical Gardens (VA)
STATUES One of the decorated Mermaids at Norfolk Botanical Gardens (VA)
STATUES Minute Man, 1st shot of the Revolutionary War
STATUES Revolutionary War, first enemy to fall
STATUES Home site of Henry Thoreau, Walden Pond
STATUES Bronze statue of a citrus worker
STATUES Leda & the Swan - from Greek Mythology
STATUES Albert, world's largest Hereford Bull, in Audubon, Iowa, built as tribut
STATUES Double crested Cormorant at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Phalacrocorax aur
STATUES bronze herons at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, made by Turner Foundry on th

MONUMENTS Yorktown Victory Monument, Yorktown, VA
MONUMENTS First forcible resistance to British aggression, 1836
MONUMENTS Statue of woman and child, with caladiums planted all around
MONUMENTS Statue of Angel, Norfolk Botanical Gardens
MONUMENTS Washington Monument
MONUMENTS Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA
MONUMENTS First Flight, Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk, N. C.
MONUMENTS Distance markers of first flight of Orville & Wilbur Wright, first succe
MONUMENTS Wright Brothers Memorial, Kill Devil Hills, NC, shown living quarters
MONUMENTS Wright Brothers Memorial, Kill Devil Hills, NC, stone marker
MONUMENTS Wright Brothers Memorial, Kill Devil Hills, NC, hand writing document of

SCENICS/FENCES white picket fence with shrubbery, Williamsburg, VA
SCENICS/FENCES wooden fence, Williamsburg, VA
SCENICS/FENCES farm/homestead with homemade fence
SCENICS/FENCES horse statue, gaudy, ecclectic, with concrete fence around it

Scenics/USA, Various Dismal Swamp
Scenics/USA, Various Scrub Palmetto, Wilmington N.C.
Scenics/USA, Various Weeksville N.C.
Scenics/USA, Various swamp habitat
Scenics/USA, Various trumpet plant habitat, Columbia, N.C.
Scenics/USA, Various West Virginia/Kentucky tour
Scenics/USA, Various Stumpy Lake
Scenics/USA, Various Oil Well, Bayou, LA
Scenics/USA, Various Pipsico Old Manor (Virginia)
Scenics/USA, Various Gum Swamp
Scenics/USA, Various waters of the Dismal Swamp, with green algae
Scenics/USA, Various Knotts Island, N.C.
Scenics/USA, Various farmland
Scenics/USA, Various Russell County, Virginia
Scenics/USA, Various small boulder on cliff edge, pushing on tree
Scenics/USA, Various lake scene
Scenics/USA, Various scene at (Seashore State Park) First Landing, Virginia Beach, showing th

Scenics/Desert Painted Desert, Southwest US
Scenics/Desert Painted Desert, compact soil
Scenics/Desert low humidity on mountain overlooking desert
Scenics/Desert Central Chile

Scenics/Trash trash in scrub oak/pine barrens
Scenics/Trash pile of trash outdoors

SIGNS Moose on a car, for Moose Jaw Pizza, also moose on sign also for Moose J
SIGNS Pals Hamburger Drive-in
SIGNS McDonalds at Chincoteague, Eastern Shore, VA
SIGNS Warning sign in the Everglades (Pollution)
SIGNS NO Dumping Sign, posted on tree, with tree growing into it
SIGNS Goofy's Restaurant Sign
SIGNS Signs posted on empty lots, advertising
SIGNS Advertising signs along a highway
SIGNS Billboard, advertising
SIGNS Welcome to Delaware, The First State
SIGNS sign that says "Eat More Possun!"
SIGNS smoking tobacco sign, Bull Durham
SIGNS Deep Spring Whiskey sign
SIGNS Hudson Bay, CANADA sign says "Cape Merry, Canada"
SIGNS Snake Crossing sign near path, high beach vegetation, FL.

RECREATIONAL trail bikers in Florida
RECREATIONAL people, including children, canoeing
RECREATIONAL snake lecture event, Park Ranger showing a kingsnake
RECREATIONAL children swinging
RECREATIONAL outdoor festival
RECREATIONAL Busch Gardens Rollercoaster, Virginia
RECREATIONAL canoeing and bird watching, Northwest River Park in Chesapeake, VA
RECREATIONAL people rafting in South America
RECREATIONAL young adults, camping, fishing, perhaps aboard a commercial fishing boat
RECREATIONAL people at a lake, VINTAGE
RECREATIONAL young couple hiking, VINTAGE

Hermits/Recluses hermit in front of his rundown home, with hunting dog, Knotts Island, No
Hermits/Recluses migrant farm worker, Cape Charles, VA, taking a nap (SLEEPING) (MENTAL I

Aerials/Others Chemical de-icing of commercial plane before take-off
Aerials/Others Abilene, TX
Aerials/Others Arizona
Aerials/Others San Diego, CA
Aerials/Others Quaking Aspens, Rocky Mts. CO
Aerials/Others Grand Canyon, Southern Rim
Aerials/Others San Jose, CA, 32,000 ft.
Aerials/Others Mono Lake
Aerials/Others Yosemite
Aerials/Others Calif. to Norfolk
Aerials/Others Canada, Lake Ontario
Aerials/Others Great Salt Lake UT, shore section
Aerials/Others Great Salt Lake UT, causeway at top
Aerials/Others River Tributaries, waterways & inlets poss. Southern West Shore of Vanco
Aerials/Others aerials of farmland in Central CA
Aerials/Others aerials of various highways and interchanges
Aerials/Others Calif. oceanfront and Newport Bay
Aerials/Others Newport Beach CA
Aerials/Others Balboa and Santa Catalina
Aerials/Others Little Corona DelMar Beach
Aerials/Others aerial views of Newport Beach, Balboa, Santa Catalina, Little Corona, De
Aerials/Others Dana Cove, Coast Highway
Aerials/Others aerials of Fort Lauderdale showing Arvida Pkwy, showing Davie Blvd, show

Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinThole & Granby Streets (Norfolk, VA)
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinDePaul Center, Norfolk, VA
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinDowntown Norfolk, VA
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinNorfolk VA - Shipyard in Center
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinMore downtown Norfolk, VA, Scope Convention Hall upper left
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinLittle Creek Amphibious Base (Virginia)
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinFentress, Chesapeake, VA
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinDowntown, looking east
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinBack Bay River
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinNags Head, North Carolina (Outer Banks)
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinRailroad trestle
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinChesapeake pit (VA)
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinDowntown Norfolk
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinWaterside, downtown waterfront, Norfolk
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinNorfolk Waterside, Nauticus, USS Wisconsin
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinNorfolk coal piers
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinPortsmouth waterfront
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinPortsmouth waterfront with Norfolk waterfront in background
Aerials/ Virginia/North Carolinall the above images show Elizabeth River
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinLake Drummond
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinShowing power lines, Dismal Swamp
Aerials/ Virginia/North Carolinmore Dismal Swamp
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinPortsmouth, Shipping Terminals foreground, Southside of Midtown Tunnel,
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinWilloughby Spit
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinHampton Tunnel
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinJetties in Norfolk
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinChesapeake Bay
Aerials/ Virginia/North Carolinairport landing strip or runway
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinHampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Chesapeake Bay, entrance to Amphibious Base
Aerials/ Virginia/North CarolinNorfolk, East Ocean View - Pleasure House Point, Little Creek Channel, C

SPORTS learning to balance on a very large ball, shown also with coach
SPORTS bollo board balancing, surfer, unicycle
SPORTS joung girl jumping rope
SPORTS snow skiing and snowboarding in MN
SPORTS ski lift and snow making machine
SPORTS children jumping rope
SPORTS children doing headstands
SPORTS adult and children on unicycle
SPORTS Iowa College basketball, Circa 1979
SPORTS volleyball on beach on West Coast
SPORTS girl water skiing - West Coast

BICYCLES young woman on bicycle with basket of flowers on the back of bike
BICYCLES family of 4 on a tandem bike
BICYCLES poodle in bike basket, wearing sunglasses
BICYCLES / Unicycle young boy and girl on unicylce
BICYCLES / Unicycle coach teaching unicycle riding
BICYCLES / Unicycle coach teaching student to fix unicycle
BICYCLES / Unicycle coach jumping rope
BICYCLES / Unicycle coach on unicycle
BICYCLES / Unicycle young girl (student) on unicycle

CEREMONIES (CEREMONY) outdoor wedding, Norfolk Botanical Gardens
CEREMONIES (CEREMONY) Outdoor wedding reception, summer
CEREMONIES (CEREMONY) home wedding, Christmas, VINTAGE
CEREMONIES (CEREMONY) same as above, wedding couple holding cocker spaniel puppy
CEREMONIES (CEREMONY) altar of wedding ceremony with bride and groom, minister, and attendants

HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER Seder Plate with 6 food items
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER cup of Wine for Elijah
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER lighting the candles by the Woman
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER Preparation of the Greens, Parlsey and Salt Water
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER young girl eating Matzoh
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER young girl drinking wine
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER Passover Charoset and Matzoh
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER reading from the Haggadah
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER Karpas vegetables dipped in Salt Water, then eaten
HOLIDAYS / JEWISH PASSOVER Youngest person asking the four questions in the Haggadah

Double Rainbows Grand Canyon
Rainbows various scenics with rainbows

HOT AIR BALLOONS National Hot Air Balloon Race took place in a farmer's field, Iowa
several images of scenic balloons in air, family oriented sport many images larger format
variety of balloons waiting to be airborne
people getting ready for hot air balloon races, such as inflating balloons, adjusting burners
Balloonist Pat McClintic and hename of Balloon, "Cat's Pajamas"
Balloonist Dr. Clayton Lay Thomname of Balloon, "Yin-Yang"
Balloonist Daniel O'Brien and wname of Balloon, "Lucky Leprechaun"
Balloonist Don N. Kersten, and name of Balloon "Merope"

Seasonal/FALL Red Maple, fall colors
Seasonal/FALL leaves on ground, dandelions poking through
Seasonal/FALL asparagus, fall colors
Seasonal/FALL Blue Ridge Mts. of Virginia, fall colors
Seasonal/FALL various leaves, fall colors
Seasonal/FALL various trees in fall foliage
Seasonal/FALL Meadow Run Grist Mill, Charlottesville, VA
Seasonal/FALL Scene at Norfolk Botanical Gardens in the fall, showing seasonal changes
Seasonal/FALL same scene as above, showing turtles basking
Seasonal/FALL another view of the Botanical Gardens, showing fall foliage, also showin
Seasonal/FALL A Butterfly Garden shown in the FALL
Seasonal/FALL Various Fall scenics taken around City of Norfolk, one shows a pond, dea
Seasonal, FALL dried up pond in a wooded area in Dec., particularly dry season (2001)
Seasonal, FALL fall season scenes West Coast larger format
Seasonal, FALL autumn colors - North Shore MN
Seasonal, FALL midge hatch in Northern MN wetlands in the fall

Seasonal/WINTER Minnesota, snow drifts, sastrugi, a type of snow formation resulting fro
Seasonal/WINTER icicles on roof of home in MN, stalactite
Seasonal/WINTER snow laden tree branches
Seasonal/WINTER snow drift, wind blown snow, MN, in February
Seasonal/WINTER snow and ice, Norfolk Botanical Gardens (VA)
Seasonal/WINTER snow storm
Seasonal/WINTER snow on sabal minor
Seasonal/WINTER prickly pear wreath, Northern Mexico
Seasonal/WINTER snow and ice on a berry bush
Seasonal/WINTER ice on witch hazel
Seasonal/WINTER more shots of severe snow storm
Seasonal/WINTER snow and ice scene near a stream
Seasonal/WINTER icicles formed through a dead leaf
Seasonal/WINTER frost framed leaves
Seasonal/WINTER ground ivy with frost
Seasonal/WINTER Norfolk (VA) City street scene after snowstorm, March 1963
Seasonal/WINTER Norfolk (VA) City street scene after snowstorm, January 1973
Seasonal/WINTER skunk cabbage in snow
Seasonal/WINTER scene shows mailman and mailtruck during a snowstorm
Seasonal/WINTER winter moth caterpillar in snow
Seasonal/WINTER heavy frost on young tree, snow on ground, Ohio
Seasonal/WINTER Trees covered with lichens, just after a rain, time of year, DEC.
Seasonal/WINTER Truckee River Nevada large format

MAILBOXES fish shaped Mailbox in Florida
MAILBOXES Scene in Johnson City, TX, row of mailboxes, country area
MAILBOXES U.S. Mail car "servicing" that row of mailboxes
MAILBOXES mailbox nearly covered by flowers
MAILBOXES mailbox with day lilies all around it
MAILBOXES metal artwork of planter holding cardamon and mustard

VIRGINIA, Hampton Roads crabpots, Willoughby, Norfolk, VA
VIRGINIA, Hampton Roads people fishing, Chesapeake Bay in background (VA)
VIRGINIA, Hampton Roads people fishing from kayak, Norfolk Naval Base in background (VA)
VIRGINIA, Hampton Roads aerial views of Downtown Norfolk, Norfolk water front, Waterside, Nautic
VIRGINIA, Hampton Roads aerial view of Norfolk with Portsmouth in background, shows also Elizabe
VIRGINIA, Hampton Roads aerial view of Norfolk coal piers

VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore along a state highway, advertising signs clearly visible
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore toll booths between Norfolk and Eastern Shore
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore McDonalds at Chincoteague, Eastern Shore, VA
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore road leading into Chincoteague
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore DariDream Drive-In, fishing boats in background
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore Commercialism ads leading to Chincoteague, several signs in a small rang
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore McDonalds Restaurant at sunset
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore sunset over the water
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, entrance to Cape Charles
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore Flea Market on highway
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore mechanical pony ride in Chincoteague, Eastern Shore of Virginia
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore Chincoteague businesses
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore large horse statue, depicting wild ponies on Chincoteague
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore Miniature golf range in Chincoteague
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore more businesses in Chincoteague
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore Fishing boats
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore ponies as main theme of businesses in Chincoteague, in signs, advertisin
VIRGINIA, Eastern Shore sign on business reads "Pony Tails"

False Cape State Park, Back Bayentrance to an overgrown bike trail, not a main trail
False Cape State Park, Back Baybike trail
False Cape State Park, Back Bay9 mile Road leading into False Cape from Back Bay
False Cape State Park, Back Baybike trail in False Cape, as sun goes down
False Cape State Park, Back Baytrail, late in day in wooded area
False Cape State Park, Back Baypicking wild cherries, (shows hands reaching up & picking)
False Cape State Park, Back Baywaterfowl migration
False Cape State Park, Back BayFalse Cape as sun is setting

Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaWilliamsburg Courthouse, built in 1770-71 for Hastings court, used over
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginiaone of the main buildings, with people in period dress sitting on steps
Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaGovernor's Palace
Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaGovernor's Palace, poison ivy growing on wall
Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaGreat Union Flag flying over Capitol
Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaArmistead House
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginiascenic shots showing wooden fence
Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaDrum & Flute Corps
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginiatourists on Duke of Gloucester Street
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginiaold tree with rotting branches on ground, in a bleachers setting
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginiaplaque in front of historic building giving information about that build
Colonial Williamsburg, VirginiaPaper Mulberry Trees for silk industry

VIRGINIA Events outdoor event with children milling around someone entertaining
VIRGINIA Events children sliding down a slide
VIRGINIA Events oudoor event with very large bicycle, with child on it
VIRGINIA Events people at a picnic
VIRGINIA Events Virginia Creeper, on building at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg
VIRGINIA Events Shad Planking, Wakefield VA, annual political ritual
VIRGINIA Events shad is smoked on wood
VIRGINIA Events cutting smoked shad

Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA historical sign says "Gloucester Courthouse"
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA historical sign says "Cappahosic"
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Gloucester County, Pocahontas Indian Princess, statue
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA, shown building (Museum), oldest house still standing in Richmond (1912)
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA, shown also Walled Garden from this Enchanted Garden, Poe wrote poem "To
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA, shown also, broken glass embedded in cement wall, from one of his storie
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA, shown also, spider web on doorbell
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA downtown Norfolk buildings (courts, City Hall)
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Douglas MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, inside exhibits
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Douglas MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, outside
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Douglas MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, General MacArthur statue
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Meadow Run Grist Mill, Charlottesville, VA, Michie Tavern
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke VA
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Roanoke, at night, view from top of mountain
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Roanoke, at night, lit star on top of mountain
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA lotus floating, Stumpy Lake, at sundown
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Christmas lights at Norfolk Botanical Gardens, at night
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Butterflies in Flight Exhibit at the Norfolk Zoo
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Natural Bridge, VA
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Norfolk, Hampton Blvd. near Sentara Hospital
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Pungo, 1963
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA aerial view Virginia Beach
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA scenes in Highland County
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Blue Ridge Mountains
Tourist Attractions, VIRGINIA Shenandoah Valley

DISMAL SWAMP Leucothoe, heath family, growing
DISMAL SWAMP someone camping/cooking
DISMAL SWAMP jack in pulpit growing
DISMAL SWAMP Jericho Ditch
DISMAL SWAMP Fall colors
DISMAL SWAMP Cypress stump
DISMAL SWAMP trumpet vine at Stumpy Lake
DISMAL SWAMP Cypress knee
DISMAL SWAMP Lake Drummond, Cypress pond
DISMAL SWAMP Cypress swamp
DISMAL SWAMP father and daughters in small fishing boat, girls bird watching
DISMAL SWAMP father and daughters in canoe, girls bird watching
DISMAL SWAMP Titi, Swamp Cyrilla (Cyrilla racemiflora)
DISMAL SWAMP mature black gum
DISMAL SWAMP Lake Drummond
DISMAL SWAMP general scenics
DISMAL SWAMP Inland Waterway
DISMAL SWAMP pond/bald cypress
DISMAL SWAMP Intercoastal Waterway
DISMAL SWAMP reflections, Intracoastal Waterway
DISMAL SWAMP Fall colors
DISMAL SWAMP Washington Ditch
DISMAL SWAMP shores of Lake Drummond in fall
DISMAL SWAMP several scenics, including aerials
DISMAL SWAMP micanthera spider in web
DISMAL SWAMP feeder ditch, Dismal Swamp Canal
DISMAL SWAMP moss covered log, shore of Lake
DISMAL SWAMP Washington Ditch, early spring
DISMAL SWAMP wide base of mature hardwood
DISMAL SWAMP wild azaleas
DISMAL SWAMP epiphytic fern, polypodium polyroides on Cypress
DISMAL SWAMP showing duckweed

WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry scenics showing mountains, waterways
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry homes, village
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry people in period costume
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry tourists
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry soldiers marching in period uniforms
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry old graveyard on hillside
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry overlooking mountains
WEST VIRGINIA, Harper's Ferry church steeple
WEST VIRGINIA mountains, Lebanon W VA

New England Walden Pond, cattails
New England Walden Pond, fall foliage

MAINE Excursion train
MAINE close-up of train brakes
MAINE people waiting to board the excursion train, Mt. Washington Cog (steepes
MAINE sailboat
MAINE people square dancing
MAINE Hillbilly Band playing
MAINE Mt. Washington Summit Sign
MAINE mountains
MAINE aerial before landing in Boston
MAINE people using machine for global positioning (Global Positioning System),

NEW HAMPSHIRE, SOUTHWESTERN, GrMost climbed mountain in world. Surface-crust thrust upward. Beneath uph

Baltimore Bromo Seltzer Tower Clock
Baltimore downtown Baltimore
Baltimore a church at night
Baltimore outside view of Aquarium

New Orleans Superdome, scene of national sports competition, among world's largest d
New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas
New Orleans St. Jo Eve Day ritual -voodoo paraphenalia such as masks, skulls, skelet
New Orleans Kolong, Ivory Coast, depicts changes that white man tries to effect upon
New Orleans monument at Jackson Square
New Orleans entrance to Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo
New Orleans looking through window of House of Voodoo
New Orleans inside House of Voodoo shop
New Orleans balconies covered with vines
New Orleans balconies covered with more "manicured" green hanging plants
New Orleans burial crypt of Marie Laveau
New Orleans oven vaults (burial crypts) on Basin Street
New Orleans dead dog hanging on wall
New Orleans Bourbon Street at night
New Orleans Louisiana State Museum
New Orleans pumpkins decorated and painted with faces
New Orleans Bourbon Burlesque, at night
New Orleans Central Grocery Co. sign showing "The Original Muffaletta"
New Orleans sign, A Gallery Named Desire
New Orleans basket of colorful turtle shells being sold
New Orleans Jackson Square
New Orleans St Louis Cathedral, also shows rusty gate & rusty chain
New Orleans mime dressed up as a winged angel to look like a statue
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmShark, White-tip Reef, Triaenodon obesus
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmShark, Ornate, Wobegone, Orectolobus ornatus
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmSturgeon, Atlantic Gold-rimmed, Acipenser oxyrhynchus
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmCannonball, Stomolophus meleagris
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmAtlantic Bumper Fish, Chloroscombrus chrysurus
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmHigh Fin Tetra, Brycinus longipinnis
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmPurple Stripe, Pelagia colorata
New Orleans, Aquarium of the AmZebra/Leopard Shark, Stegostoma fasciatum, harmless
New Orleans, Aquarium of the Amvarious fish

LOUISIANA man made flood control

OKLAHOMA, Tulsa Oral Roberts University - Tulsa Jewish Community's Zarrow Campus
OKLAHOMA, Tulsa University Campus, shown also, Prayer Tower
OKLAHOMA, Tulsa Tulsa Skyline with the Bombed Murray Building in image

TEXAS famous geological formation, Lighthouse, Palo Durok Canyon, TX
TEXAS Rose/Rosa's Window, San Jose Mission
TEXAS San Jose Mission, largest & best known mission
TEXAS San Antonio, from the air
TEXAS Menger Hotel
TEXAS San Antonio Missions, Espada Dam
TEXAS San Jose Mission, Grotto of Lady of Lourdes
TEXAS The Alamo
TEXAS Mexican Infantry Re-Enactment of battle at the Alamo and gunfight at mis
TEXAS TOWER OF THE AMERICAS. HemisFair Park. A 750-ft. tower topped by rotatin
TEXAS Singing Troubador, singing in the Marketplace
TEXAS Flying over San Antonio
TEXAS man painting on grains of rice
TEXAS Newspaper articles about the man above

TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Lyndon B. Johnson's grandfather's cabin in Johnson City, Texas
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Lyndon B. Johnson's grandfather's barn in Johnson City, Texas, stones fo
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Lyndon B. Johnson's boyhood home
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical LBJ's birthplace cottage, Hill Country TX,
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical shoeing horses
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical evening chores-woman in 1800's style dress tending to ducks or geese
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical bell that called young Lyndon to meals on his family ranch
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical desk where young Lyndon carved his initials, Stonewall, TX
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Hye TX, Post Office where young Lyndon mailed his last letter at age 4
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, carding wool and spinning it at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, shoeing a horse at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch, drawing water from well
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch, people in a horse mule drawn
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch, hostess in period dress demo
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch, hostess in period dress trea
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch, country road that says "Wago
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson City, at LBJ's grandfathers' ranch, barn
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical tourist bus crossing Pedernales River, Hill Country
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Pedernales River, flows through and fronts LBJ ranch, shown with causewa
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Bridge on Pedernales River, closed to traffic, but LBJ liked to give pro
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical sunset on the Pedernales River
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Johnson Family Cemetery
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical LBJ's Grave Marker
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical LBJ Ranch House, former Summer White House
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical LBJ's small airplane, at his ranch, Beechcraft Kingair 100, poss.
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical White-faced Herefords (cattle) are kept on ranch just as they were in LB
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Statue of LBJ pointing to Pedernales River
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical Statue of LBJ (taken from back) showing him in his customary stance
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical signs directing people to tours
TEXAS, LBJ National Historical sign telling people not to shake pecan trees

TEXAS, Fredericksburg Sunday House Motel
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Striking architecture of some of the homes
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Dietz Bakery, Third Generation
TEXAS, Fredericksburg couple holding fresh loaves of bread
TEXAS, Fredericksburg men baking bread
TEXAS, Fredericksburg men loading bread onto truck for delivery
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Bank in restored Bakery, striking architecture, US Flags flying
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Keidel Memorial Hospital, striking architecture
TEXAS, Fredericksburg John Keidel Drugstore, Keidel was first doctor in Fredericksburg
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Main Street downtown, Vintage Buildings
TEXAS, Fredericksburg one building with close-up of windows in a bow and arrow motif, symboliz
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Entryway with antique fixtures and German inscription, typical of Freder
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Above building shown also with huge water wheel
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Tatsch House, 1856, white picket fence
TEXAS, Fredericksburg several views of above house, exterior, one interior
TEXAS, Fredericksburg White Elephant, first Saloon in Fredericksburg
TEXAS, Fredericksburg White Elephant statue inlaid on top of Building
TEXAS, Fredericksburg man painting wrought iron fence
TEXAS, Fredericksburg 19th Century House (with lawn garden)
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Sunday House, used by farm families on weekends, outside stairs from gro
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Kiehne Herrmann Home
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Lawn Garden
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Log Cabin
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Vereins Kirche, City Historical Landmark, oddly shaped Church
TEXAS, Fredericksburg above building shown also with huge water wheel, and Gardens
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Library, formerly Gillespie County Courthouse 1882
TEXAS, Fredericksburg cornerstone for Historical Zion Evangical Church in 1854
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Peace Garden / Japanese Garden in Nimitz Museum, gift of Japanese
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Old photo of Nimitz Hotel, built in shape of a ship, now restored and ho
TEXAS, Fredericksburg customer at Texas Jack's, greatest cowboy store on earth
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Enchanted Rock St. Nat. area, rock is 2nd highest rock dome on N.A. cont
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Antique pump and flower box in old horse watering trough
TEXAS, Fredericksburg old door knob
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Gift Haus (Gift Shop)
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Balanced Rock, balanced on 3 points, Gillespie County, prob. granite, in
TEXAS, Fredericksburg a Memorial Garden of statues, titled Making Peace with the Comanches
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Market Center Wildseed Farms, largest working wildflower farm in US
TEXAS, Fredericksburg volunteers in period dress at Fort Martin Scott, 1st Frontier Post in Te
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Scene of Indian Fire Pageant for Easter Fires Pageant, shown also Mother
TEXAS, Fredericksburg building traditional Easter Fire
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Pioneer Museum
TEXAS, Fredericksburg quaint architecture - buildings
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Log Cabin
TEXAS, Fredericksburg Duck Crossing sign with Ducks crossing

Texas, Padre Island woman with lightning whelk shell
Texas, Padre Island woman with several seashells, including giant Atlantic cockle
Texas, Padre Island shipwreck, shows old boat remains
Texas, Padre Island people scavenging, shows fishing net
Texas, Padre Island People on the Beach - Beachcombing
Texas, Padre Island Feeding Laughing Gulls
Texas, Padre Island Sea Oats grasses
Texas, Padre Island Ribs of Shipwreck
Texas, Padre Island Man casting a fishing line
Texas, Padre Island Sand Crab
Texas, Padre Island People scavenging with nets
Texas, Padre Island Tiny seashells littering beach
Texas, Padre Island Jeeps taking people on beach trips
Texas, Padre Island Croakers (Fish)
Texas, Padre Island Shells
Texas, Padre Island Ribs of Old Shipwreck
Texas, Padre Island Driftwood
Texas, Padre Island Portuguese Man-of-War
Texas, Padre Island Scavengers
Texas, Padre Island Ila Loetscher, The Turtle Lady, rehabilitates sick or injured Sea Turtle
Texas, Padre Island shown with various Turtles
Texas, Padre Island shown also, Turtles in dresses, and on beds

TEXAS, AUSTIN skyline with lower Colorado River
TEXAS, AUSTIN Bracken Cave with Mexican Free-tailed Bats
TEXAS, AUSTIN various scenes of Texas Forest in Spring, ouside Austin City limits on p
TEXAS, AUSTIN images above also shows Onion Creek
TEXAS, AUSTIN Turkey Buzzards (Vultures)
TEXAS, AUSTIN Agave on same property

TEXAS, Big Bend National Park (People riding horseback
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Mule Ears Peaks, ears are twin pillars of black igneous rock, once part
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Watson Peak, Wilson Ranch in background
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Ruins of Sam Nail Ranch, farming difficult in hostile land
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Burro Mesa Pouroff Trail
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park road through the rugged terrain
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Juniper Canyon
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Hikers on Lost Mine Trail - backpacking
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park historic Castolon Store
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park ruins of generating plant at Castolon
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Castolon Peak
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park adobe home occupied during Cotton Days
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Mexicans cross Rio Grande to get mail at Castolon store
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park Rio Grande River, also crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park man in a yellow rubber raft
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park people along shoreline with raft
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park road to Castolon, Chihuahuan Desert, Mule Ear Peaks, eroded volcanic bre
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, lots of sunset scenes
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, various scenes, formations (geology)
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, Chisos Mts. in background
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, various scenes
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, ruins of McKinney Ranch
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, burial site and cross
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, extremely rugged terrain
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, Mountains turn rosy at sunset
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, various rugged scenery (geology)
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, winding road through the mountains
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, tunnel built into mountains
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, various rugged scenery (geology)
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, man in raft in waters of the Canyon
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, sunset in the Canyon, various images where filter was used
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, people along shoreline with a raft
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, road to Santa Elena Canyon
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, more scenic, not as rugged as the above locations
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, hikers
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, more scrub scenery
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, various rugged scenery (geology)
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, shown also at Sunset
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, People wading in hot water that still gushes from Hot Springs sites. Fo
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, historic post office
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, murals on walls of Hot Springs store believed to be those of itinerant p
TEXAS, Big Bend National Park, ruins of motel

ALABAMA, Huntsville Exterior of Train Depot, "Train Depots of Yesterday"
ALABAMA, Huntsville Train Depot Guide
ALABAMA, Huntsville Horatio, Mechanic Talking Robot in Train Depot
ALABAMA, Huntsville Sparks, Telegrapher, Talking Robot in Train Depot

FLORIDA, LITTLE HAVANA Versailles Restaurant, exterior
FLORIDA, LITTLE HAVANA Versailles Restaurant, interior, paintings
FLORIDA, LITTLE HAVANA free roaming chickens in Little Havana

FLORIDA Flamingo Garden
FLORIDA mixed palms on lake
FLORIDA Parrot Jungle, Miami
FLORIDA wooden targets used by poachers or drug dealers for shooting practice
FLORIDA Key Largo National Park
FLORIDA Florida Keys, from the air
FLORIDA Banana Plantation - Homestead
FLORIDA family in front of home
FLORIDA aerial shots, leaving Miami
FLORIDA Fairchild Gardens
FLORIDA Miami scenes
FLORIDA Robert's Fruit Stand, Homestead
FLORIDA palm scenery in Fairchild Gardens
FLORIDA Rickenbacker Causeway, in Miami going over to Key Biscayne
FLORIDA Morikami Japanese Gardens
FLORIDA Deer Chaser - Shishi Odoshi - sound produced by bamboo striking flat roc

FLORIDA HABITATS Environments Ten Thousand Islands Marine/estuarine habitat, with its mangrove islands
FLORIDA HABITATS Environments hammock in Highland Hammock
FLORIDA HABITATS Pine Flatwoods, consisting of Longleaf Pines, Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repe
FLORIDA HABITATS Cypress trees in Highland Hammock
FLORIDA HABITATS Palm Hammock in Highland Hammock
FLORIDA HABITATS as above, also showing paved road
FLORIDA HABITATS scene in Lake Woodruff NWR, FL
FLORIDA HABITATS also shown, marsh scene as above
FLORIDA HABITATS Corkscrew National Wildlife Refuge
FLORIDA HABITATS Everglades Slough
FLORIDA HABITATS Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve, Florida Keys marine habitat. Preserve sha

FLORIDA EVERGLADES Entrance to Everglades National Park
FLORIDA EVERGLADES spraying fields
FLORIDA EVERGLADES water management plant
FLORIDA EVERGLADES hammock of Melaleuca Trees
FLORIDA EVERGLADES tropical hardwood hammock (Anhinga Trail area)
FLORIDA EVERGLADES Florida prairie between Naples and Fort Myers
FLORIDA EVERGLADES Wild Pine, Tillandsia fasciculata
FLORIDA EVERGLADES Warning sign in Everglades, warning of fish containing Mercury (pollutio
FLORIDA EVERGLADES Everglades sunset
FLORIDA EVERGLADES Florida Royal Palm Trees at sunset, Roystonea elata
FLORIDA EVERGLADES Seminole Indians operate Airboat Rides thru the Glades
FLORIDA EVERGLADES young Royal Palm in Corkscrew
FLORIDA EVERGLADES in winter, Tamiami Trail

FLORIDA, Biscayne Bay, Miami BeNorth Miami Beach aerial scenes of hotels
FLORIDA, Biscayne Bay, Miami BeSunset, Miami Beach
FLORIDA, Biscayne Bay, Miami Beconstruction of hotel, Biscayne Bay
FLORIDA, KEY WEST chickens on Hemmingway's Estate area, hen with baby chicks
FLORIDA, KEY WEST Key West, Southern most part of USA
FLORIDA, KEY WEST Key West, Sunset and Sailboats
FLORIDA, KEY WEST Ernest Hemmingway's House
FLORIDA, KEY WEST Cats on Hemmingway's estate, many polydactal (more than 5 toes on a foot
FLORIDA, KEY WEST close-up shot of toes
FLORIDA, KEY WEST bamboo on Hemmingway's Estate
FLORIDA, KEY WEST Hemmingway's typewriter

FLORIDA, Butterfly World Tinalandia Suspension Bridge, modeled after bridge in Western Ecuador

FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples landscape planting using variegated plants (Schefflera) along fence
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Variegated Schefflera hedge
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Pan statue and landscape planting of Coleus, Impatiens, & Variegated Sch
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Sidewalk lighting that is "Sea Turtle friendly" and reduces light pollut
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples dragonfly along beach
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples looking for seashells
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples dune grasses holding sand in place (erosion control)
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Naples pier at Sunset
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Sea Turtle nest protected (marked) on beach
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples landscaping in Florida
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Snake crossing sign near path, high beach vegetation
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Algae "scum" blown to edge of temporary pond (from rain) on high beach
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Temporary pond (rainfall) on high beach with vehicle tracks driving thru
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Temporary pond (rainfall) on high beach with shorebirds feeding
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Supports (braces) on Palm trees in landscape planting
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Swamp or String Lily - Crinum americanum, fam. Amarylidaceae in landscap
FLORIDA, Marco Island - Naples Swamp or String Lily - Crinum americanum, fam. Amarylidaceae in landscap

NEVADA salt lake ponds near Las Vegas, aerials
NEVADA Lake Tahoe
NEVADA Sierra Range Hwy. from Owens Valley
NEVADA Forest Trail, Sierra Range
NEVADA Lake Powell

NEW MEXICO Canyon Trail, Bosque del Apache NWR, shown also hikers
NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE Old Town - Pueblo Indian Woman
NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE Old Town - Indian Jeweler
NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE Old Town - Pueblo Indians outdoor Jewelry Market
NEW MEXICO, ALBUQUERQUE Old Town, San Felipe de Neri Church, 1706, one of oldest in Country
NEW MEXICO High Road to Taos - - wood carvers, weavers, Indian dances, Pueblo Indi
NEW MEXICO Indian Food at Fair in Taos
NEW MEXICO Native Americans in Native Dress
NEW MEXICO Native Americans dancing
NEW MEXICO Las Trampas, San Jose de Gracia Church built in 1760-1766
NEW MEXICO, TRUCHAS shown also looms
NEW MEXICO, TRUCHAS various scenery
NEW MEXICO, TRUCHAS carvers and their wares
NEW MEXICO, TRUCHAS the Cordovas, famous weavers
NEW MEXICO, LOOKOUT VISTA Carson National Forest of Taos Valley
NEW MEXICO Santa Cruz Reservoir
NEW MEXICO Red Rock Scenery
NEW MEXICO Isleta Pueblo, St. Augustine Church, built in 1613
NEW MEXICO Coronado State Monument
NEW MEXICO Jemez State Monument, (appear to be ruins)
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO Natives doing Buffalo Dance, Buttefly Dance, and Basket Dance
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO Picuris Pueblo, Castillo Viego (Old Castle) remains of ancient pueblo (1
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO Picuris Pueblo, The Round House, unique above ground kiva, constructed 3
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO Ruins of Old Pueblo
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO San Lorenzo de Pecuris Church built in 1621 by Spaniards
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO arts and crafts
NEW MEXICO, PUEBLO Pueblos famous for pottery
NEW MEXICO, CHIMAYO Church called El Santuario de Chimayo, known for its curative dirt, als
NEW MEXICO, CHIMAYO Priest at the Church
NEW MEXICO, CHIMAYO hand carved ornate altar
NEW MEXICO, CHIMAYO weaving by Ortega, hand loomed rugs and other weavings
NEW MEXICO, CHIMAYO Rancho de Chimayo

SOUTHWEST U. S., Las Vegas Casinos, Luxor, at night
SOUTHWEST U. S., Las Vegas Casinos, The Mirage, at night
SOUTHWEST U. S., Las Vegas Casinos, Treasure Island, at night
SOUTHWEST U.S. Painted Desert, near Tuba City
SOUTHWEST U.S. Red Rock, Sedona, Arizona, with Century Plant or Agave
SOUTHWEST U.S. various formations
SOUTHWEST U.S. The Encounter, Lax (Los Angeles) Airport
SOUTHWEST U.S. Cycad/Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta, oldest species seed bearing plant
SOUTHWEST U.S. Bird of Paradise plant, Yucca family
SOUTHWEST U.S. potted plants in what appears to be an indoor garden setting
SOUTHWEST U.S. plant, Argenteo marginata
SOUTHWEST U.S. a skinny tree as tall as a telephone pole
SOUTHWEST U.S. Carlsbad, New Mexico
SOUTHWEST U.S. Carlsbad, New Mexico, various plants & cactuses (cacti)
SOUTHWEST U.S. Carlsbad, New Mexico, shows raptor in flight off cliff
SOUTHWEST U.S. aerial view of Phoenix, AZ
SOUTHWEST U.S. water slapping against rocks, Calif. Coast
SOUTHWEST U.S. Dinosaur prints, Painted Desert near Tuba City
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of FireLake Meade, Boulder, CO
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of FireWhite Calcite
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of FireFossil Coral
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of Firerock formations
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of Fireseveral shots of various rock formations
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of FireWhitetail Antelope Squirrel, Ammospermophilus leucurus
SOUTHWEST U. S., Valley of FireMulticolored Sandstone

GRAND CANYON rock formations (geology)
GRAND CANYON Southern Rim, rainstorm (weather)
GRAND CANYON Grand Canyon Depot, on National Registry of Historic Places
GRAND CANYON Jack Hull, a Williams Mt. man wearing his badger cap
GRAND CANYON inside coach car of Grand Canyon Railway, hostess passing out refreshmen
GRAND CANYON Sign at Grand Canyon Railway Depot
GRAND CANYON SOUTHERN RIM rock formations (geology)
GRAND CANYON SOUTHERN RIM rain clouds (weather)
GRAND CANYON SOUTHERN RIM hiking on Bright Angel Trail
GRAND CANYON SOUTHERN RIM Ranger on Rimrock Trail with Hikers

WASHINGTON (STATE) Mt. Rainier, subalpine terrain, morlarger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Mt. Rainier, huge Douglas Firs and larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Paradise Valley larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Mt. St. Helens BEFORE eruption larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Port Angeles larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Olympia Harbor larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Port Hudson larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Olympic National Park, Hurricane Rilarger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Plarger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Columbia River east of Vancouver larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Mt. Rainier (south face) larger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Blockhouse San Juan Island Americanlarger format
WASHINGTON (STATE) Marina Friday Harbor
WASHINGTON (STATE) Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake
WASHINGTON (STATE) Ferry, San Juan Islands
WASHINGTON (STATE) Purse seiner at Friday Harbor
WASHINGTON (STATE) Fishing Fleet Seattle

CALIFORNIA street Fair in Sausilito
CALIFORNIA San Diego Harbor at night
CALIFORNIA People fishing off Fishing Pier, Shelter Island, San Diego
CALIFORNIA Marine Land of the Pacific in Palo Large Format
CALIFORNIA California Redwood Trees Large Format
CALIFORNIA Yosemite National Park, Half Dome Large Format
CALIFORNIA La Jolla, beach scene Large Format
CALIFORNIA Tahoe River scenic, snow on banks Large Format
CALIFORNIA Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Large Format
CALIFORNIA Redwood National Park Large Format
CALIFORNIA driftwood in shape of Canada Goose
CALIFORNIA Trinity River near Oregon border Large Format
CALIFORNIA Commercial flower fields & grove ofLarge Format
CALIFORNIA Morro Bay and harbor between Los AnLarge Format
CALIFORNIA aerials of Newport Harbor
CALIFORNIA Russian River Large Format
CALIFORNIA Monterrey Boats & Wharf Large Format
CALIFORNIA Lake Tahoe, scenics, and ducks on lLarge Format
CALIFORNIA Golden Gate Bridge Large Format
CALIFORNIA Northern coast Large Format
CALIFORNIA live oak Large Format
CALIFORNIA Arctic Cotton poss. Large Format
CALIFORNIA Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego Large Format
CALIFORNIA Hwy. 395 Sierra Range south of Big Large Format
CALIFORNIA Southern Coast, Oceanside, aerial Large Format
CALIFORNIA Street scene, Dawson Creek Large Format
CALIFORNIA San Francisco Airport Large Format
CALIFORNIA Sidewheeler Restaurant in San DiegoLarge Format
CALIFORNIA Mono Lake Large Format
CALIFORNIA Disneyland from air Large Format
CALIFORNIA Disneyland Park Large Format
CALIFORNIA thunderstorms over White Mt. Mono LLarge Format
CALIFORNIA San Francisco Airport terminal Large Format
CALIFORNIA San Diego skyline Large Format
CALIFORNIA Old Town, San Diego Large Format
CALIFORNIA Old Lightouse, Point Loma San DiegoLarge Format
CALIFORNIA Poppies, State Flower on Northern CLarge Format
CALIFORNIA Coronado Bridge San Diego Large Format
CALIFORNIA Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey Large Format
CALIFORNIA Lake Tahoe from Calif. view, BodegaLarge Format
CALIFORNIA San Diego boat dock Large Format
CALIFORNIA Wild Animal Farm, San Diego Large Format
CALIFORNIA Sailboats, Hobicats, San Diego Large Format
CALIFORNIA Sailboats, Hobicats, San Diego
CALIFORNIA San Diego harbor
CALIFORNIA Monterrey Boatyard
CALIFORNIA Purse seigner nets, San Diego
CALIFORNIA San Francisco from Angel Island
CALIFORNIA fishing pier at sunset larger format
CALIFORNIA Zephur Cove - Lake Tahoe larger format
CALIFORNIA Monterrey Boat Works larger format
CALIFORNIA Highway of the Giants, Redwood Natilarger format
CALIFORNIA fishing fleet Crescent City larger format
CALIFORNIA San Diego, night & day
CALIFORNIA Lake Tahoe larger format
CALIFORNIA Shelter Island Marina in San Diego larger format
CALIFORNIA Fishing Pier at Shelter Island larger format
CALIFORNIA Marina Reflections, San Diego larger format
CALIFORNIA San Diego skyline larger format
CALIFORNIA Carousel larger format
CALIFORNIA Marching band larger format
CALIFORNIA Sailboat larger format
CALIFORNIA Trinidad Lighthouse larger format
CALIFORNIA San Francisco Airport terminal, intlarger format
CALIFORNIA Skyline at Dawn, San Diego larger format
CALIFORNIA Redwoods larger format
CALIFORNIA Santa Barbara Sunset larger format
CALIFORNIA Harbor Island Marina, San Diego larger format
CALIFORNIA San Francisco Cable Cars, shown also changing direction
CALIFORNIA Cable Car Tracks
CALIFORNIA Municipal Railway
CALIFORNIA San Francisco Harbor
CALIFORNIA Roof on Building
CALIFORNIA Boats, images taken from Wharf Museum, also Eppleton Hall Steam Powered
CALIFORNIA Aspen Grove near Bishop CA in the Flarger format
CALIFORNIA Cape Mendocino, western most point in California. One of most seismicall

CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Sailboats in Harbor
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Mission Trails Reg Park
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Harbor, Clipper Ship and Downtown
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Torrey Pine Reserve Flat Rock
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Petco Ball Park with Skyline
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Belmont Park and Mission Bay
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Skyline from Coronado Island
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Horton Plaza Trolley and Fountain
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO USS Midway from Flight Deck
CALIFORNIA / SAN DIEGO Convention Center aerial

WEST COAST (CALIF.) Granary Silos at Railroad Crossing

OREGON Oregon Beach Large Format
OREGON Crescent City, shown cattle near thLarge Format
OREGON Multnomah Falls near Portland Large Format
OREGON Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach Large Format
OREGON sunset, Newport Large Format
OREGON jet boat on Rogue River Large Format
OREGON Columbia Gorge Large Format
OREGON Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock
OREGON Oregon Coast
OREGON Avenue of the Giants, Redwoods

WASHINGTON D.C. National Museum of the American Indian, exterior
WASHINGTON D.C. Building, U S Capitol, various
WASHINGTON D.C. Washington Monument
WASHINGTON D.C. Archives of the United States of America
WASHINGTON D.C. Memorial Bridge
WASHINGTON D.C. Einstein Memorial, shown statue
WASHINGTON D.C. white building lower left Lincoln Memorial. Water and surrounding Cherry
WASHINGTON D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival Parade- Mall
WASHINGTON D.C. Nen Daiko (Taiko Drumming) From Japan
WASHINGTON D.C. Police on cycles
WASHINGTON D.C. Marching Bands with Sousaphones sp.
WASHINGTON D.C. Antique cars
WASHINGTON D.C. National Arboretum - the stone columns
WASHINGTON D.C. National Arboretum, scene on trail with several plants in bloom
WASHINGTON D.C. water lily in bloom in Arboretum
WASHINGTON D.C. Union Station, various, including statuary
WASHINGTON D.C. Supreme Court, various views
WASHINGTON D.C. FDR Memorial, various views
WASHINGTON D.C. Jefferson Memorial, various views

WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian SuNational Museum of Natural History classical style faced with granite
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian SuView of Smithsonian Museum from exterior
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Sulittle blond girl looking at HOPE Diamond
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Suwoman looking at HOPE Diamond, best known and largest 45.5 blue diamond
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Suentrance
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Su"decorated" elephant statue
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Sutaxidermy of TIGER, largest known
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Suview of Hirschorn Museum, exterior, water fountain spraying
WASHINGTON D.C., Smithsonian Suoriginal Smithsonian, now Museum of Industrial Arts. Facade shown in ph

NORTH CAROLINA Pine Barren, Wilmington, N.C.
NORTH CAROLINA pine barren, longleaf pines
NORTH CAROLINA Wilmington, Venus Flytrap habitat
NORTH CAROLINA Salamanders, Croatan National Forest
NORTH CAROLINA man holding small black snake
NORTH CAROLINA small green frog
NORTH CAROLINA Wright Brothers Memorial, Kill Devil Hills
NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Aquarium
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / all images are VINTAGE large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / People Fishing, holding up their calarge format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / U.S. Post Office Hatteras large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / Fishing Boat large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / Ferry between Hatteras and Ocracokelarge format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / someone holding up a Horseshoe Crablarge format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / Ocracoke Village - white picket fenlarge format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / vintage cars on the beach large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / tourists arriving large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / community store large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / kids on pony large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / horses in yard large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / young cattle in yard large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / lighthouse large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / people camping large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / Jockey Ridge behind Nagshead large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / surf large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / famous shipwreck large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / Ferry arriving large format
NORTH CAROLINA / OUTER BANKS / loading the Ferry large format

WESTERN UNITED STATES Boojom, Fouquieria columnaris
WESTERN UNITED STATES Floss Silk Tree, Chorisia speciosa cv arcadia
WESTERN UNITED STATES Bicolor Indigo Bush, Silver Dalea, Dalea var. bicolor argyrea
WESTERN UNITED STATES Strawberry Tree, Arbutus unedo
WESTERN UNITED STATES Tree, Chorisia insignis, South America

GEORGIA New Atlanta Skyline
GEORGIA Margaret Mitchell's home, Atlanta, author of Gone With the Wind

CANADA, Toronto, Ontario shops with "Maple" in business name
CANADA, Toronto, Ontario Allan Botanical Gardens Conservatory, interior, exterior, also huge wate
CANADA, Ontario lake scene at sunset, with boater
CANADA, Ontario appears to be an Outhouse
CANADA, Northwest Territory, Grfishing, Eskimos, scenics mostly large format

CANADA Lake Louisa, British Columbia larger format
CANADA near Lake Louisa, Alberta larger format
CANADA Whitehorse, Yukon Territory larger format
CANADA Banff, Alberta larger format
CANADA Geology along Alcan Hwy. larger format
CANADA Bau River canoe trip larger format
CANADA Helicopter Rescue larger format
CANADA Athabaska Glacier larger format
CANADA Banff, Jasper Hwy. larger format
CANADA Nanaimo Harbor Vancouver Island, Brlarger format
CANADA Near Princess Louisa Inlet, Britishlarger format
CANADA Lac la Hache, Alberta larger format
CANADA Prince George Hotel, Waterton Lake larger format
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbShakespeare House, Tudor Style larger format
CANADA, Victoria British Columbvarious scenery larger format
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbButchart Gardens larger format
CANADA, Victoria British Columbharbor area larger format
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbBagpiper next to Totem larger format
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbTotems larger format
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbGovernment Building larger format
CANADA, Victoria British Columbhorse drawn carriage, downtown larger format
CANADA, Victoria British Columbdock
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbEmpress Hotel
CANADA, Victoria British Columbsunset at Harbor
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbWater Taxi in Harbor
CANADA, Victoria British Columbmore harbor
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbVictoria from a boat
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbBuses
CANADA, Victoria British Columbflower basket downtown
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbDowntown
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbFerry docks
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbCoho Ferry at dock
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbCustoms House & dock
CANADA, Victoria British Columb"Otter" Air Taxi
CANADA, Victoria British Columbschooner
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbCoho Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles WA
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbVictoria from Ferry
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbFerry in Harbor
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbScience Museum larger format
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbStreet lamp in Victoria
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbTswassan Ferry & fishing boat in Georgia Straits
CANADA, Victoria British Columbketch on Georgia Straits
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbHydrofoil going between Victoria and Seattle Washington
CANADA, Victoria British ColumbCity of Victoria

NEW ZEALAND Boat in drydock, Palm Beach larger format
NEW ZEALAND Bay of Islands, North Island
NEW ZEALAND Doubtful Sound
NEW ZEALAND Mt. Cook larger format
NEW ZEALAND Milford Sound
NEW ZEALAND Milford Sound, waterfalls - boat
NEW ZEALAND Cape Reinga, north tip of North Island, shown also Lighthouse

AUSTRALIA clouds over Olga Mts. - Yulara
AUSTRALIA Ayers Rock, Yulara
AUSTRALIA Olga Mts. in Yulara
AUSTRALIA Opera House in Sidney

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, Wachau Valley school boys in traditional dress
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, Wachau Valley bride in bridal dress

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA architecture, buildings, statues, steeples
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA tourists, horse drawn carts, paintings
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA lots of unique architecture
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA museum, interior
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA statue of Mozart
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA horse drawn wagon
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA young man selling souvenirs on street
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA ornamental ironwork
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA sign, half in English, half in Austrian
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA downtown square
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA Belvedere Palace, exterior, and statuary

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN Ludwig van Beethoven home
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN Ludwig van Beethoven grave
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN rows of bicycles
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN public gardens
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN outdoor dining
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN buying a pretzel from outdoor vendor
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN lots of outdoor cafes
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN outdoor vendors
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN people on bicycles
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN gambling casino
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BADEN statuary, various

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, TOWN OF WEISSEvillagers in traditional dress, welcoming new Priest
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, TOWN OF WEISSEyoung boy with snare drums
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, TOWN OF WEISSEclose-up of traditional hat (woman)
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, TOWN OF WEISSEClergy in clerical garments

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital type of park or botanical gardens
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital view overlooking City
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital stone tower with clock
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital river flowing through
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital tourists
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital fountain in the square
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital train
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital train tracks through a tunnel
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, GRAZ (Capital bustling town square

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINfarm woman (hard labor), also using a wood tine rake
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINpoles for balance on bales of hay
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINgrape vineyard, farm
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINvarious scenics of the village
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINtiny chapel with religious symbols painted on walls, among field of crop
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINwooden windmill used to frighten birds out of vineyards
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINfarm family putting up hay
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINstacks of hay, corn fields
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, STYRIA (PROVINcoffee shop, lots of flowers

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, ABBEY OF MELK finest Baroque Abbey in Austria, 1736, Monastery, overlooks Danube River
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, ABBEY OF MELK interior of Monastery
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, ABBEY OF MELK young boys in Lederhosen, leather shorts worn by men and boys

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MELK wedding at Abbey, Bride
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MELK outdoor cafes
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MELK Schonubel Castle, 1820, rises on 130 ft. crag along Danube River
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MELK unusual steeples/spires
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MELK various scenes of ancient village of Melk

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS parade with musicians
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS Stein, once an independent town, since 1938 now a part of Krems
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS Steiner Gate, to the fortress
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS various scenics
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS Slipper Statue, wife hitting husband because he was late getting home w
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS traditional dress
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS gate into walled City, a 955 fortess, City marks beginning of Wachau Val
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS local band, Military
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS parade with several marching bands
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS rooftop garden overlooking Danube
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS one of oldest and most beautiful building
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS patio dining, popular in the Wachau
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS ornamental iron work trade sign of horse and carriage
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS the above sign signified the stables where horses were kept during the 1
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS horseback riders at a resort
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS farmer in Wachau
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS various scenics in Wachau
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, KREMS Mitterndorf, village in the Wachau Valley

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BAD ISCHL his property, various statues
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, BAD ISCHL interior, pictures, statue

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, YSPERTAL AND OBurgomeister, various images, one where he is demonstrating ancient tort
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, YSPERTAL AND Ofountain in a courtyard

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SPITZ various scenics
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SPITZ passenger ship
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SPITZ Castle of Hinterhaus
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SPITZ Promenade along the Danube
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SPITZ St Christophers Church
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SPITZ German bread baker

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MARIA TAFERL large Austrian Wedding Reception at a Hotel, guests in native dress
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MARIA TAFERL hotel with owner, in family for hundreds of years
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, MARIA TAFERL St. Michaels cemetery, gorgeous colorful flower beds

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, TYROL various scenics
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, TYROL lift for tourists in mountains

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, INNSBRUCK ornate architecture
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, INNSBRUCK once site of Winter Olympics

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN various scenics, buildings, architecture
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN hunting lodge and chapel to Franz Josef's son, who committed suicide
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN interior of the chapel
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN Durnstein's oldest house
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN ruins of the Castle where Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN scenes along the Danube
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, DURNSTEIN ornate church and steeple

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, SALTZBURG various scenics, buildings, architecture

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA, Heiligmonastery, priests or monks walking in courtyard
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA, Heiligelaborate monument in courtyard
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA, Heiligbeautiful religious paintings
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA, Heiligstaircase with ornate wrought iron railing

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, POCHLARN Fran Knapp, artist & ferryman - famous painter of the Danube
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, POCHLARN Herr Knapp's studio and some of his paintings

EUROPE, AUSTRIA, Lipizzaner Stufamous stallions, and farm where bred and raised


EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA Horses (Schonbrunn Palace)
EUROPE, AUSTRIA, VIENNA Backyard (Schonbrunn Palace)

EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU people in a Passion Play
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU Interior of a Catholic Church
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU flowers adorn houses and businesses
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU religious paintings on exteriors of houses and businesses is a Hallmark
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU native enjoying local pub
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU silhouette of Bavarian Village
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU Schloss Linderhof, horsedrawn wagon
EUROPE, GERMANY, OBERAMMERGAU King Ludwig's Castle, exterior, courtyard, fountain, interior

EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH Glockenspiel, Town Hall- Marienplatz
EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH Schloss Nymphenburg, favorite palace of Bavarian rulers
EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH statuary, Schloss Nymphenburg
EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH Painting, one of 24 ladies admired by Ludwig I
EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH another painting of another lady
EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH man peeling onion for Munich fair
EUROPE, GERMANY, MUNICH little girl with a doll

EUROPE, GERMANY, PASSAU various street scenes, scenics, architecture
EUROPE, GERMANY, PASSAU decorated, elaborate windows
EUROPE, GERMANY, PASSAU woman and children on balcony

EUROPE, GERMANY, REGENSBURG men repairing antique streets
EUROPE, GERMANY, REGENSBURG boat trip to 7th Century Monestary
EUROPE, GERMANY, REGENSBURG man playing accordian type instrument
EUROPE, GERMANY, REGENSBURG people boarding a horse drawn covered carriage, raining and horses are w

EUROPE, GERMANY, BAVARIA Bavarian Mt. - village
EUROPE, GERMANY, BAVARIA Neuschwanstein Castle -King Ludwig - various exterior scenics

EUROPE, NORWAY young girl, maybe 10-12, in Norwegian dress
EUROPE, NORWAY, Pflam various scenery, mountains, waterfall

EUROPE, FRANCE St. Tropez at night
EUROPE, FRANCE St. Tropez Beach, S. France
EUROPE, FRANCE Monaco, where Grace Kelly lived
EUROPE, FRANCE Monaco, center of City
EUROPE, FRANCE Monaco, in front of Palace
EUROPE, FRANCE Monaco, street shots
EUROPE, FRANCE Exhibits inside Museum at Valloris, S. France
EUROPE, FRANCE Valloris, S. France, where Picasso worked
EUROPE, FRANCE Typical gate of an old farmhouse, S. France, old gates such as this are
EUROPE, FRANCE Toulon, Old & new Church Towers, 14th & 16th Century
EUROPE, FRANCE Costa Brava, Perpignan (sailboat)
EUROPE, FRANCE Costa Brava, Perpignan (beach)
EUROPE, FRANCE Paris, Versalle
EUROPE, FRANCE Paris, Versalle Garden
EUROPE, FRANCE Riviera, forest fire
EUROPE, FRANCE Riviera, after forest fire
EUROPE, FRANCE Riviera, boats
EUROPE, FRANCE Riviera, Canne
EUROPE, FRANCE Riviera, France, sunset
EUROPE, FRANCE S. France, Maritime Alps
EUROPE, FRANCE Sorrente with the Alps, snow crested peaks
EUROPE, FRANCE S. France, statue (monument) in town square
EUROPE, FRANCE town in S. France
EUROPE, FRANCE ranch in S. France, Camarque, Van Gogh country
EUROPE, FRANCE foggy day, central France
EUROPE, FRANCE Autun, Cathedral (Cathedrale Saint-Lazare), Carvings
EUROPE, FRANCE Tympan Damnes
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau, Moise et le veau d'or
EUROPE, FRANCE Tympan Damnes precipites en enfer
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau, Nain et oiseau
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau Fuite en Egypte
EUROPE, FRANCE Tympan, Tetes des demons
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau Vices et Vertus
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau Griffon
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau Basilic
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau Adoration des Mages Detail: offrande
EUROPE, FRANCE Chapiteau Sommeil des Mages
EUROPE, FRANCE Vitrail du XV siecle Arbre de Jesse

EUROPE, FRANCE leaving the Queen Elizabeth (ship), Cherbourg
EUROPE, FRANCE S. France, Pyrennes Mts. in Camarque
EUROPE, FRANCE view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower
EUROPE, FRANCE Passengers on tug boat leaving THE Queen Elizabeth at Cherbourg
EUROPE, FRANCE Rosier LaFerme des Labaumes (country road in a country village)
EUROPE, FRANCE Toulon sur Arrobx la Nouvelle Eglise (Church)
EUROPE, FRANCE famous fountain at Villa DiEste
EUROPE, FRANCE Paris near la Madeleine
EUROPE, FRANCE Louvre, Paris
EUROPE, FRANCE Paris, large Cathedral
EUROPE, FRANCE Champ Elisees (famous boulevard), Paris, with several pigeons feeding
EUROPE, FRANCE Jardin des Tuilleries, Louvres in Background
EUROPE, FRANCE Jardin des Tuilleries, Paris, statue
EUROPE, FRANCE fountain in Jardin des Tuilleries
EUROPE, FRANCE Nice, statue on Riviera
EUROPE, FRANCE French Riviera, several images
EUROPE, FRANCE Big farm in Charolais, where Charolais cattle developed, white cattle/be
EUROPE, FRANCE farm, cattle grazing
EUROPE, FRANCE Eglise de la Madeleine, famous church, Paris
EUROPE, FRANCE port, French Riviera
EUROPE, FRANCE beach, French Riviera
EUROPE, FRANCE LaRoute duCotes de Chez Merle (country road)
EUROPE, FRANCE homestead in S. Central France, up to 200-500 years old
EUROPE, FRANCE children in a garden
EUROPE, FRANCE man and child probably in front of a store
EUROPE, FRANCE Dans le Jardin des Tuilleries, Paris
EUROPE, FRANCE Arc. De Triumphe Champ Elisees, Paris
EUROPE, FRANCE Paris at night
EUROPE, FRANCE several shots of pigeons, Wood Pigeon
EUROPE, FRANCE Hawaiian Goose, Endangered
EUROPE, FRANCE Picasso Museum , Europe, Riveria
EUROPE, FRANCE sunset, region at Toulon, S. France
EUROPE, FRANCE Charolais cattle, central France, where steak known as Chateaubrian come
EUROPE, FRANCE the "Saintes Maries" of the Sea, town by the Sea in Camarge, France, bui
EUROPE, FRANCE Church of the "Saintes Maries" of the Sea, Camarge, France, became impor
EUROPE, FRANCE Old ranch, abandoned farmhouse in Camarge France, 1965
EUROPE, FRANCE San Tropez, French Riviera, courtyard of Villa
EUROPE, FRANCE giant ichneumon, Rhyssa persuarsoria, dragonfly, Southern France
EUROPE, FRANCE same, landed on flower
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS Eiffel Tower, at night
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS marina, at night
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS more Eiffel Tower
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS Moulin Rouge, most famous Cabaret in World, built in 1889, means Red Mil
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS various scenics
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS Notre Dame, exterior, interior
EUROPE, FRANCE, PARIS Parisian Metro Entrance

EUROPE, MONTE CARLO sunset at San Juan, French Riviera
EUROPE, MONTE CARLO Palace of Monaco, Grace Kelly died here
EUROPE, MONTE CARLO S. France, view of a seacoast
EUROPE, MONTE CARLO children and a family "playing" in a fountain
EUROPE, MONTE CARLO European hedgehog eating

EUROPE, ENGLAND Southhampton Harbor, Boats
EUROPE, ENGLAND Southhampton, return trip, Industrial, "Pollution at work!!"

ENGLAND, LONDON British Museum
ENGLAND, LONDON various scenics

EUROPE, ITALY Pompei: View of Mt. Vesuvius in background
EUROPE, ITALY beach with sailboats
EUROPE, ITALY view of Naples
EUROPE, ITALY Collyseo, Rome
EUROPE, ITALY birds, stuffed, in exhibits
EUROPE, ITALY Genoa, N. Italy cemetery
EUROPE, ITALY Door of Pompei
EUROPE, ITALY Anacapri, Boat going into Capri
EUROPE, ITALY Anacapri countryside
EUROPE, ITALY Rock in the Sea near Capri
EUROPE, ITALY Boat going to Capri
EUROPE, ITALY Rocks, Anacapri, with house on summit
EUROPE, ITALY Colonades, Garden of Tivoli
EUROPE, ITALY entrance to Garden of Tivoli
EUROPE, ITALY in Garden of Tivoli
EUROPE, ITALY interior of bath house with pool, Garden of Tivoli
EUROPE, ITALY Amalfi, and the Blue Mediterranean Sea
EUROPE, ITALY view of Napoli, with Vesuvious in background
EUROPE, ITALY various scenics
EUROPE, ITALY Bicycle Race coming up the hill at Amalfi
EUROPE, ITALY tourist boat on way to Capri Italy from Naples Bay
EUROPE, ITALY Rome, various
EUROPE, ITALY near the Colysseo, Rome
EUROPE, ITALY Temple of Jupiter, Pompei
EUROPE, ITALY Pomei, Temple - probable Janus
EUROPE, ITALY cemetery, Genoa
EUROPE, ITALY the Ligure, Italy's fastest express, Nice (train system)
EUROPE, ITALY, ROME Trevi Fountain
EUROPE, ITALY, ROME The National Monument
EUROPE, ITALY, ROME St. Peter's Basilica
EUROPE, ITALY, ROME Circus Maximus


EUROPE, ITALY, FLORENCE Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge)
EUROPE, ITALY, FLORENCE Little Cars, Truck, Traffic jam

EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Vaporetto on Grand Canal
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Vaporetto Station
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Restaurant beside Rialto Bridge
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Bazaar beside Rialto Bridge
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE St. Mark's Cathedral
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Domes of St. Mark's
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE St. Mark's Cathedral
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE View from Bell Tower
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Gondolas beside Doges Palace
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Gondolas with St. Theodore & Winged Lion
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Hotel Cavalletto
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Bridges of Venice
EUROPE, ITALY, VENICE Delivering Luggage

EUROPE, ITALY, ORVIETO Cathedral, also close-up
EUROPE, ITALY, SIENNA Duoma, also close-up
EUROPE, ITALY, BOLZANO Northeast of Bolzano
EUROPE, ITALY, BOLZANO Church Northeast of Bolzano
EUROPE, ITALY, NORTHERN Church in Northern Italy
EUROPE, ITALY, NORTHERN View of the Valley
EUROPE, ITALY, NORTHERN Off Season at the Ski Lift
EUROPE, ITALY, NORTHERN River in the Dolomites
EUROPE, ITALY, NORTHERN Fishermen Near Alleghe
EUROPE, ITALY, NORTHERN Mountain Scene Passo Giav
EUROPE, ITALY, DOLOMITES Dolmite Mountain Range
EUROPE, ITALY, DOLOMITES Village of Cortina - 1956 Winter Olympics

EUROPE Iceland, Keflavik Airport

EUROPE, HUNGARY Pest, Restored State Opera House
EUROPE, HUNGARY City of Pest, on E. Bank of Danube, Chain gate, outdoor cafes
EUROPE, HUNGARY Vigado, Concert Hall, most beautiful example of Roman architecture in Hu
EUROPE, HUNGARY Kiskout, Little Boulevarde
EUROPE, HUNGARY Chandelier in the Opera House
EUROPE, HUNGARY People dining at the Budapest Hilton
EUROPE, HUNGARY Waiter filling wine glasses with a glass tube
EUROPE, HUNGARY waiter drawing wine from wooden barrell by sucking
EUROPE, HUNGARY Hungarian Folk Dancers at the Budapest Hilton
EUROPE, HUNGARY Pioneer Railway in Buda Hills, operated entirely by Children 12-14 years
EUROPE, HUNGARY young boy Conductor, saluting
EUROPE, HUNGARY sunset on the Danube in Buda Hills
EUROPE, HUNGARY Outdoor Restaurant in Buda Hills
EUROPE, HUNGARY Janos Hill, highest point in Budapest
EUROPE, HUNGARY scene of Danube from Castle overlooking Buda
EUROPE, HUNGARY scenics, Buda
EUROPE, HUNGARY Buda, Museum of Working Class Movement
EUROPE, HUNGARY Statue of King Matthias and his hunting dogs
EUROPE, HUNGARY various statues in front of this Museum
EUROPE, HUNGARY Buda, Royal Palace and Danube at Sunset
EUROPE, HUNGARY Selling wares in front of Royal Castle
EUROPE, HUNGARY Chain Bridge in City of Buda
EUROPE, HUNGARY Village of Szentendre, at sunset, Church Steeple, street scenes, hand cr
EUROPE, HUNGARY Hortobagy National Park, various scenes, such as exhibition of Horsemans
EUROPE, HUNGARY Cowboys rounding up horses, one cowboy with horse sitting on haunches
EUROPE, HUNGARY horsedrawn cart that carries visitors through the Park
EUROPE, HUNGARY 1699 Inn Nagycsarda
EUROPE, HUNGARY Bukk Mountains, Szalajka Falls
EUROPE, HUNGARY Train ride through Bukk Mts.
EUROPE, HUNGARY Tokay wine region in Zemplen Mt. range, Tokaj birthplace
EUROPE, HUNGARY City of Eger, various scenics
EUROPE, HUNGARY Tile roofs in Eger
EUROPE, HUNGARY Eger Museum, Castle and other architecture
EUROPE, HUNGARY various signs in Eger
EUROPE, HUNGARY Dobo Square, Istvan, Dobo statue
EUROPE, HUNGARY live chickens for sale Dobo Square market
EUROPE, HUNGARY Farmers Market in Eger, selling various items like live birds, handcraft
EUROPE, HUNGARY Eger, Cathredal with Hungary's largest organ
EUROPE, HUNGARY Eger, ancient castle
EUROPE, HUNGARY restored village of Holloko has atmosphere of turn of century village, w
EUROPE, HUNGARY scenics in Holloko Village, wood carver
EUROPE, HUNGARY women villagers in traditional dress
EUROPE, HUNGARY guest house in Holloko, with maid
EUROPE, HUNGARY more traditional houses in Holloko
EUROPE, HUNGARY doll in store window in Holloko
EUROPE, HUNGARY villager carrying water
EUROPE, HUNGARY Hungarian youth in native costumes, performing traditional dances
EUROPE, HUNGARY traditional bride & groom in Hungarian costume

NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM bicycles, Amsterdam has more bicycles than any other city in the world
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM Gabled houses on canal date from 16th to 20th century, more canals than
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM boat going through Canal Locks
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM a rondvaart, sightseeing boat
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM Railway Station, over 900 trains daily
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM statue of Holland's poet, Multatuli
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM historic Sonesta Hotel on Singel
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM ornamented gables on centuries old house
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM examples gorgeous architecture
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM Madurodam the Hague, famous miniature village built to scale
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM cheese mart in Alkmaas
NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM woman in Netherland dress, playing an accordian

NETHERLANDS, MAASTRICHT people riding bicycles as mode of transporation
NETHERLANDS, MAASTRICHT courthouse with oldest clock in Netherlands

NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE Peace Palace, 1907-1913, International Court of Justice
NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE Noordeinde Palace, working palace of Queen Beatrix
NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE Panorama of 1880 fish village
NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE Scheveningen & North Sea or German Ocean, a resort area
NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE beach at this resort, sailboats
NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE people on trampolines, sunning themselves, and various other activities
NETHERLANDS, THE HAGUE Kurhaus Hotel, a luxurious place, great architecture

NETHERLANDS, HAARLEM market with tourist items for sale such as wooden shoes, flower bulbs, f
NETHERLANDS, HAARLEM Grote Kerk or St. Bavo - church interior
NETHERLANDS, HAARLEM several exterior images of St. Bavo
NETHERLANDS, HAARLEM grave marker of Frans Hals, apparently inside this church, famous Dutch
NETHERLANDS, HAARLEM 1738 Christian Muller organ in the church

NETHERLANDS, VILLAGE OF EPEN stinky mill cement made with cow urine

NETHERLANDS, MARGRATEN Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial to WWII veterans, 8301 war de

NETHERLANDS, MAASTRICHT village of Belgin, highest point of Netherlands
NETHERLANDS, MAASTRICHT Dairy farm, Guernsey cows

BELGIUM scenics
Kasteel Vaalsbroek in Vaals appears to be a resort

water lily pads with pink flower
woman pointing to coffee bean plant
various harbor scenes
man pushing loaded wheelbarrow
various market scenes
table with several fruits and vegetables for sale, Prickly custard apple, guanabana, graviola, annona m
mother with toddler
Tip Top Ice cream parlor
appears to be interior of a restaurant or café
Church or other official buildiChurch of the Nazarene - special celebration in which parishioners bring
young woman in bikini
several images with different boats
BRAZIL, COMBU ISLANDS On the Amazon Basin, near City of Belem
tiny village with wooden shacks (homes) built on stilts, on the River
people from this village
boat captain
boat trip on Guama River to Combu Island out of Belem
Native children
one room school
Teacher in front of the school, also school children
school teachers' boat
little boy climbing a Palm tree

boat marina, Port of Rio Negro
people cleaning beach
market outdoors, with fruits and vegetables
several outdoor markets and vendors
trays of fresh shrimp for sale
monument in middle of street to opening of the Ports
large ornate buildings
billboard in Spanish
Rio Negro, Amazons greatest tributary
Customs House, large, attractive building with unusual architecture
school yard with girls playing volleyball

BRAZIL, MARAJO World's largest Alluvial Island, lies at point where Amazon empties into
white herons come in to fish in lagoon at the Pousada Marajoara Souris
water buffalo feeding near thatched roofed homes of owners
water buffalo pulling two wheeled cart of farm produce
water buffalo in lagoon
woman riding water buffalo, with saddle and rope attached to ring in buffalo's nose, Water Buffalo Ranc
herd of water buffalo
water buffalo, close-up
appears to be abandoned boats at waters edge
sign at Water Buffalo Ranch, in Spanish
beach scenes, with Native Brazilians, family
Palm trees, swaying in wind, thatched roof dwellings
man cleaning fish
houseboat or ferry
modern dwellings
tourist bus among water buffalo
SOURIS, Capital of Marajo Island
graffiti on wall
people in row boat
unusual high structure at edge of water, covered in barnacles and greenery
colorful houses in a row, some with tiled roofs
colorful bird called Sauptildia, that landed on heads and took food from hand

mostly scenes of natives, children
tourists hiking in jungle
termite hives in trees
close-up of termite hive
trees of thorns for poison arrows
man hitting a tree - Telephone of the Jungle

Copacabana aerial views
Copacabana Beach
Sugarloaf Mountain, Guanabara BOutcrop Augen gneiss monolith, high grade metamorphic rock
scenic image of mountains and bay
Carmen Miranda Museum
Gloria Church
World War II Memorial Brazil is only S.A. Country to participate
Copacabana Walk, Serpentine Mosaic
Vendors selling on Copacabana Walk
Bicyclists and joggers on the Walk
Carcovado Mt. - Christian statue
Scene in fog from Carcovado Mt.
Cogwheel R.R. to Carcovado
aerials of Beach
various images of people on beach in Rio

hibiscus in Cape Peninsula
Winding Road along Chapman's Peak on the Atlantic Side
herd of Bonteboks on the Veld, Cape Good Hope N.R.
Hukleveh, Airport, with airplanes
water off Cape Good Hope
beach on Cape Good Hope
Cape Good Hope Preserve
Hout Bay
Kruger Reserve
various scenery on road to Hukleveh
State Museum, Cape Good Hope
wine cellar with "Cape Dutch" architecture
National Game & Fish Preserve
White Rhino
Elephants Natal Game & Fish Preserve
Lions Natal Game & Fish Preserve
Birds Natal Game & Fish Preserve
Baboon, shown in trees, also siNatal Game & Fish Preserve
Mine Dancers / Folk Dancers
Native Celebrations Kruger. S. Africa
people in colorful costumes, on stilts

City of Durban street market
City of Durban native ceremonial dancers
City of Durban sign in foreign language, part says "Men-Whites Only"

CAPETOWN Aerial tramway to top of Table Mountain, on one side of Capetown
CAPETOWN Table Mountain
CAPETOWN various flowers
CAPETOWN City of Capetown

Town of Pettingill Bay various scenes
Town of Pettingill Bay Zebras
Town of Pettingill Bay Ostrich Farm
Town of Pettingill Bay man holding ostrich egg
Town of Pettingill Bay male & female ostrich
Town of Pettingill Bay female ostrich with egg
Town of Pettingill Bay man hand feeding ostrich
Town of Pettingill Bay ostrich eating grassy growth on Nature Preserve
Town of Pettingill Bay woman wearing hat with ostrich plume
Town of Pettingill Bay people riding ostriches

sailboats, lots of activies aboard
Belize has the largest barrier reef in Western Hemisphere
Staghorn Coral, some live, someAcropora cervicornis
Elkhorn Coral, some live, some Acropora palmata
Queen Conch
Green Iguana
Coral Reef
Sea Fan
Tropical scenes, palm trees
Caye Caulker
Goff's Caye
Tobacco Cay
Colson Cay
Rendezvous Cay
St. George's Cay
Tubularian Hydroids prob.
Tubularia Colony
Reticulated Starfish, Cushion SOreaster reticulatus
Sponges, Gray Sponge, Vase Sponge
Windblown Palm Trees
Cessna Caravan Prop Jet
Inside Cockpit
Pilot Making Flight Plans
People waiting in airport terminal
RIO FRIO CAVE less than mile from Pine Forest Headquarters in Augustine. Stepping-ston
RIO FRIO CAVE Rio Frio Cave, and Rio On Rapids and Pools
Thousand Foot Waterfalls in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Preserve. Falls is actually 1,500' high.
Tropical flowers
Black Market Bird poaching, Scarlet Macaw
Mountain Pine Ridge
scenics, streams
Bamboo Orchid
stone statues to gods
Road to Xunantunich
handcranked ferry that hauls people and vehicles
hibiscus being pollinated by Sulphur butterfly
pineapples and tourists
Belize Zoo
Mountain Lion, Puma, Red Tiger
Keel billed Toucan
Red lored Amazon Parrot
Boa Constrictor
St. Ignatio scenics
Horse & buggy among cars
Cart of watermelosn
vegetable stands, tomatoes
Cemetery with Black Vultures roosting
Windy Hill Lodge scenics
Sunset, Palm trees
man in Hammock resting, woman in Hammock resting
Man diving off small cliff
Xunantunich - ancient Mayan City, scenics and ruins

Painted face / ceremonial masks
Painted totems
Road to Tikal, Military Men in camouflage uniforms
nails on a board used to block cars, punch tires
Tikal road construction
Guatemalan people
Tikal National Park scenics
Tikal Temple
Ancient Mayan City
Rain Clouds
view from top of Pyramid
Ceiba Tree, Kapok
Coatimundi, aka Pizote
Ants nest
Women carrying items on head
Little girl carrying items on head

Nyman's Garden - ruins garden view, rookery
Nyman's Garden - ruins Embothriuym coccineum
Chelsea Flower Show, various displays
Chelsea Physic Garden - Garden View
East Bergholt Place - Glade View
Eley Garden - lawn view
Eley Garden - garden view
Eley Garden -Topiary Hedge
Eley Garden -pond view
Eley Garden -Acer platanoides 'Brilliantissima'
Eley Garden -Corylus colurna 'Purple'
Woodbridge - Row houses
Woodbridge- 12th oldest pub - Ye Olde Bull Steelyard Inns
Woodbridge - St. Mary's Church
Helmingham Hall Sheep and Deer
Helmingham Hall House
Helmingham Hall Moat and Draw Bridge
Helmingham Hall Knot Garden
Helmingham Hall Parterre Garden
Helmingham Hall Scottish Highland Cows
Notcutt's home garden view
Beth Chatto's entrances scree
Beth Chatto's Garden View
Beth Chatto's Pond View
Beth Chatto's Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum
Beth Chatto's Smyrnium perfoliatum
Olivers House Wisteria on house
Olivers House House View
Olivers House Pond View
Olivers House Arbor
Olivers House Paeonia camperdisii
English Aerial View View
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Beech Hedge
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Scree Garden Troughs
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Scree Collection
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Greenhouse View
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Pond View
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Rock Garden View
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Prinmula pulverulenta
Edinburgh Botanic Garden Meconopsis x sheldonii
Ardtornish Estate View
Ardtornish Estate Estate
Ardtornish Estate View of Lock Aline
Ardtornish Estate Hyacinthioides hispanica
Ardtornish Estate Allium tricoccum
Ardtornish Estate Ardtornish Castle
Ardtornish Cemetery Headstones
Isle of Mull Castle Torosay
Isle of Mull Countryside
Isle of Iona Convent Ruins
Cambridge Botanical Garden Rock Garden
Cambridge Botanical Garden Moltkia suffruticosa
Cambridge Botanical Garden Lathrea clandestina
Graham Stuart Thomas Garden View
Graham Stuart Thomas Rosa 'Madame Gregoire Station' & Rhododendron 'Gomer Waterer'
Wisley - RBG House
Wisley - RBG Woodland View
Wisley - RBG Rock View
Wisley - RBG Scree Garden Troughs
Wisley - RBG Rhododendron 'Frank Galsworthy'
Wisley - RBG Abutilon 'Veronica Tennant'
Wisley - RBG Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding'
Scotland view, cliff, seaside

ENGLAND, LONDON, British MuseumFieze from the Parthenon
ENGLAND, LONDON, British MuseumNimrud Palace Reliefs
ENGLAND, LONDON, British MuseumModel of The Parthenon

ENGLAND, LONDON changing of the Guard
ENGLAND, LONDON Queen Victoria Monument with Buckingham Palace in back
ENGLAND, LONDON Westminster Abbey
ENGLAND, LONDON Royal Guard Quarters
ENGLAND, LONDON Tower of London area Queen's Apartment
ENGLAND, LONDON Victoria Station

ENGLAND, DOVER various scenics

NOVA SCOTIA, HALIFAX silk painted flowers
NOVA SCOTIA, HALIFAX pathway through a flower garden

BARCELONA buildings, balconies, rooftop gardens
BARCELONA Gaudi Cathedral, various scenes
BARCELONA above church, Stained Glass
BARCELONA Gaudi Cathedral, shows some construction & repair work being done
BARCELONA Gov. Palace & Museum, Fountain
BARCELONA Church, Garden Courtyard

TURKEY, Karaca Conifers in Arboretum

FRANCE, AVIGNON various scenes, Church Ruins
FRANCE, AVIGNON Bougainvillea glabra
FRANCE AVOIRE Arbor, Five Senses Garden
FRANCE, NICE Fountains and Park
FRANCE, PARIS Citroen, Bridge walkway
FRANCE, VERSAILLES Hedges along a pathway (Pleached Allee)

SWITZERLAND, LUCERNE on the road from Lucerne to Italy
SWITZERLAND, LUCERNE various scenics

Palace Ambohimanga
Village Wall Ambohimanga
Brick fields
Roadside markets near Tana
Market - fruit
Market - herbal
Vanilla madagascarensis - Orchid - an Aphrodesiac
Rice Paddies
Agave sisala - various images of it drying, in bundles, a press, cut leaves, the entire plant
Gem stones
Children - Tana
Children - Ifaty
Thatch Restaurant - Perinet
Cleaning fish in the river - Perinet
Train Station
Village enroute to Ifaty
Oxcart - papyrus near Tulear
Cabins - Perinet
Cabins - Berenty
Cabins - mosquito net
Canoe from Baobob trunk
Delonix adansoidioides
Pachypodium geayu
Lemur - Indri
Brown Lemur
Ringtail Lemur
Vereaux's Sifaka - Lemur
Ficus grewiana
Rhizophora - Mangove
Cyathea sp.
Bizmarckia nobilis
Ravenala madagascarensis
Nepenthes madagascarensis
Buddleia madagascarensis
Microcoelia aurantiaca
Oieniella polystachys
Euphorbia millii
Euphorbia arborescens
Euphorbia plagiantherea
Weaver Birds nests
Bat Tree - Fruit Bats
Chameleon perched near a little boy- looking at it
Uncarina grandidieri
Pandanus & Typhonodorum lindleyanum
Xerosiscyos danayi
Commiphora aprevalia
Ant/Termite Nest
Spider Colony in tent
Walking Stick - on a hand
Giraffe Beetles in a person's hand
River view - Ambohitantely
Mozambique Channel View
Pachypodium dammeri & allaudia
Indian Ocean
Sunset at Fort Dauphin

Welcome Chinese Camellia Cultural Park
Flower Arrangement
Camellia Show in Jinhua
ICS President Davis with 300+ year old Camellia on Putuo Island
Chinese Camellia Cultural Park & Conservatory
Camellia Species Garden
Camellia 'Lady Shanghai'
Camellia achrysantha
Camellia yuhsienensis
Camellia amplexicaulis
Camellia impressinervis
Wiang Jiarang's Garden - Wenzhou
Chinese Academy of Forestry - Camellia Plantation - Zhejiang
Camellia sinensis
Camellia sinensis fields
Tea drying
Vegetable fields
Food market - Chestnuts and Ginkgos
Food - lunch
Oyster Farm
Market - Moslem Quarter
Silk - cocoon sorting
Silk - thread/spinning - Hangzhou
Silk - quilt pulling - Hangzhou
Silk - screening - Hangzhou
Silk - weaving - Hangzhou
Silk - weaving - Xian
Silk - Carpet - Xian
Musis - Running Tiger Springs - Hangzhou
Kung Fu - Shaolin
Jade - carving - Xian
Jade art - Guanyin Buddha - Putuo Island
Sculpture - stone carving - Forbidden City - Beijing
Sculpture - wood carving - Forbidden City - Beijing
Stone Grottos - Longmen Caves - Luoyang
Sculpture - Guardian Buddha - Putou Island
Sculpture - Terra Cotta Warriors - Xian
Calligraphy (Stele) Rubbing - Xian
Cloisonne - copper form - Beijing
Cloisonne - painting - Beijing
Cloisonne - grinding - Beijing
Cloisonne - Crown Ming Tombs - Beijing
Homes - clay in Xian
Home - Suzhou
Home - Hangzhou
Temple - Qiandao Lake Island
Stupa Forest - Talin = Tombs - Shaolin
Gargoyles - Forbidden City - Beijing
Buildings - Pudong District - The Bund - Shanghai
Great Wall
Path - stepping stones - Hangzhou
Path - carved inlays - Putou Island
Path - mosaics - Suzhou
Fence - stone carved- Putou Island
Fence - Bamboo - Suzhou
Arbor - Suzhou
Parterre - Qiandao Lake
Shrub design - Shanghai
Annual beds - Shanghai
Artificial - Luoyang
Bonsai - miniature
Topiary - Grafted Camellia
Transplanting and Staking
Edgeworthia chrysantha
Cycas revoluta
Sophora japonica 'Contorta'
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Pinus bungeana
Michelia maudiae - Zhejiang
Longbai Hotel Garden - Shanghai
Boats and canal - Suzhou
Lake and Garden - Qiandao Lake
Yan Dang Mountain
Beach - China Sea - Putuo Island
Marble Boat and Lake - New Summer Palace - Beijing
Mountains from Ming Tombs - Beijing

CHINA KASHGAR market place, barbers, banquet
CHINA KASHGAR man on a bicycle cart hauling white ducks
CHINA KASHGAR men complete a deal with both parties shaking hands
CHINA KASHGAR meat market, butcher with slabs of meat hanging
CHINA KASHGAR hat merchants
CHINA KASHGAR barber with boy
CHINA KASHGAR cattle market with donkeys and ox
CHINA KASHGAR cattle market with sheep, goats, and a produce merchant
CHINA KASHGAR television market with Chinese men watching tv, outdoor pool hall
CHINA KASHGAR hauling goods to market
CHINA KASHGAR kids marching
CHINA KASHGAR Uygher girl in marketplace
CHINA KASHGAR street produce market
CHINA KASHGAR men with meat, preparing dinner
CHINA KASHGAR jewelry vendor
CHINA KASHGAR bread vendor
CHINA KASHGAR Kashgar bike repair
CHINA KASHGAR bike delivery man
CHINA KASHGAR street chess
CHINA KASHGAR boys with bird in Mosque
CHINA XINJIANG Tajik nomad on horse
CHINA XINJIANG Xinjiang woman inside yurt
CHINA XINJIANG Yak or Tzo (hooved animals)

PAKISTAN farm scene, rural Pakistan
PAKISTAN bike tour through Northern Pakistan (Karakoran Highway)
PAKISTAN sign on KKH, Pakistan trucks being washed in river
PAKISTAN Karakoram Mountains
PAKISTAN Pakistani porters
PAKISTAN high trail near Karimabad
PAKISTAN Islamabad, Ashura celebration and festival
PAKISTAN Islamabad meat market
PAKISTAN Islamabad motor-rickshaw
PAKISTAN Islamabad back of truck
PAKISTAN flight over Karakoram Himalaya
PAKISTAN street scene, Skardu
PAKISTAN on the road in Baltistan
PAKISTAN merchant in Gilgit, meat market
PAKISTAN kids in Gilgit
PAKISTAN various bridges over Indus River
PAKISTAN schoolhouse in rural Pakistan
PAKISTAN village, farmland, Chalt - shelf farming
PAKISTAN leprosy/TB clinic
PAKISTAN boys on bike on the Karakoram Highway

person shown sampling a sediment core
scientist writing observations of submersed plants
scientist sampling aquatic vegetation
scientists sampling lake sediments (sediment coring)
scientists taking cores of lake sediment
a zebra mussel sampler
lab experiment with lake sediment cores
winter sampling of lake sediment cores
sampling aquatic vegetation
footprints along shore of backwater, Upper Mississippi River
sampling backwater vegetative floodplain
airboat, on Mississipppi River, MN
backwater marsh
vegetation in wetlands of upper Mississipppi River
water and bubbles
Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea) in winter
Cross Country skiing in MN
Development near edge of river bluff, MN, thin soil layer/horizon (in water)
vine on tree in winter, floodplain, forest MN
rock in chainlink fence for erosion, Rock Gabion in winter MN
Confluence of MN & Mississippi River, ice, St. Paul MN
same as above, Fort Snelling overlooking
Fort Snelling and Hwy 5 Bridge over Mississippi River, St. Paul MN
Storm water outlet, Mississippi River, downtown St. Paul
Riverfront, downtown St. Paul in winter
Cold Riverboats in winter, Mississippi River, shown American Flag
Paddleboat on Mississippi River in winter in St. Paul
Waterfront in winter, Mississippi River, St. Paul

Golan Heights in Springtime, North vs South facing slopes
Gamla, Golan Heights
students studying vegetation/flora
Kibbutz children at Shavuot Festival, shown also, girl with calf, young boy with flags in background

African School Children
carrying loads on foot along roadside
farm buildings
herding domestic animals
Ngong Hills near Nairobi
mother and child near fields in Kenya
Great Rift Valley- volcanic hills - shows basalt in foreground
Masai Mara National Reserve
Amboseli National Park - scenicshown also Mt. Kilamanjaro in background
Lake Naivasha, dry riverbed draMajor geological upheavals caused series of lakes in Kenya, some of whic
Lake Naivasha highest of Rift Valley lakes
Isle of Lamu Architecture in Swahili influence
Isle of Lamu Expanse of beach
Isle of Lamu African Boat and Sailor
Isle of Lamu African Fishing Boat
Isle of Lamu Poor Village, Matondoni, also market scene
Isle of Lamu woven walls
Isle of Lamu weaving inside a hut
Isle of Lamu raft on river being pulled by hand
Isle of Lamu lumberyard
watering hole in Masai Mara Preserve

Carnival, Port of Spain Carnival (African) Mask Trinidad
Young boys in swim trunks Trinidad
Carnival in full swing, Port au Prince Trinidad

Indian Child Brazil
Young kids Brazil
Indian wearing tree bark skirt barebreasted woman Brazil

Chicrin Indians (in "dress") Chile
Indian Children Chile
Nothofagus Forest Chile
Scenic Lake Scene Chile
Peace Corps Volunteers Chile
Sailboat (Mehuin) Chile
Children with their dog Chile
Mapuche Indians sitting on a street bench, young adults Chile

General, people Panama
Darien Straight, man sitting on device to shell beans & rice Panama
man with instrument for preparing rice and beans Panama
Young boy with Iguana Panama
Device used to shell beans & rice Panama
Panamanian man with his young Brahman bull Panama
Cuna Indian women in native dress Panama
Cuna Indian woman washing clothes on Rio Bayano (Upper Darien) Panama
Panamanian with Coati Panama
People gathered in the street Panama
Young boy on beach Panama
Panama children in a group (dark skinned, African type) Panama

General, people Dutch Guyana
Antique Train Dutch Guyana

Village, thatch roofed huts French Guyana
General, people French Guyana
Inside Catholic Church French Guyana
Indian Hut French Guyana
Barebreasted Tupi-Guarani Indian Women French Guyana
Indian men Drinking poison arrow medicine French Guyana
Indian men Drinking Manoc beer, fermented by sFrench Guyana
People swimming French Guyana
People by a lake French Guyana
Young boys in white shirts & ties, perhaps missionaries children aFrench Guyana
Wayana Indians in native dress - dance of the Marake French Guyana
Indians in full native dress, macaw feathers French Guyana

Bosh Black toddler Surinam
Natives carrying bundles of food Surinam
Javanese children area of Cola Creek Surinam
Bosh family with house (escaped African slaves) Surinam
Hut interior Arrawack Indians Surinam
Wood carving Surinam
Women selling pineapples Surinam
Indian Guarani standing in water Surinam
Bosh women washing their clothes and dishes near Albina, by MaroniSurinam
several Bosh people Surinam

Mexican Indians Sierra Madre Mexico
Mexican hut - thatched roof S. Mexico Mexico
Using mules to produce electricty at dam Mexico

General, people also shows people in clothing storeEcuador
Young boys in Ecuador Ecuador
Birthday party in Lago Agrio Ecuador
General, people, 2 little boys with cigarettes in their mouths Ecuador
Young girl washing a dog outdoors, spigot appears to be pipe out oEcuador
young girl and boy holding puppy Ecuador
same young girl and boy collecting butterflies Ecuador
2 children, one child holding oranges Ecuador
General, shows signs in two languages, street signs in Spanish andEcuador
Chicken Farm Research, feeding fish meal to chickens Ecuador
young workers at Chicken Farm Ecuador
Child on a little scooter type toy Ecuador
Woman & child fishing on Puyo River Ecuador
Rain Forest, cleared for rice field Ecuador
Rain Forest, cleared for cattle Ecuador
Collecting Butterflies Ecuador
Stream in Cloud Forest Ecuador
In the Rain Forest Ecuador
Studying giant carnivore bat Ecuador
Quito Indians Ecuador
Suspension bridge in Rain Forest Ecuador
Boat people, Amazon Ecuador
Canoeing on Puyo River Ecuador
Mesahuillin, Transporation on Puyo River to remote areas Ecuador
Puyo City Ecuador
Army recruit Ecuador
Cattle pasture in Cloud Forest Ecuador
Colonial Quito Ecuador
Otavalo Indians playing flute Ecuador
Scenes in Quito Ecuador
Stream in Rain Forest Ecuador
Indians, Achura Children Ecuador
Achura Indian men with Toucan headdresses Ecuador
Achura family communal hut, Rain Forest Ecuador
Albino Achura child in Puyo, little girl Ecuador
Pharmacy, homeopathic meds Ecuador
Planting a type of clover for cattle Ecuador
Ecology classes, nature studiesboy with video camera among poor chEcuador
painting or poster that shows "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", withEcuador
Quito Indians tied to each other carrying bags Ecuador
Bano town in Andes Ecuador
various Indians in native costuone image showing Indian with gold Ecuador
Colorado Indians in full dress - man in face paint, woman barebreaEcuador
Colorado Indian boy in full costume and face paint Ecuador
Cofine Indians in full dress Ecuador
Indian woman in Native dress Ecuador
Inca Indian men in Indian blankets & hat Ecuador
Mountain Indians, outdoor market Ecuador
college students in Ecuador Ecuador
cadet in Ecuadorian Army Ecuador
several images of Ecuadorian people, families Ecuador
Mountain Indian family at birthday party Ecuador
Schuar child, Upper Amazon, drinking bottle of milk Ecuador
Negro coast of Ecuador, woman and children Ecuador
Old Inca woman begging on street Ecuador
Quito outdoor market Ecuador
Quito woman in costume, with jug on back Ecuador
Little boy Ecuador
Boy playing flute Ecuador
2 small children holding dead bird Ecuador
Nuns walking down street Ecuador
nun in a scene, thatched roof hut Ecuador
3 teenagers Ecuador
museum Ecuador
children in a river Ecuador
primitive land transporation, loading bananas on a horse Ecuador
young man and woman Ecuador
washing clothes, extreme poverty Ecuador
donkeys mating Ecuador
Colonial Street in Quito Ecuador
New Street in Quito Ecuador
Virgin of Quito Ecuador

Shuaras Indians hunting Ecuador - Indians
Ashuar Indian shooting Bodoquera Ecuador - Indians
Shuara boy with bodoquera, hunting Ecuador - Indians
Someone holding shrunken head Ecuador - Indians
Making chicha (Puyo), shows several women and young girls Ecuador - Indians
Andean Indians, Otavalo Ecuador - Indians
Little Otavalo girl with native tapestry Ecuador - Indians
Native pottery market, Andes, Ecuador Ecuador - Indians
Puyo Pastaza Shuar Woman in native costume Ecuador - Indians
Shuar man with toucan headdress, Puyo Pastaza Ecuador - Indians
Bare-breasted young Indian woman from the Colorado Tribe Ecuador - Indians
Family and friends preparing the Alama bride, Puyo Pastaza Ecuador - Indians
Cofanes Aguarico, women in native dress Ecuador - Indians
Man with blowgun Ecuador - Indians
Street vendors in Quito Ecuador - Indians

Guatemalan Indians Guatemala
Frontier Guatemala (poverty) Guatemala
town on a river, says leads to Guatemala City Guatemala
Natives paddling log canoe at Puerto Barrios Guatemala
Bay of Punta Gorda, ferry boat Guatemala

General, people Costa Rica
Costa Rica, during Holy Week religious ceremony Costa Rica
House or hut built on water, large water bird flying near Costa Rica
Indian woman (not in native dress) Costa Rica
two men, a young boy and a mule with pack on back Costa Rica

Copacabana, Inca People Bolivia
Copacabana, shanty town Bolivia

A group of Children Belize

Inca Indian Man in costume (blanket coat) with stringed instrumentPeru

Man with rare spider monkey Columbia
Frontier between Columbia & Brazil Columbia
Forest Indians in a thatched hut Columbia
Indian village, Letiticia, barebreasted woman with child, standingColumbia
People in thatched roof hut Columbia
Pets (parrot and iguana or lizard) resting on propane gas tanks atColumbia

Indian Chief with blowgun, poison from poison arrow frogs General File
Easter Island people General File

Surinam Museum dress of that Country
S. Mexico Toultec sculpture, carvings
Peru Cuzco Spanish architecture
Ecuador Achura Lodge in National Park
Birding Group on the way to CarTrinidad
Mayan Ruins at Husmel in Yucatan S. Mexico
Sunset, Lago Budi
Sierra Madre, old picture
Yucatan, rocky, dirt road
Thatched roof hut
Church, San Jose, Costa Rica
Completion of Pan American Hwy in mountains of Cordillera, Costa Rica, elevation 12,000 ft.
Ancient burnt tree trunks indicate previous volcanic eruption, Costa Rica
Small town high in Cordillera, Costa Rica
Mountain stream, Talmanca, Costa Rica
Scenic Coast in Costa Rica, shows wave, erosion

tropical plants Caladium in flower box
bromeliads shown also on tree limb
tropical vegetation
Costa Rica tree fern poss.
Strangler Fig
Cloud Forest Boardwalk
Date & Palm
Trees, living fence
Beach, Playas Puntarenas
Playas Manuel Antonio (beach)
Coastal scene Parque Nacional
Tropical Palm fronds
clearcut pasture on hike to Barva
forest and scenery near Barva
man sipping on a coconut
coconut vendor
Volcan Poas, Poas Volcano, world's largest geyser
Bellbird Lodge in Monteverde
Kayaking in mangroves, lowland river
Houseboat near mangroves
Coastal Costa Rica
Riparian vegetation, lowlands, streambank
millipede (arthropod)
Daddy Longlegs
Red Crab (Black-shelled)
Folk Art, painted wagons, shown also, artist painting wagons
Folk Art painted mural on wall
Hummingbirds in Monte Verde
Black-bellied Whistling Duck inDendro cygna autumnalis
White faced Capuchin Cebus capucinus
Mammal Center, Costa Rica
Crocodiles on mudflat, Tarcoles River
Lizard on tree, Jesus Christ LiBasilicus basilicus
Lizard climbing tree, shown alsIguana negro

Airport, Providence Island off coast Nicaragua
Providence Island, Nicaragua
Indian Mosque, Trinidad, Port of Spain
Municipal Gardens, Trinidad, Port of Spain
Train in Surinam
Bauxite mines of Moengo (factorfactory pollution
Surinam, near Suramaca River
Copacabana, Bolivar
Bogota Columbia at night
Lights of Leticia, on Amazon
Quito, Ecuador, Spanish colonial
Quito, Governors Palace
Quito, Colonial Cathredal
Quito area
Ecuador, falls on a small stream
Ecuador, small stream with waterfalls
Ecuador, shack in pasture
fruiting palm Cuyabeno
tree Cuyabeno
tree with Nunbirds Cuyabeno
Cuvier's Toucan high in tree (bCuyabeno
a shack, appears to be used forCuyabeno
Rainforest various Cuyabeno
sunsets Cuyabeno
Cuyabeno Rainforest Cuyabeno
Lower Pastaza Rainforest Cuyabeno
Pastaza River, Puyo Cuyabeno
Lago Agrio, Rainforest Cuyabeno
Cuyabeno Lake Cuyabeno
Black Caiman trail on water Cuyabeno
Rainforest Lake Cuyabeno
Pastaza lower folds of Andes Cuyabeno
Underground Jungle, Cuyabeno Cuyabeno
Rainforest floor, Cuyabeno Cuyabeno
Cuyabeno Indian Village, thatchCuyabeno
Cuyabeno one log canoes Cuyabeno
Cuyabeno Indian cultivation, YuCuyabeno
Cuyabeno Shoreline, Amazon Cuyabeno
Mindo Cloud Forest Ecuador
Pastaza lower folds of Andes Ecuador
Mera lower folds of Andes Ecuador
High Andes Deforestation Ecuador
Rainforest town Sucumbios Ecuador
Slash and burn agriculture Ecuador
Slash and burn Manioc Ecuador
Mirador Puyo Ecuador
Banoc Valley, Puyo Ecuador
General view Puyo Valley Ecuador
Puyo River Ecuador
Inside Shuar Hut, Puyo Ecuador
Pastaza River, Puyo Ecuador
Bridge across Pastaza Valley Ecuador
Valley of Pastaza, Andean CloudEcuador
Lago Agrio Ecuador
Moonlight and Clouds, Lago AgriEcuador
Sky, Lago Agrio Ecuador
Jet approaching Lago Agrio Ecuador
Guyabamba desert town Ecuador

French Guyana various scenes, i.e. mountains
French Guyana, Main Plaza Cayenne
French Guyana, Main Plaza Cayenne, monument
French Guyana, Mosque
French Guyana, typical house, Aristocrats
Devils Island, French Guyana
Inside a Cathedral, French Guyana
Banana Plantation
Rio Pastaza, headwaters of the Amazon
Rio Pastaza, headwaters of the Amazon, stream
Pastaza River Valley, Mera Mountain Range
Plane flying over Leticia, Amazon
Paisajes del Ecuador, chimborazo
Jungle habitat, Quininde
Amazon Ecuador
Lake high in Andes, Ecuador
Desert area near middle of world, Ecuador
Columbia, Amazon area
Columbia, stream
Rio Parana, Paraguay
Sunset Amazon, Leticia Columbia
Costa Rica, Cordillera, Cut over forest
Amazon shoreline, Columbia Leticia
Stream Mera, Ecuador
Shore of Amazon at sunset, Leticia
Cloud Forest, Mera
Tropical Forest, Ecuador
Mountain Cloud Forest, Mera
Stream Cloud Rain Forest, Mera, near bat caves
Cutting Rain Forest for pasture
Cutting & burning tropical Rain Forest
Mera Pastaza, Mountain Range in background
Rio Puyo, Dense Rain Forest
Shoreline, French Guyana, Devil's Island
Sunset Rio Napo, Ecuador
Cave Entrance of Cave of Archidona
River Puyo, Amazon Tributary
Rain Forest, Mera Pastaza Ecuador
River or stream in Ecuador
Puesto de Sol before a Rain
Headwaters of the Amazon
Sunset, Costa Rica
Sunset, Head Waters of Amazon
Shoreline, Ecuador
Andes, Mt. Range
Cutting Rain Forest
Fishing boats, Port-au-Prince, Trinidad
Stream, Head Waters of Amazon
Mera Pastaza, trees
Ecuador, Rain Forest
Stream off Amazon, Rain Forest
Crossing Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Cavern, Mera Pastaza (cave)
Highest spot, Costa Rica, Cerrobueno Vista

S. Mexico, Villahermosa, appears to be boggy or swampish Mexico
Mexico, Mountain Range Mexico
Gathering wood near Popocatepetl, S. Mexico Mexico
Mexican Desert Mexico
Sierra Madre Village Mexico
Sierra Madre Farm Scene, cattleshown also, corn farming, cattle Mexico
Habitat destruction, Mexican logging Mexico

Ecuador, Santiago
Pastaza River, tributary of Amazon
Pastaza Valley, Mera
Puyo River
From Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Valley of Pastaza River looking to Mt. Range
Nicaragua Jungle town
Headwaters of lower Amazon, Pastaza River
Cattle crossing Pan American El Salvador
Rain Forest, Panama
Rio Napo Amazon Tributary
Jungle Amazon
Tunnel under Andes on way to Puyo Ecuador
Habitat, Amazon Jungle/Rain Forest
Habitat, Amazon, Semi Dry Forest
Lago Agrio, market
Lago Agrio, extreme poverty, squalor
Mira town in Pastaza River Area, Ecuador
Puyo City Ecuador
San Lorenzo, East Coast Ecuador
Main Plaza, Mera
School in Amazon Village
Altered jungle, forest

Route of the Inca PERU
Inca Ruins, Cuzco PERU
Machu Pichu, Ancient City of InPERU
Train to Machu Pichu PERU
tourists walking among the RuinPERU
Inca Woman selling, Ocovalo PERU

Alpine - Sierra Nevada CHILE
S. Chile, Los Paraguas, winter CHILE
S. Chile, Los Paraguas, Park RaCHILE
S. Chile, Coast of Lebo, beacheCHILE
S. Chile, Tolhuaca National ParCHILE
S. Chile, shows typical habitatCHILE
S. Chile, National Park, Lake PCHILE
S. Chile, Nothofagus in fall, sCHILE
Nothofagus Forest, (beech treesCHILE
S. Chile - habitat in Marsh GlaCHILE
S. Chile, Aravcaria tree (meansCHILE
S. Chile, Tulica armillata, galCHILE
S. Chile, artistic branches on CHILE
S. Chile, habitat, austal foresCHILE
Sunset, S. Chile CHILE
S. Chile, Rio Ambiente CHILE
Glacier turned into swamp, S. CCHILE
S. Chile, habitat of river otteCHILE
Chile, Conguillio CHILE
Chile Coast, Coast of Lebu CHILE
Conguillo National Park, Chile,CHILE
Monkey Puzzle trees CHILE
Temuco National Park, S. Chile CHILE
Sunset, Temuco National Park, SCHILE
Valdivia S. Chile CHILE
Tolhuaca CHILE
Tolhuaca - running stream over CHILE
Conguillo National Park, Chile,CHILE
Conguillo National Park, Chile,CHILE
Conguillo, walk bridge, yellow CHILE
Conguillo, waterfalls CHILE
S. Chile, Lago Verde (Green LakCHILE
Patagonia S. Chile, Torre del PCHILE

Rain Forest Clearing
Cutting and burning of Rain Forest
Destruction of Rain Forest
Opening Rain Forest for Cattle
Rain Forest, Ecuador
Cloud Forest, Mera Pastaza, Ecuador
Rain Forest Flowers with Butterfly
Cloud Forest, with Bromeliads
Sunset, Cloud Forest Mera Pastaza
Lower Rain Forest
Rio Napo, Ecuador
Rio Puyo, Ecuador -people driving or pulling a car onto an old bridge or barge

Captren - Chile
Sector Reigolil
S. Chile, National Park near Argentina
Lago Badi
Lago Badi, Sunset
Villahermosa Tabasco, Mexico Lake of fresh water, huge mollusks
Big Lake Matamorro, Mexico
Blue Creek, Trinidad, people gathering, some swimming (Waterfalls)
Lake Titikaka Highest & largest lake in world
Lake Titikaka sunset
Tolhuaca, Glacial Lake
Cuyabeno Lake in Rain Forest
S. Chile, Lago (National Park)
S. Chile, sunset, Lake Huerque, Puesto de Sol
Lago Chico, National Park, Little Lake
Lago Tinquilco
High Andean Lake, S. Chile shows water evaporating (evaporation) off lake
National Park, Tolhuaca
Lago Verde - S. Chile
S. Chile, Lake Region, National Park, Puesto de Sol, shows rainbow in reflection of water

Conquillo National Park S. Chile
S. Chile, Tolhuaca
Mera Region near Pastaza River
Headwaters of Amazon, Rainforest
Rainforest, Ecuador
Waterfall with leguminus forest
Iguacu Falls, cascades borders 3 countries, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, 2.5 miles wide
Falls of Iguacu, from Brazil Poz de Iguacu
Falls of Iguacu, Argentina
Waterfall Paramo, near Bario Ecuador
Waterfall in Rainforest
Banto Domingo de Los Colorados Region
Espada Dam
Puyo Ecuador

Harvestman spiders on nettle
Green snake on nettle, good camouflage
clear larvae of butterfly on nettle
crab spider with bee on goldenrod
ambush bug on goldenrod
Locust Borer, Long horn beetle, Megacyllene robiniae
Goldenrod (Solidago) "Golden Fleece"
Goldenrod (Solidago) - small insects hidden
Goldenrod growing at beach, with Monarch butterfly on it
Milkweed bugs, adults & nymphs, also shown with shed skins
Large Milkweed Bug, Oncopeltis fasciatus
Milkweed bugs mating
Bumblebee on Swamp Milkweed
Squash vine borer moth, adult (garden pest)
Mantis on Swamp Milkweed waiting for prey
Harvestman, Daddy Long-legs hidden on milkweed plants
Tussock Moth Larvae, Euchaetias egle, on milkweed
Milkweed seeds
Red Milkweed Beetle, Eastern, Milkweed Longhorn, Tetraopes tetraorthalmus
Images showing what's living on Milkweed: snail, red milkweed bug nymph, and monarch larvae
Hidden ant on common milkweed
Zebra Swallowtail on common milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa), depends on the nectar
Snail on milkweed

23 different species of plants shown in swamp or bog area
log in water, decomposing
log on a hill, decomposing
log in woods, decomposing
log in spring
safe way to observe what is undsomeone using a pole to roll log over
log with 18 types of plants growing on top
log showing carpenter ant damage
Long horned beetle Neacanthocinus obsoletus
Striped blister beetle Epicauta vittata
Bark-gnawing beetle Temnochila virescens
Copper head under log, also coiled up
Jumping Spider Phidippus otiosus
Black widow with egg case
Black widow spider
Long horned beetle larva
Honey Bee - African Killer Bee Swarm
Carpenter Bee Xylocopa virginica
Red Salamander, Pseudotrition ruber
Eastern Newt, Notophthalmus viridescens
Mud Salamander
Northern Dusky Salamander, Desmognathus fuscus
Two lined Salamander, Eurycea bislineata

Red maple perched
Log returning to earth
Spring scenes, log in spring
Algae protococeus
Winter scenes, snow on logs
Final Winter
Log in Water
White cedar juvenile, on moss covered cedar log
Fallen tree
Dead tree stump in cemetery
Dead trees, Stage 3
Deteriorated tree stump
Deteriorated cypress stump, Southern Virginia, possible lightning strike
Tree snags
Parallel tree snags (Eastern Shore of Virginia)

Jodhpur women
Camels, various, shown also camels legs close-up
Rats drinking
Varanasi bather
Raj man
Pushkar bathers
Candle pots
Eyes of Pune
Kathmandu Harvest
Ladies with Prayer Wheel
Tibet Lady
Young Thais on Punk
Nam Tso Lake
Little girls
Fatepur Sikri
Fish Market
Man with Blue hands

Block Lady
Anghor Wat
Ta Phrom

Ganges River, Varanasi people worshipping and bathing
Ganges River, Varanasi child street peddler
Ganges River, Varanasi non-native (perhaps European) man also worshipping and bathing
Ganges River, Varanasi often dead animals float in this river
Woman wearing Sari (native dress)
India man "faces of India"
India Women of Udripar
India Woman with basket on head, field worker
India City Palace, Udaipur India, shown also rainbow
India City of Udaipur, India
Ladakh Himalayas Dragon Hotel
Ladakh Himalayas people general
Ladakh Himalayas temples
Ladakh Himalayas monks, also shown, playing musical instrument called a Shawm, double ree
Ladakh Himalayas prayer wheel
Ladakh Himalayas children
Ladakh Himalayas ancient markings
Ladakh Himalayas various scenery
Ladakh Himalayas Tikse Gompa
Ladakh Himalayas American woman in front of jeep
Ladakh Himalayas market in Leh, meat hanging
Ladakh Himalayas street scene, cow wandering
Ladakh Himalayas ornate door handle in Gompas
Ladakh Himalayas prayer flags in Himalayas, various shots

SOUTH AFRICA Zulu man in native attire, holding Starbucks coffee cup
Zimbabwe Victoria Falls
Zimbabwe Victoria Falls, shows rainbow
Zimbabwe Blond American Woman with 2 people, appear to be photographers or report
Zimbabwe little girl, showing extreme poverty
Namibia termite mound
Namibia Okanvango Delta, watering hole for wildlife
Namibia Bushmen Woman
Namibia man on top of vehicle, photographing
Namibia Bushmen Tribe people
Namibia enormous sand dune, or sand "mountain"
Namibia hooved mammal
Namibia several zebra at watering hole
Namibia single zebra
Namibia zebra head close range
Namibia 2 giraffes
Namibia single giraffe
Namibia, Etosha National Park elephant with young, at watering hole
Namibia, Etosha National Park single elephant
Namibia, Etosha National Park several elephants
Namibia Leopard (Panthera pardus)
Namibia male lion (Panthera leo)
Namibia male & female lions
Namibia head shot of male lion
Namibia close-up of female lioness
Namibia male lion roaring
Namibia cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) - close range
Namibia dead tree at sunset
Namibia Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)
Namibia Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)
Okonjimia Farm 2 men, perhaps American, one with rifle
Zambia 2 men on a motorized glider, in the air
Zambia same image, men close-up
Zambia sunset
Zambia gazelle
Africa red & yellow windmill appears to be in middle of nowhere
Africa herd of gazelles
Africa 2 gazelle, butting heads
Botswana Chobe River
Botswana dead tree, clouds in sky
Botswana gazelles at river
Botswana lizard (good camouflage) on decaying tree
Botswana dead tree with huge water type bird perched
Botswana yellowbilled African hornbill, up a tree, with perhaps a nest
Botswana redbilled African hornbill, on a branch
Botswana anteater
RWANDA Mountain Gorilla, (Gorilla berengei berengei) adult, close-up
RWANDA Mountain Gorilla, toddler, close-up
RWANDA Mountain Gorilla, Silver-back male
RWANDA Mount Sabinyo, "Father of the Teeth"
RWANDA Jungle Destruction
RWANDA Farmland, Farming
RWANDA Volcanoes National Park
RWANDA woman in native dress
RWANDA another woman in native dress
RWANDA woman & child POVERTY
RWANDA group of people POVERTY
RWANDA Brick making
RWANDA City of Kigali, supermarket storefront
RWANDA child/poverty
RWANDA group of people at Watering Hole, Water is the Source of Life
RWANDA American blonde woman with Pygmies
RWANDA people at computers on the Internet
RWANDA group of people walking along a trail, tracking Mountain Gorilla
AFRICA, GENERAL Blond American Woman in front of Range Rover type vehicle dressed in saf
AFRICA, GENERAL Blond American Woman and American Man, in front of small plane, dressed
AFRICA, GENERAL African trypanesomiasis, African Sleeping Sickness Disease, Man holding
AFRICA, GENERAL rhinoceros (at watering hole)
AFRICA, GENERAL small monkey in trash can, foraging
AFRICA, GENERAL same little monkey, closer-up, going through a trash bag
AFRICA, GENERAL African Fish Eagle
AFRICA, GENERAL Bee eater birds, (parrots) perched near their nesting area
AFRICA, GENERAL bird, kingfisher type
AFRICA, GENERAL vultures, perched up in a tree
AFRICA, GENERAL hippopotamuses at a watering hole, one shown with egret on back, SYMBIOS
AFRICA, GENERAL general scenics, one showing poverty, ie., thatched roof hut
AFRICA, GENERAL African children
AFRICA, GENERAL a few flowers, trees & plants from arid regions
AFRICA, GENERAL young African boy
AFRICA, GENERAL African dancers

Kali Market, Southwest China appears to be a very young or very old, sickly dog in a basket, dog to b
Kali Market, Southwest China man carrying huge bundle of greens perhaps to plant
Kali Market, Southwest China 2 young boys playing a table game, similar to American billiards
Southwest China 2 little Chinese girls blowing bubbles
Southwest China well manicured farming, terraced, High Altitude Farming
Southwest China shows also yellow flowers which are called Rapeseed, used for oil for ev
Southwest China house in a rural setting, plants and setting are well manicured
Southwest China Gejia Ethnic Group, young woman in native costume
Southwest China, Tribe of Hill Women and girls wearing several generations of their ancestors hair
China, Langde Village, Longskirlittle girl in festive native costume, elaborate ornamental headgear
China, Langde Village, Longskirsame little girl in every day clothes holding a puppy
China, Langde Village, Longskiradult young women dressed in same elaborate ornamental costume
CHINA, Hong Kong,Victoria Harboharbor view, with a large boat, perhaps a house boat or a tourist boat
CHINA, Hong Kong, Lanta Island aerial of the area
CHINA, Hong Kong, Lanta Island elaborate palace like building, with red flags
CHINA, Hong Kong, Lanta Island close-up of statues with red flags

JAPAN, Kyoto Maiko (Apprentice Geisha), shown several views
JAPAN, Kyoto Geisha at crosswalk (they are rarely seen in public in their "dress")
JAPAN, Kyoto Japanese schoolgirls
JAPAN, Kyoto Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Temple), shown several views
JAPAN, Kyoto Japanese lantern

THAILAND, Bangkok, Grand Palaceelaborate ornate buildings
THAILAND, Bangkok, Grand Palaceelaborate ornate statues, figures
THAILAND, Bangkok, Grand PalaceYoung Thai women, clowning around
THAILAND, Bangkok Monks
THAILAND, Bangkok Dancing girls
THAILAND, Chiang Mai rice fields

THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundman atop Elephant pulling log
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant RoundThai police officer atop Elephant
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant RoundElephant walking over several people lying on ground
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundclosing battle, men atop Elephants - several spears
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant RoundElephants racing, picking up bottles
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundsoccer game on Elephant back
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundharpooning the Elephant
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundtug of war, men vs. Elephant
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundparade of Elephants, use of cruel hook for control, Elephants are chaine
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Roundopening ceremony for the Elephant Roundup, shown Thai dignitaries, peopl
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schooentrance to the school, with signs
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schoobathing a young elephant
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schooelephants carrying a log in trunk
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schooelephant felling tree in jungle
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schooelephants, even very young (baby) dragging logs
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schooelephants with several heavy chains around their necks
THAILAND, Surin, Elephant Schootourists feed and watch the training, also being allowed to sit on backs

THAILAND General / Surin Thai food, Thai people sitting on ground, at a Festival, eating pigs hea
THAILAND General / Surin woman selling Thai food, such as bowl of boiled eggs
THAILAND General / Surin Thai dancers, with some type of ship in background
THAILAND General / Surin Thai girls are beautiful and graceful and taught to dance when very youn
THAILAND General / Surin woman eating a favorite delicacy called Nang Led, dried rice with sweet
THAILAND General / Surin General street scenes and people
THAILAND General / Surin Outdoor fair - market
THAILAND General / Surin woman selling sun dried cuttlefish & squid
THAILAND General / Surin Men on Pedicabs, bicycle powered Rickshaws
THAILAND General / Surin Pepsi ads
THAILAND General / Surin Thatched hut
THAILAND General / Surin children
THAILAND General / Surin woman and baby
THAILAND General / Surin Prayer houses on pedestals for sale (look like birdhouses), these are sm
THAILAND General / Surin Women at Fair with pots - boiling silkworms to extract silk
THAILAND General Palace like building with elaborate gold roof
THAILAND General Emerald Buddha
THAILAND General elephant statues
THAILAND General urn type planter with low growing plant, perhaps bonsai
THAILAND General other various statuary
THAILAND General Thai fisherwoman
THAILAND General young Thai monks
THAILAND General reclining Buddha statue
THAILAND General Sugar factory
THAILAND General salt fields
THAILAND General Thai couple with Spot-billed Pelican, Pelecanus philippensis, (also call
THAILAND General Bangkok tut-tut, open air cart attached to motorcycle
THAILAND General rice fields, people working in them
THAILAND General Water Buffalo in rice fields
THAILAND General, Chiang Mai Formal Thai dinner, Chiang Mai, with entertainment, sword jugglers, danc
THAILAND General, Chiang Mai street scenes, men working on street repairs
THAILAND General, Chiang Mai bicycle rickshaws
THAILAND General, Chiang Mai wood carvers making ornate furniture, chests, elephant carvings
THAILAND General, Chiang Mai Main Wat Buddhist Monestery exterior and interior
THAILAND General, Chiang Mai Buddhist Monestery off Main Street
THAILAND General Interior of Silk Store, bolts of silk fabric on display
THAILAND General roadside stands with pineapples and other fruits for sale
THAILAND General display of several spirit houses
THAILAND General children bathing in public bath house
THAILAND General oxen pulling cart of straw
THAILAND General ancient City with spirals
THAILAND General Coconut Palms with fruit, used to make sugar
THAILAND General ornate carvings
THAILAND General a garden wall with unusual carved faces/masks
THAILAND General Gold carved altar in a temple
THAILAND General monks
THAILAND LAMPANG Temple, exterior and interior, with ornate carvings, such as a dragon
THAILAND LAMPANG monks walking around
THAILAND General - Damneon SaduKlongs, various images
THAILAND General - Damneon Sadulong boats mostly manned by women, selling all kinds of fruit, vegetable
THAILAND General - Damneon Sadusome of these boats appear to ferry people
THAILAND General - Damneon SaduThai woman and toddler

THAILAND stone face and various stone carvings
THAILAND incense
THAILAND water buffalo
THAILAND weird fruit
THAILAND ripples in water
THAILAND thatched roof huts on stilts
THAILAND Young Thais on punk (teenagers)
THAILAND beach scenes
THAILAND long tail boat
THAILAND woman and toddler

Catapuda Seamstresses show tourists styles into which fabrics could be made
Catapuda yardgoods flying in breeze or hanging on ropes

Appleton Rum Factory, largest amolasses storage vats
Appleton Rum Factory, largest amule grinding sugar
Appleton Rum Factory, largest aAppleton Express runs from Montego Bay to Appleton Rum Factory
Appleton Rum Factory, largest awaiters serve free drinks to passengers aboard the Express

Maria, Jamaica Rebuilt cottage at Firefly has original walls, Henry Morgan's lookout po

Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica tourist attraction, tourists climb Ocho Rios which is tricky and fun

Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fsigns at Port Maria pointing to it
Sir Noel Coward's home, named FNationally famous artist Franklin McMahon sketches at Firefly
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fpicture in living room of his home resembles Gaughin
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fhis housekeeper, Imogene Alverine Fraser
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fexterior images of his dream home
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fa long open window looks out toward Caribbean
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fmusic room where Coward composed on the grand piano
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fhis closet, showing his shirts which are kept clean and pressed
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fbedroom, hand carved Jamaican bed, his prized possession
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fbedroom, his glasses, carage, and books at bedside
Sir Noel Coward's home, named FCoward's grave where he had his first drink at 6:00 PM, overlooking Cari
Sir Noel Coward's home, named Fmarker at gravesite
Sir Noel Coward's home, named FBuzzards roost on his grave

Port Antonio Jamaican woman named Verna Halloway
Port Antonio various street scenes
Port Antonio Trident Castle, beautiful architecture

Shaw Park Botanical Gardens falls overlook Bay of Ocho Rios
Shaw Park Botanical Gardens some carvings, appear to be carved in a tree
Somerset Falls Dan River, in PoRed Ginger Plant
Ipswich Caves people walking toward cave

MONTEGO BAY view of Bay from stop on Appleton Express train
scenics of the Atlantic Ocean
gravel beach shown also, rusted canoe
tourist hut shown also, Coconut Palm and climbing palm
makeshift tent or shack with items for sale for tourist trade, cement figurines, tee-shirts, knick knac
bridge at a resort
Jamaican people
Jamaican woman with her baby girl, about a year old
baby girl close-up
same woman and child, also with little boy and father
Jim Fleming home, now private
Jamaican, perhaps a weaver, with baskets for sale

another make-shift tourist shop for bargains, Ocho Rios
restored Victorian Mansion, selbeautiful architecture
Plantation Inn Hotel, Dominica offers old world ambiance and upscale service (Caribbean Hotel)
view of Ocho Rios from Shaw Park Gardens
cloud buildup Caribbean Sea shown also, storm clouds
Church at Falmouth
Carinosa Gardens, wood ducks
various table decorations
various scenes of a beach, sailboats, Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean
fancy hotel
carvings for sale
beach lounge
banana rafts, carry tourists across river, idea came from Errol Flynn
Rafting the Rio Grande


PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND (local readying boat to meet cruise ship
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND tourists buying hand carved wooden idols
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND locals sell handmade items to tourists
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND native people, mother and infant
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND native people, father and baby daughter
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND thatched roof hut
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND native people dancing
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND several general scenes of the "locals"
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND young women in their native dress
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND tourist feeding bird (a small parrot)
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND small boy, "Moon Child", held sacred by Cuna Indians, with pet monkey, b
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Cuna Indian woman tying traditional anklet
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Cuna mother and baby
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Island with grass huts
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Cuna Indians preparing evening meal
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Hotel San Blas, a thatched roof hut
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND San Blas Indian playing anciet flute for dancers
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Molas, type of tapestry similar to appliques, on display for sale to to
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Cuna Indians with boat
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND colorful Cuna Indian woman smoking pipe offers Mola for sale
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND Cuna Indian children are much loved
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND women wear heavy handmade gold jewelry
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND tourists lounging in hammocks
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND crude wooden god marks door
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND main street of Cuna Village
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND small airplane ready for takeoff
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND aerial view of some of islands
PANAMA, SAN BLAS ISLAND American tourists

PANAMA CANAL Panama Canal Admin. Bldg. (background)
PANAMA CANAL Miraflores Lock & Visitors Center
PANAMA CANAL Ships waiting to enter Panama Canal, Pacific Ocean
PANAMA CANAL entering Panama Canal from Atlantic Ocean, Gatun Locks
PANAMA CANAL Chagres River, Gatun Lake
PANAMA CANAL ore boat entering Locks
PANAMA CANAL welder repairing gates
PANAMA CANAL Pedro Miguel Locks

MEXICO, ACAPULCO (divers) people diving from cliffs
MEXICO, ACAPULCO Tourists at Princess Hotel
MEXICO, ACAPULCO waterfalls at Princess Hotel
MEXICO, ACAPULCO rows and rows of luggage at Princess
MEXICO, ACAPULCO general scenics
MEXICO, SAN MIGUEL Pedro Vargas home
MEXICO, SAN MIGUEL street scenes, shown also, donkeys
MEXICO, SAN MIGUEL Parochial Church, Central Plaza
MEXICO, SAN MIGUEL town historian

MEXICO Church of La Valencia
MEXICO University of Guanajuato
MEXICO Chavez Moralo, painter and muralist
MEXICO Pocitos St.where Rivera was born
MEXICO Dolores Hidalgo Village Church, CRADLE of National Independence
MEXICO Village church bell summoned villagers for revolution, Sept. 15, 1810
MEXICO statue of Hidalgo
MEXICO town square
MEXICO church and town square Spanish influence architecture
MEXICO day of death decorations
MEXICO mayor of Hidalgo
MEXICO Hidalgo museum

MEXICO, Guanajuato Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, International Institution of H
MEXICO, Guanajuato Basilica and University, Basilica Colegiato de Ntra Sra de Guanajuato, 1
MEXICO, Guanajuato statue of man, el Pepelos Monument "The Turtle"
MEXICO, Guanajuato entrance to Valencia Silver Mine, with unusual tower or scaffolding
MEXICO, Guanajuato Church of La Valencia
MEXICO woman crafting- metal working, hobby
MEXICO view of church from Instituto Allende
MEXICO man cleaning street or courtyard
MEXICO courtyard with fountain
MEXICO locals arranging marigold flowers for altar, marigolds are flowers of de
MEXICO local artisan
MEXICO central plaza
MEXICO street scenes
MEXICO woman vendor
MEXICO shops at the Pantheon
MEXICO Mummies at the Pantheon
MEXICO, Mexico City after village unearthed in heart of Mexico City
MEXICO, Mexico City in front of Cathredal, largest in Mexico
MEXICO, Mexico City Diego Rivera Mural in National Palace of Mexico City
MEXICO, Mexico City mural showing the Tarascan Civilization
MEXICO, Mexico City mural showing the Great Tenochtitlan
MEXICO, Juarez American woman at outdoor market
MEXICO, Juarez American woman speaking to perhaps a policeman or guard
MEXICO, Juarez inside Mexican glass blowing factory
MEXICO, Juarez finished blown glass pieces
MEXICO, Juarez men using torches
MEXICO, Juarez indoor market
MEXICO, Juarez outside of US Post Office in Shafter TX, probably just across the border
MEXICO, Juarez interior of a shop or store
MEXICO, Juarez exterior of a church
MEXICO, Queretaro bullfighting
MEXICO, Queretaro STATUE, a la heroine of insurrection against Spain. Wife of corregidor (magistrate) W
MEXICO, Queretaro 200+ year old Spanish aquaduct
MEXICO, Queretaro Church of San Francisco -1540
MEXICO, Queretaro Plaza Obregon
MEXICO, Queretaro street vendor, making tortillas
MEXICO Day of the Dead, El Dia de los Muertos, Mid Oct. to first week of Nov.
MEXICO Town Plaza with various decorations for the Day of the Dead Celebration
MEXICO, Zirahuen, Michoacan Lago Zirahuen, Docks and Restaurants where locals and tourists eat
MEXICO, Zirahuen, Michoacan home decorated with marigolds
MEXICO, Zirahuen, Michoacan cedar trees growing from ceramic roof tiles
MEXICO, Guadalajara, Jalisco Panteon, cemetery, women cleaning off tomb, placing fresh marigolds on e
MEXICO, Guadalajara, Jalisco Panteon, sideroad in cemetery, elaborate family mausoleum
MEXICO, Guadalajara, Jalisco close-up of elaborate mausoleum
MEXICO, Guadalajara, Jalisco horsedrawn wagon outside of Panteon
MEXICO, Guadalajara, Jalisco tombs in Panteon cemetery, bright flowers for decoration
MEXICO, Guadalajara, Jalisco Plaza shopping mall, with pets for sale in cages, people admiring them

Activities aboard Royal PrincesChristmas 1991, Panama Canal, Caribbean Cruise
Islands of the Caribbean Sea sailboat dwarfed by cruise ship
Caribbean cruise ship in port
Caribbean Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship in port
Caribbean tender going ashore with cruise passengers

St. Maarten scenes in Marigot Port la Royale
St. Maarten tourist market
St. Maarten Ft. St. Louis

Curacao early morning harbor
Curacao Schottegat Harbor, finest in West Indies
Curacao Willemstad on Dutch Island of Curacao
Curacao Willemstad looks like Netherlands
Curacao Curacao Bay, site of Ft. Beekerberg Willemstad

Martinique coastline St. Pierre
Martinique Mt. Pelee erupted in 1902
Martinique Fort de France
Martinique Queen Elizabeth II

St. Thomas Virgin Islands Snorkling, Coki Beach
St. Thomas Virgin Islands Tee shirt stand Magens Bay
St. Thomas Virgin Islands various scenes of Coki Beach
St. Thomas Virgin Islands flamingo at Coral World

Kauai Northeast side of Kalalau Valley, largest erosional, Valley of Napalicoa
Kauai Itanapepe Valley, weathered, eroded basalt
Kauai Waimea Canyon Basalt, Waimea River cut into lavas
Kauai Waimea Canyon, 2,857 deep gorge resembles Grand Canyon
Kauai Waimea Canyon, Oldest Hawaiian Island, Pacific Basin, weathered eroded b
Kauai called Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Caverns 10 miles long, 2,600
Kauai wooden "Parks" sign that says Waimea Canyon Lookout
Kauai roadside flowers
Kauai Beach where South Pacific (movie) was filmed, also some of Gilligan's Is
Kauai Hanalei Bay
Kauai Papaya grove
Kauai ripe yellow papayas
Kauai green papayas on tree
Kauai Alberton Gardens
Kauai high school girls perform traditional Hawaiian dances
Kauai Hanalei (Hanalai) Beach larger format
Kauai Kaulu Bay larger format
Kauai Hawaiian Reef larger format
Kauai Kalalau Valley larger format
Kauai Pu'uhonua, City of Refuge larger format
Kauai aerials of Northeast Shore larger format
Kauai Lava Chapel Building larger format
Kauai NaPali Coast larger format
Kauai Hamalai Beach larger format
Kauai reef larger format
Kauai Lamahi Beach larger format
Kauai Haena Beach larger format

Maui Olowalu Petroglyphs, Columnar jointed Basalt, typical Hawaiian sketching
Maui young people with papaya
Maui Lahaina, former whaling village
Maui shown also, Whaling Museum
Maui Whalers Market, Front Street
Maui 1850 Sperm Whale Tooth with carvings, called Scrimshaw
Maui Iao Needle, just west is one of the wettest spots on earth, 400+ inches
Maui Natural Rock Pinnacle 1200 ft. above valley floor, erosional feature vol
Maui Kaahumanu Church, Wailuku
Maui St. Anthony's Church, Wailuku, Catholic Church burned down in 1979, is b
Maui Baldwin House in Lahaina town
Maui raised bed, grave with headstone
Maui another headstone, blind preacher of Maui
Maui statue of St. Anthony, holding a child
Maui Lahaina, sightseeing vessel
Maui charter boat
Maui beach scene
Maui tourists
Maui Hotel, Royal Lahaina (Lahaina Kai Tower)
Maui tour bus, shuttle
Maui Lahaina Village, carver, burning scenes into wood, ART
Maui another shuttle, tour bus
Maui Sugar Train, replica of turn of the century Locomotive
Maui LaHairna Harbor larger format
Maui Pioneer Inn (hotel) larger format

Kailu-Kona Town various scenics
Kailu-Kona Town Mokuaikaua, oldest church on Islands, first Christian Church, shown also
Kailu-Kona Town various scenes of above church, exterior, shows steeple, old plaque
Kailu-Kona Town walls of above church are mortared with coral

Kamehameha Hotel, Kona cooking of the pig for luau
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona Ahuena Heiau, restored, last resident of King Kamehameha
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona mural depicting Kamehameha party
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona Hawaiin children toddler age
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona beach scene
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona natives taking out canoe
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona spring festival, Kona Coast
Kamehameha Hotel, Kona native dancers during festival

May Day Festivities, Kona Coastfence mending demonstration
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastmaking leis
May Day Festivities, Kona CoastHawaiian woman with lei
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastnative girls with water jug
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastcarver demonstrating his skills
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastnative women with lei hats
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastnative boy climbing palm
May Day Festivities, Kona Coasttraditional dancing (hula) on waterfront
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastlei day hat parade
May Day Festivities, Kona Coast2 men playing string instruments, guitar and ukelele
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastbeautiful native flowers
May Day Festivities, Kona Coastplumeria, used in making leis
May Day Festivities, Kona CoastMay Day Royalty court
May Day Festivities, Kona CoastMay Day King and Queen

City of Refuge, National Islandwooden carving replica of Refuge God, pu'uhonua
City of Refuge, National Islandcarved boats used for tourists
City of Refuge, National Islandmore carvings of gods, menacingly face out to sea
City of Refuge, National Islandreconstructed temple of Hale-o-Keawe
City of Refuge, National IslandPark Ranger
City of Refuge, National Islandnative making poi the traditional way
City of Refuge, National IslandNoni Indian Mulberry plant

Volcano National Park Park sign, Hulihia Kilauea
Volcano National Park observation point
Volcano National Park female Park Ranger
Volcano National Park Oh'a Lehua, first tree to appear on lava flow, shown with red flower
Volcano National Park crystals of olivine form in lava sometimes of gem quality
Volcano National Park park sign reads Kilauea
Volcano National Park lava tunnel entrance
Volcano National Park people walking the Gardens
Volcano National Park Halemaumau, the firepit Goddess Pele calls home
Volcano National Park Pele's tears, occur in fountaining eruptions
Volcano National Park pink orchid
Volcano National Park various scenics
Volcano National Park photographing lava formations
Volcano National Park lava beds
Volcano National Park park sign with a saying by Mark Twain in 1866, reads "A Visit to the Vol
Volcano National Park sign says "Earthquake"
Volcano National Park highway torn up after earthquake
Volcano National Park volcano, new plant life (geology)
Volcano National Park hiking over cinders

St. Benedict's the "Painted Chuexterior of church
St. Benedict's the "Painted Chuinterior of church altar
St. Benedict's the "Painted Chuappears to be a mural in the Church
St. Benedict's the "Painted Chuunusual graveyard on Church grounds

Hawaii General tourist bus "Dada" and driver
Hawaii General people (tourists) picknicking
Hawaii General tourists sitting around making leis aboard cruise ship
Hawaii General lotuses
Hawaii General Beach at Kauai
Hawaii General tropical flowers
Hawaii General lush vegetation of a planned botanical garden
Hawaii General beach scenes
Hawaii General Hawaiian women doing the Hula Dance

waves cresting
people swimming in ocean
Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens

people making rubbings of the ancient petroglyphs
petroglyphs by themselves, stone age pictures

people fishing
someone holding a type of needlenose fish in palm of hand
Mystic Flat Rock, Pohakuokeau stone
South Point complex, memorial marker
South Point complex, also a tall post with light on top, like a beacon
jetty with rocks
Green Sand Beach, Mahana Bay, rare green sand is only kind in world
people, tourists, collecting this rare green sand
limpid shell, top and underside
sign says "Naalehu Southernmost Community in the U.S.A.
Ka'uaha'au Church, Waiohinu towseveral views of the church, exterior, and interior

sign that says Waipio Valley
tourist shuttles
scenes of the Valley
scenes along coastline
trees being swept by wind
young people with fresh papayas
Kohala Mts. in background, remote areas
horseback riding in Waipio Valley

various scenes of landscape, shown also an ancient site
people hiking
Northeast Beach
beautiful orchids
people golfing, Waikoloa Condos
Punalu'u Resort
beautiful hibiscus
woman holding pieces of scrimshaw for sale in Parker Ranch Shops
rainforest, people hiking

tourists learning Hula at Hyatt Regency
palm trees and tourists at Waikiki Beach
looking out over Honolulu from top of Hyatt Regency
High Rises Honolulu
USS Arizona Memorial
from airplane larger format

HAWAII larger format
Pearl Harbor
Waikiki Beach
Coast Scenes
Boat Harbor

ALASKA Valdez, at a boat marina larger format
ALASKA Alaska Railroad at McKinley Park larger format
ALASKA Matanuska Glacier near Anchorage larger format
ALASKA Portage Glacer larger format
ALASKA Eldridge Glacier, McKinley Park larger format
ALASKA Mt. Fortram, Mt. Grossen, Alaska Ralarger format
ALASKA Upper Muldrow Glacier larger format
ALASKA Commercial fishing fleet, Seward larger format
ALASKA Caboose on track larger format
ALASKA Marina, Seward larger format
ALASKA Alcan Highway larger format
ALASKA Road to Haines Junction, Alaska Ranlarger format
ALASKA Alaska Range larger format
ALASKA Mt. McKinley larger format
ALASKA Desadeach Lake larger format
ALASKA various scenics
ALASKA architecture in Ketchikan at a Marina
ALASKA Sitka (Southeast AK), salmon upstream
ALASKA Inside Passage - Ketchikan
ALASKA Inside Passage - Sitka
ALASKA Inside Passage - Skagway
ALASKA Mendenhall Glacier
ALASKA Portage Glacier
ALASKA Alaska Pipeline, various views

Taxco Hotel in Mexico
Copthorne Hotel and lawn view
Helmingham Hall, England, various
Anglesey Abbey, England or Scotland
Town Hall Shire - Woodbridge England
House and Towers in England
House with Tile Roof, Woodbridge
Retirement Home in Woodbridge
House Labornum, Woodbridge
House, Dowcra's Manor, Cambridge
House-Nyman's Ruins, England or Scotland
House- Ardtornish
House- Iona Abbey
House-Hope Town
House - Shanghai
House-view, Baveno Italy
House-Island Baveno Italy
House, Woodbridge
House with Wisteria, Olivers

Ellis Island, New York City images inside museum, showing unique architecture, many of early immigra
Ellis Island, New York City images outside museum, showing unique architecture, also showing tourist
Ellis Island, New York City red & white tulips
Ellis Island, New York City large ferryboat, with tourists aboard
Ellis Island, New York City New York skyline from the boat
New York City World Trade Center, twin towers on skyline, pre Sept. 11, 2001
New York City Twin Towers
Niagara Falls, several
Montaulk Point, Long Island
Mohonk Gunks a.k.a. Shawangunk Ridge/mountains, near New Paltz NY
Lake George, people playing on a tightrope bridge

Housatonica River in Kent, CT looking down from Bull's Bridge

Walden Pond, cormorants on pond, late summer
Boston, aerial before landing in Boston- Goat Island, first estuary south of Boston

Midwest Farm Country, Iowa
Bales of hay, cornfield, Iowa
Bumper ears of corn in field, Iowa, Winterset
John Wayne's Birthplace, Winterset, Iowa

Mississippi River from Pike's Peak State Park, McGregor, IOWA
Mississippi River from Pike's Pshown also river barges, various scenics in October, FALL colors
Mississippi River from Pike's Pshown also swamp

IOWA, McGregor rural fall scenes
IOWA, McGregor farmers road side stand selling fall produce such as pumpkins, Indian co
IOWA, McGregor Fish House along Mississippi River
IOWA, McGregor Pike's Peak State Park
IOWA, McGregor houseboating on Mississippi River
IOWA, McGregor Mississippi River Bluffs
IOWA, McGregor flag
IOWA, McGregor Historic homes
IOWA, McGregor Christina Winery
IOWA, McGregor Antique Shops
IOWA, McGregor Outdoor farmers market craft sale
IOWA, McGregor exterior of beautiful Victorian home in October, with fall foliage in ba
IOWA, McGregor various scenes of the town, described as a Mississippi River town
IOWA, McGregor some type of outdoor sidewalk sale in the downtown area
IOWA, Stone City on the Wapsipinicon River, famous artist Grant Wood once held his famous
IOWA, Stone City old limestone schoolhouse, now Community Center
IOWA, Stone City limestone quarries
IOWA, Stone City old limestone quarry and blacksmith shop
IOWA, Stone City old limestone water tower
IOWA, Stone City 1889 3 story limestone barn with flying buttresses. Believed to be among
IOWA, Stone City replica of Gothic house -holds copies of ice wagons used to house Grant
IOWA, Stone City St. Joseph's Church, made of limestone, appears in Grant Woods Stone Cit

DAVENPORT Memorial to Tex Beneke, famous Jazz musician
DAVENPORT Paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River
DAVENPORT some type of boat in Locks, Mississippi River Arsenal Island
BELLEVUE one of the pretty river towns
CLINTON Docked Showboat
Speedboat wakes - viewing Mississippi River from Effigy Mounds National Monument IOWA
houseboating Mississippi River near Marquette, IOWA

BURLINGTON sign marking Great River Road
BURLINGTON Snake Alley, crookedest street in the world
IOWA, Toolesboro mounds
ALTON Great Rivers Scenic Route
ALTON Mythical Piasa Bird on Bluffs of Mississippi River, Indians feared it.
ALTON statue of Pere Marquette
ALTON statue of Robert Wadlow, tallest man in world at 8'11", died at age 22 y
ALTON Church
ALTON quaint homes made of stone, on National Registry of Historic Places
ALTON sign says Welcome to Alton-Con Agra
ALTON Bronze statues of Stephen Douglas & Abraham Lincoln, during famous Debat
KALONAL, AMISH SETTLEMENT field of flowers, for sale
KALONAL, AMISH SETTLEMENT Big house with small house for Elders
KALONAL, AMISH SETTLEMENT Old fashioned Amish Community store
KALONAL, AMISH SETTLEMENT 2 women in Amish clothing
KALONAL, AMISH SETTLEMENT original Amish homes
DES MOINES, Capitol Building also shown, gold leaf on dome of building
DES MOINES, Capitol Building gold leaf on dome of building, close-up of dome with gold leaf
DES MOINES, Capitol Building at sunset
DES MOINES, Capitol Grounds only statue of Abe Lincoln and son Tad
DES MOINES, Capitol Grounds statues of soldiers and sailors
DES MOINES, Capitol Grounds pioneer group statue
DES MOINES, Capitol Grounds pioneer fountain
Iowa, waterfowl hunting on the one of the nation's leading flyways
FORT MADISON teenagers parading at old Fort

Walnut Creek Wildlife Refuge Black-eyed Susans in tall grass (prairie)
Walnut Creek Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center
Walnut Creek Wildlife Refuge 5,000 acres largest reconstructed tall grass prairie in world

Interfaith CHURCH of the Land, circa 1870
Living History Farms, Urbandalewoman in period dress feeding chickens, depicting 1850 farm
Living History Farms, Urbandaleman taking oxen to field, 1850 farm
Living History Farms, Urbandalewoman in period dress with pet calf, 1850 farm
Living History Farms, Urbandaletypical 1850 barn
Living History Farms, Urbandaleoxen at barn
Living History Farms, Urbandaleplowing with oxen
Living History Farms, Urbandalecarrying water in old fashioned buckets
Iowa, Living History Farms, Ur1850 farm house
Iowa, Living History Farms, UrWalnut Hill farm scene
Iowa, Living History Farms, Ur"modern children" meeting horses on a 1900 farm
Iowa, Living History Farms, UrVictorian architecture - Flynn Mansion

PELLA Dutch folk costumes on display in Heritge Hall
PELLA Miniature village, walk-thru of Holland on display in Museum
PELLA Boyhood home of Wyatt Earp, 1850, old pump
PELLA Pioneer log cabin
PELLA Home of Dominie Scholte, founder of Pella, Iowa, on National Registry of
PELLA imported wooden shoes for sale
PELLA businesses are housed in vintage buildings, reminiscent of Netherlands -
PELLA Beason Blommers Grist Mill, excellent architecture
PELLA Church of Dominie Scholte
PELLA windmills are everywhere
PELLA old world Glockenspiel features Dutch historical figurs
PELLA Glockenspiel figure of Mareah Scholte weeping over her broken Delft
PELLA Glockenspiel courtyard with imported tile pictures from the Netherlands
PELLA, Tulip Festival Old World Klokkenspel features Dutch historical figures
PELLA, Tulip Festival Young people in Dutch dress singing and dancing in street
PELLA, Tulip Festival horse and buggy rides
PELLA, Tulip Festival old Dutch custom of washing streets
PELLA, Tulip Festival wooden shoe making
PELLA, Tulip Festival youngsters in Ductch costumes
PELLA, Tulip Festival tulips fronting historical village
PELLA, Tulip Festival flower wagon, giving tulips to the crowd
PELLA, Tulip Festival Blommers Gristmill, Pella
PELLA, Tulip Festival tulip gardens
PELLA, Tulip Festival windmill
PELLA, Tulip Festival Tulip Time festival and parade, people washing the streets, an old tradi

DUBUQUE (Iowa's oldest City; onCourt House, antique,Victorian architecture, like fairyland castle
DUBUQUE vintage town clock
DUBUQUE interesting river architecture
DUBUQUE church (one of several)
DUBUQUE Burial Monument of Julien Dubuque, founder of City, overlooking Mississi
DUBUQUE 100+ year old funicular railroad, still in use
DUBUQUE view overlooking City
DUBUQUE Barge passing under Julien Dubuque Bridge, brewery in background
DUBUQUE Farmers Market at City Hall, over 150 year old Market, circa 1857 - 1858
DUBUQUE Little girl about 4 years old, helping Grandpa
DUBUQUE City Hall Building, replica of Faneuil in Boston
DUBUQUE Homemade bread being sold at Farmers Market, Market in continuous operat
DUBUQUE eggs being sold, Farmers Market
DUBUQUE Clown at Farmers Market, Country Band in background
DUBUQUE Dam on Mississippi River, View from Eagle Point Park
DUBUQUE Bridge over Mississippi River, View from Eagle Point Park

AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA Original Colonist's home
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA Marie Ruedy home, typical Amanite residence
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA sign "Kraus Old Style Colony Winery", shaped like a barrel or keg
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA austere brick home, typical of Amana Colonists
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA wood for stoking hearth ovens
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA man in front of Meat shop, holding rack of sausages for sale
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA several images of couple (named Hahn) in front of store, holding loaf of
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA old fashioned meat shop with smokehouse tower
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA old blacksmith shop
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA another early Amanite brick home, shows 2 young boys at Well Pump, pumpi
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA typical brick homes, trellises on homes are a common site on Amanite hom
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA Amana Society Bake Shop, signs are in German
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA Broom-basket shop, handmade brooms frame the Iowa prairie
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA ubiquitous trellises for grapes decorate Amana homes
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA Amanite land, rolling prairie in the Iowa River Valley
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA Colony Market Place, popular eating place, Has Rathskeller
AMANA COLONIES, MIDDLE AMANA stores at exit to Amana Colonies adjacent to Holiday Inn, sign shows Phi
ELKHORN (DANISH COMMUNITY) several images of Windmill
ELKHORN as of 1988, Denmark forbids exportation of windmills
ELKHORN Danish Immigant Museum built in traditional Danish styling which is stee
ELKHORN Danish Bakery
ELKHORN young boy, teen, making scones
ELKHORN woman shown with something called a Danish yardstick, a popular pastry
ELKHORN old train depot
ELKHORN Midwest farm country, rich farmland
ELKHORN Welcome sign at Danish windmill, (Welcome is in Danish)
ELKHORN Danish citizen (man) who bought the windmill for Elkhorn community, is a
ELKHORN Danish Inn specialing in Danish dishes
ELKHORN Main Street, Danish and American flags fly daily, side by side
ELKHORN Main Street of Elkhorn
ELKHORN exterior view of a Lutheran Church
ELKHORN images inside windmill, someone giving tours
ELKHORN inside windmill, close-up of break wheel on wind shaft
ELKHORN close-up of bust of Hans Christian Anderson (Andersen) in park
ELKHORN Danish Bakery, quaint shop, shown flying US Flag and probably Danish Fla
KIMBALLTON adjoins ELKHORN Danish Settlement
KIMBALLTON Little Mermaid fountain, replica of Denmark statue
KIMBALLTON downtown scenes
KIMBALLTON small windmill
KIMBALLTON close-up of blades of windmill, with stork nest statue, considered good
GUTTENBERG Dam on Mississippi River
WEST BRANCH store window says Marian's Oatmeal Pie
WEST BRANCH Herbert Hoover birthplace - cottage built 1871, National Historical Site
WEST BRANCH Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
WEST BRANCH Blacksmith Shop similar to Hoover's father's shop
WEST BRANCH Tom Newton demonstrating blacksmithing
WEST BRANCH school built by Quakers, 1853 at a cost of $800.00
WEST BRANCH downtown store fronts
WEST BRANCH US Flag flying over graves of Herbert Hoover and his wife (graves not sh
WEST BRANCH Iowa Prairier
WEST BRANCH marker of Iowa Prairie
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village Bake Shop, exterior
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village Restaurant, exterior
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village Gingerbread House, exterior
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village Meat Market, exterior
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village Cottage window with porcelain for sale, exterior
CEDAR RAPIDS entrance signs to quaint Czech Village
CEDAR RAPIDS Butcher in old fashioned meat market
CEDAR RAPIDS mythical two-tailed lion statues
CEDAR RAPIDS exterior of Kosek Bandstand
CEDAR RAPIDS Czech Village Museums
CEDAR RAPIDS Tower Clock in Czech Village
CEDAR RAPIDS largest collection of Czech & Slovak costumes ouside of Prague in Czech
CEDAR RAPIDS man standing next to mural of a man
KEOSAUQUA Hotel Manning & Dining Room, one of the finest examples of Steamboat Got
BOONE wooden scene in Des Moines River Valley
BOONE steam train
BOONE Mamie Doud Eisenhower birthplace
BOONE Iowa Arboretum, library of living plants
MOINGONA Kate Shelley Memorial High Bridge, longest and highest double track in w
MOINGONA Kate Shelley Memorial Park
MOINGONA Kate Shelley Museum
PERRY Hotel Pattee, photo of owner, Roberta Green Ahmanson
PERRY Hotel Pattee, whimsical painting on head board in Hotel
PERRY Hotel Pattee, exterior and interior
ST. DONATUS St. Donatus Catholic Church marks French Settlement on Mississippi River
ST. DONATUS Cemetery with Statuary
RAGBRAI, REGISTER'S ANNUAL GREAsome 20,000 or more people from all over nation and world come together
RAGBRAI people eating watermelon while resting from ride
RAGBRAI people eating corn on cob
RAGBRAI cooking large quantities of chicken outdoors
RAGBRAI campsites
RAGBRAI cornfields in background
RAGBRAI rows of duffle bags and sleeping bags, various gear
RAGBRAI fixing flat tire
RAGBRAI Lewellwyn Museum in Salem IA had underground railway for slaves
RAGBRAI Magee Electric Railway in Mt. Pleasant IA

KANSAS Abbyville Farmers Co-op Grain Co., in Atchison - various images of grain

SCOTTS BLUFF NAT'L MONUMENT various scenes of Conestoga Covered Wagons, reenacting the Oregon Trail
SCOTTS BLUFF NAT'L MONUMENT Chimney Rock on the Oregon Trail
SCOTTS BLUFF NAT'L MONUMENT various encampment scenes
SCOTTS BLUFF NAT'L MONUMENT Bluffs composed of clay, stone, & siltstone
BAYARD Covered Wagon Train
NORTH PLATTE Ted Long, famous Western artist at his ranch
CHADRON Museum of Fur Trade, shown also, American Flag, Roof Garden, grass growi
Images of Elk, Deer, Longhorn Clarge format and slides

OREGON TRAIL (ROUTE) Ash Hollow State Park, various scenes
OREGON TRAIL (ROUTE) tunnel to Summit
OREGON TRAIL (ROUTE) lots of rugged terrain
OREGON TRAIL (ROUTE) Oregon Trail Dioramas in the Visitors Center
OREGON TRAIL (ROUTE) horizontal Concretions
OREGON TRAIL (ROUTE) actual ruts the Emigrants used enroute the Oregon Trail
SANDHILLS Agate Fossil Beds National Monument
SANDHILLS Western Nebraska, Geology all larger format
NEBRASKA, Train Depots of YesteUnion Station in Omaha, restored, statue of a Redcap
NEBRASKA, Train Depots of Yestestatue of woman buying ticket at window
NEBRASKA, Train Depots of Yestelogo of Union Pacific
NEBRASKA, Train Depots of Yeste1930's sculptures of mother and daughter in restored train depot
NEBRASKA, Train Depots of Yestetalking statues represent 1930's passengers

Mississippi Palisades State Parappears to be in the fall

Village of Tightwad, Lake of thSpeed Zone Sign and sign that says Tightwad", along highway that carries
Village of Tightwad, Lake of thOld grocery store, interior and exterior, with the owner, an elderly lad
Village of Tightwad, Lake of thvery old rickety outhouse
Village of Tightwad, Lake of thvery old rickety storefront, abandoned

Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, shown in February, snow
Science Museum of Minnesota in girl on floor looking at aerial map of area
Science Museum of Minnesota in Dinosaurs
Science Museum of Minnesota in cross-section man
Science Museum of Minnesota in heart
Science Museum of Minnesota in shell collections
Science Museum of Minnesota in mummy
Science Museum of Minnesota in quartz (geology)
St. Paul Mississippi River Lock and Dam No. 1, Ambursen Dam Concrete
St. Paul Indian burial mounds, Mounds Park, winter
St. Paul view of downtown St. Paul from Mounds Park
St. Paul hydroelectric generating plant to operate locks- Ford Motor Company Plan
St. Paul Cemetery in winter, Fort Snelling, shown also with Christmas Wreaths
St. Paul Mark Twain's house with Conservatory
St. Paul Downtown Minneapolis - seen from highest point in St Paul (Watertower)
St. Paul Highland Watertower, built in 1928
Grand Portage Grand Portage National Monument Stockade
MINNESOTA National Wildlife Refbeaver lodge
MINNESOTA National Wildlife Reftrees gnawed by beaver
MINNESOTA National Wildlife RefCottonwood tree with icicle, beaver damage
MINNESOTA National Wildlife Refoverflow of Artesian Well
Downy Woodpecker on tree in winter
Nursery stock -winterized in mulch
barn & weather vane in winter
loading blocks of ice for 2004 Ice Palace onto conveyor belt
Boulder in floodplain, Minnesota River Valley, winter
Deer rub on tree, winter
unusual cattails, multiple spikes
pond in marsh created when beaver built a mud berm
berm made by beaver to contain water in a marsh
Native American artifacts (arrowheads) found near Austin
geese on ice in front of Riverboat Inn
2004 St. Paul Winter Carnival various scenes: ice carvings, ice palace, American Flag on Ice Palace T
snowplow that has "I Like Snow" written on blade
snow laden bows of Evergreen trees
steep northern roof pitch to shed snow
ice fishing houses, Mississippi River, Red Wing
houseboat, Mississippi River
Barnes Bluff & grain loading facility on Mississippi River
Frozen Lake Pepin on Mississippi River
fertile frond of Sensitive Fern poking out of snow
River Bullrush in winter
car buried in snow, after being plowed under
chemical silos ar RR loading area in winter
wasp/hornet nest in winter
loading chemicals into RR cars in winter
viewing platform, frozen wetlands in winter
Prairie flowers in winter

Carex wetlands in winter, Mississippi & Chippewa Rivers
fox tracks on backwater channel of Chippewa River in winter
wild rye in winter, floodplain forest, Chippewa & Mississippi Rivers

Medora exhibits in Chateau de Mores
Medora horseback riders and horse & buggy rides
Medora wild horses
Medora Marquis de Mores statue
Medora St. Mary's Church
Medora driving cattle
Medora restored Rough Riders Hotel
Medora Theodore Roosevelts Maltese Cross Cabin
Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt Nvarious rugged scenery
Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt NForest Ranger and wildflowers
Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt NLittle Missouri River
Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt NBadlands surround Medora and most are a part of Theodore Roosevelt Natio
Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt Nmonument at entrance to Park showing Roosevelt as a "Rough Rider"
North Dakota, 7th Calvary EncamFort Abraham Lincoln State Park
North Dakota, 7th Calvary Encamreplicates Custers stay at Fort Lincoln
North Dakota, 7th Calvary EncamFort from which Gen. George Custer left for the Battle of Little Big Hor
North Dakota, 7th Calvary Encamencampment of General George Custer and his unit
North Dakota, 7th Calvary Encammen & women dressed in period clothing, men in Calvary uniforms, shown a
North Dakota, 7th Calvary Encameating around a camp

Black Hills Black Hills of SD are not hills at all but an eroded ancient mountain ch
Black Hills horseback riders
Black Hills Sylvan Lake
Black Hills Harney Peak, highest in Black Hillslarge format
Black Hills, Iron Mt. Road shown tunnels that frame Mount Rushmore
Black Hills, Iron Mt. Road Pigtail Bridge
Black Hills, Iron Mt. Road panhandling burros, stop cars, people feeding them
Black Hills, Iron Mt. Road various images of Stone Monument of the Presidents Faces
Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore Natiocalled Shrine of Democracy, it is near Keystone SD
Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore NatioRanger with a visitor in front of Memorial
Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore NatioHard white granite of Mount Rushmore among oldest rock in world. Erosion
Black Hills, Needles Scenic Higvarious scenics
Black Hills, Gobbler's Knob
WOUNDED KNEE, PINE RIDGE RESERVfamous massacre of hundred of Indians by US soldiers
WOUNDED KNEE, PINE RIDGE RESERVstone marker, marking mass grave
WOUNDED KNEE, PINE RIDGE RESERVsmall church, country type chapel
Custer State Park buffalo roam Park, Ranger feeding them
Custer State Park Cathedral Spires on Needles Highwaylarge format
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK some large format
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK various weird formations
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK strangest cemetery in world is Fossil Trail
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK more scenics, some with people
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK lots of general scenery, strange rock formations
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK "windows" - rock formations
BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK Cliff above Sholley Amphitheater
Windcave National Monument prairie dog images
Windcave National Monument sign that says Alcalde Prairie Dog Refuge
Windcave National Monument sign that says Prairie Dog Town
Windcave National Monument prairie dogs by themselves slides, large format, pictures, color
Windcave National Monument people feeding prairie dogs
Rockford SD, tiny town of approx. 25, deep in the Black Hills, in 1981 it looked like something out of
Deadwood SD Broken Boot Gold Mine, closed in 1904, now open for tours
Deadwood SD the way it used to look
Deadwood SD site of capture of Jack McCall who shot Wild Bill Hickok in back
BLACK HILLS CON'T Mica schist, mineral found in the Black Hills
BLACK HILLS CON'T Recreational Gold panning, popular in Black Hills streams
BLACK HILLS CON'T Unusual looking "cow", perhaps a cow crossed with a longhorn
RAPID CITY Reptile Gardens
RAPID CITY Dinosaur Park
Joe Foss, decorated World War IVINTAGE
CUSTER Korzak Ziolkowski, Carver of Crazy Horse Monument (Notable Person) died
CUSTER he is dead but his family is carrying on his work
CUSTER various images of him with his sons
CUSTER various images of him with his construction equipment, backhoe, etc.
CUSTER sculpture of Chief Crazy Horse
CUSTER model of Chief Crazy Horse which is being carved into mountain
CUSTER bust of Paderewski by Ziolkowski
Jan & Herb Conn - Spelunkers, images are large format
MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAcarved faces of 4 US Presidents, casome images are large format
Black Elk, full blooded Sioux Indian large format

COLORADO Dillon Reservoir
COLORADO Shrine Pass near Vail Large Format
COLORADO Vail Large Format
COLORADO, ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONLupins, mountains of Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park, Outside of RMNP
COLORADO, ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONGarden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Climber Abe Ferraro of Albany NY
COLORADO, ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONunknown climbers in Garden of the Gods

MONTANA Lake St. Mary, Glacier Nat'l Park large format
MONTANA Glacier National Park An arête (Frelarge format

WYOMING all larger format except one slide in Teton National Park
WYOMING Oxbowbend Snake River, Grand Teton large format
WYOMING Teton Range
WYOMING Jackson Lake, Teton N.P.
WYOMING Coolter Bay, Teton National Park
WYOMING Jenny Lake, Teton National Park
WYOMING Oxbow Bend in Teton National Park
WYOMING arch made of hundreds of antlers large format
WYOMING Archie Boyd Teater, Painter of the large format
WYOMING several larger format
WYOMING Tetons, Jenny Lake
WYOMING conifers
WYOMING Tetons, Snake River
WYOMING Cottonwood Trees and Blue Spruces
WYOMING, Jackson Hole hiking
WYOMING, Jackson Hole float trip on Snake River
WYOMING, Jackson Hole horseback riding
WYOMING, Jackson Hole cook-out, campfire
WYOMING, Jackson Hole horse drawn Stage Coach
WYOMING Yellowstone National Park, fire damage
WYOMING Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo
WYOMING Cirque of the Towers, Wind River Range, Pingoro Peak
WYOMING rapelling from Grand Teton
WYOMING climber eating pizza

STATUES Albert, world's largest Hereford Bull, in Audubon, Iowa, built as tribut

TUNISIA several LARGE format

LUXOR, Karnak Temple various scenes
LUXOR, Circa 1979 & 1983 Camels, camel market, various scenes, camels, close-up
Luxor, Circa 1984 market, things for sale
Luxor, Circa 1984 young boy and donkey
Luxor, Circa 1984 horse and buggy
Luxor, Circa 1984 tourist getting shoe shine
Luxor, Circa 1984 several harbor scenes, boats, sailboats
Luxor, Circa 1979 various scenes
LUXOR, Circa 1979 more scenes, women with baskets on their heads
LUXOR, Circa 1979 Feluccas, sunsets in harbor
Luxor, Museum of Ancient Egyptivarious pieces of art
Luxor, Museum of Ancient Egyptishown exterior of building
Luxor, Ancient, Circa 1979 - 19various scenes

Sphinx of Egypt, The Great SphiGiza platau, Khafre Pyramid in background, made of soft limestone
Sphinx of Egypt, The Great SphiStela between forepaws of the Sphinx
Hotel with tourists on same page as Sphinx, Circa 1979

VALLEY OF QUEENS Tomb Of Kamaust: Left, Anubis, then Ramses III offering vases to Thot wi
HURGHADA (EGYPT) unusual sculpture of fish perhaps
HURGHADA (EGYPT) men carrying pails of water
HURGHADA (EGYPT) various people wearing Egyptian headwear
HURGHADA (EGYPT) man repairing small boat
HURGHADA (EGYPT) horseshoe crab
HURGHADA (EGYPT) Abandoned Aquarium,some type of ray, such as stingray
HURGHADA (EGYPT) several boats at Marina
HURGHADA (EGYPT) men fishing
HURGHADA (EGYPT) Arabs playing ancient instruments
HURGHADA (EGYPT) Sheraton Hotel, Circa 1979
HURGHADA (EGYPT) Arabs greeting Sheraton visitors
NEW VALLEY EGYPT fruit market and other things for sale
NEW VALLEY EGYPT New Valley Tourist Hotel
NEW VALLEY EGYPT man and children riding same donky
NEW VALLEY EGYPT bicycles and scooters
NEW VALLEY EGYPT children "hamming" for camera
NEW VALLEY EGYPT mother and toddler
NEW VALLEY EGYPT various crowd scenes
NEW VALLEY EGYPT scaffolding around an old structure
SCENES ALONG THE NILE open air market selling clothing
SCENES ALONG THE NILE agriculture / farming
SCENES ALONG THE NILE loading camels on Nile boat
SCENES ALONG THE NILE oxen pulling wooden plow
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & Somasons
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & Soengravings / etchings
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & SoTrojans kiosk
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & Sotourist bus and tourists
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & Soteenagers playing board game
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & Sosteps to ferry for ride to Temple
PHILAE TEMPLE Goddess Isis & Soclose-up of columns from the Temple
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN large pile of jugs, appear to be stoneware or earthenware, for water
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN people on donkeys
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN woman and toddler
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN various scenes with people
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN woman with a barrell on her head
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN woman with a basket on her head
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN young boy on an ox
TEMPLE OF HORUS (IDFU) LAID IN examples of Ptolemy art
EGYPT, GENERAL (Cairo) Cheop's Funerary Boat
EGYPT, GENERAL sandstorm
EGYPT, GENERAL opium smoker
EGYPT, GENERAL Ram-headed Sphinx
EGYPT, GENERAL young children
EGYPT, GENERAL mother and child (baby)
EGYPT, GENERAL young boy and goat
EGYPT, GENERAL young man, perhaps a student
EGYPT, GENERAL old woman
EGYPT, GENERAL man on donkey
EGYPT, GENERAL man with camel
CAIRO, Egyptian Museum (Circa 1outside entrance
CAIRO, Egyptian Museum (Circa 1inside, several exhibits
CAIRO, Egyptian Museum (Circa 1Rameses V
CAIRO (Circa 1979) harbor and various aerials of City
OLD CAIRO (Circa 1979) market square
OLD CAIRO (Circa 1979) Coptic Church
OLD CAIRO (Circa 1979) Coptic Priest
OLD CAIRO (Circa 1979) signs with Wisdom Sayings
ASWAN (Circa 1979) market place
ASWAN (Circa 1979) Harbor with Ocean Liner
ASWAN (Circa 1979) scenics
ASWAN (Circa 1979) horse drawn wagon or cart or buggy
ASWAN (Circa 1979) mule drawn wagon or cart or buggy
ASWAN (Circa 1979) several boats, sailboats, etc. in Aswan Harbor
ASWAN (Circa 1979) several more scenics
ASWAN (Circa 1979) Aswan Dam
Stella of Ry- Limestone from Abydos
Stella of Sen-Fefer Limestone
Finger Rings, glazed- fience- New Kingdom
Earrings, Gold Alloy
Pillow (head rest) carved from wood

BAHAMAS native Bahamians, several images
BAHAMAS man making sails medium format negatives
BAHAMAS, Hope Town Lighthouse keeper, woman and son
BAHAMAS, Hope Town island with sailboat
BAHAMAS, Hope Town pink cottage as well as other cottages
BAHAMAS, Hope Town people snorkeling
BAHAMAS, Hope Town gift shop and drug store
BAHAMAS, Treasure Cay, Turtle Cfence around cottage
BAHAMAS, Treasure Cay, Turtle C2 small children (friends), one is eating a sucker or Tootsie Pop
BAHAMAS, Treasure Cay, Turtle CBlue Bee Bar
BAHAMAS, Treasure Cay, Turtle Ccottage by the Ocean
BAHAMAS, Treasure Cay, Turtle Cclothes drying on line
BAHAMAS, Treasure Cay, Turtle Cfish net floats, crab & lobster traps

BARBADOS Coconut Palm & Traveler's Palm
BARBADOS Young boy with kitten
BARBADOS Young girl with same kitten
BARBADOS Reef Balls, To improve species variety and population density of all mar
BARBADOS restaurant
BARBADOS Child snorkeling - looking at fish in reef ball.
BARBADOS pet shop owner being interviewed by a TV reporter
BARBADOS beach scenics, tropical
BARBADOS fruit stand in Barbados, pineapple, custard apple
BARBADOS HARRISONS CAVE crystalized limestone, stalactites
BARBADOS HARRISONS CAVE stalagmites emerge from ground
BARBADOS HARRISONS CAVE waterfalls, soda straws on ceiling
BARBADOS HARRISONS CAVE flowstone covered walls glisten
BARBADOS HARRISONS CAVE stream, cave temp 78, water temp 76

ARIZONA US Route 60, Volcano, part of 4th largest Volcanic field in continental
ARIZONA, Hassayampa River Preseseveral images of Pauline, immature Sandhill Crane, bonded to humans, bu
ARIZONA, Hassayampa River Presealso shown, flock of Sandhill Cranes on ground ready for flight, and als
ARIZONA, Morales Ranch, CongresAngel Morales, Spanish-Mexican Rancher, with unusual moustache
ARIZONA, Morales Ranch, Congreshorseback riders on ranch (Cowboys)
ARIZONA, Morales Ranch, Congreschildren roping calves
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City famed London Bridge, reassembled over Lake Havasu and dedicated in Octob
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City dock
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City beach
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City through arch of London Bridge
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City Marker on Famous London Bridge
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City London Bridge reassembled
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City English Village, Heraldry statue, marks boundary as in England
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City English Pub, shown also with Heraldry statue
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City children making sand castles on beach
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City people at Lake Havasu City Beach
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City Colorado River south of Lake Havasu City
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City Topock Canyon, on Colorado River
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City Lake Havasu State Park, photographing claret cup cactus with brittle bus
ARIZONA, Lake Havasu City Hiking in Lake Havasu State Park
ARIZONA, Grand Canyon setting sun
ARIZONA, Grand Canyon shown with Rainbow
ARIZONA, Grand Canyon young couple, also raven in photo
ARIZONA, Grand Canyon people on mule ride through Canyon
ARIZONA evening in desert
ARIZONA colorful clouds, beautiful skies
ARIZONA Lake Pleasant, Saguarro Cactus
ARIZONA San Xavier del Bac Mission, Papago Indian Reservation in Tucson, finest
ARIZONA Stage Coach rides in a real western setting in Old Tucson
ARIZONA Mission of the Sun, Ted De Grazia Gallery, Tucson
ARIZONA, Tombstone entry to Boothill Graveyard
ARIZONA, Tombstone various grave markers
ARIZONA, Tombstone graves of victims of Earp-Clanton 1880 shootout
ARIZONA, Tombstone one says George Johnson, Hanged by Mistake
ARIZONA, Tombstone Crystal Palace and Saloon
ARIZONA, Tombstone locals perform in 1880's costumes
ARIZONA, Tombstone 1880's fashion show on Allen Street
ARIZONA, Tombstone 1880's sheriff
ARIZONA, Tombstone re-enactments of the 1880's Old West, OK Corral Earp-Clanton Shootout
ARIZONA, Tombstone Dragoon Mts. at sunset
ARIZONA, Tombstone Tombstone Court House
ARIZONA, Tombstone stage coach
ARIZONA, Tombstone wax figures of Earp vs. Clanton shootout behind OK Corral
ARIZONA, Tombstone can can girls in 1880's fashion
ARIZONA, Tombstone Schieffelin Hall, largest adobe structure in West
ARIZONA, Flagstaff snow clouds drop fresh snow, San Francisco Peaks
ARIZONA, Ft. Verde State Historbuildings of the Fort
ARIZONA, Ft. Verde State HistorAmerican Flag flying, shown also, close-up of flag
ARIZONA, Bisbee, built in bottoCopper Queen Mine entrance, oldest mine in Bisbee
ARIZONA, Bisbee Lavender Open Pit Mine, 1 1/4 mi. long, 950 ft. deep, one of world's lar
ARIZONA, Bisbee Copper Queen Hotel, turn of the century hotel
ARIZONA, Bisbee Post Office/Library, built in 1906, looks same today as back then
ARIZONA, Bisbee mine official's home
ARIZONA, Bisbee train ride in Copper Queen Mine
ARIZONA, Bisbee view of town, looks much the same as it did when a roaring mining town
ARIZONA, Glen Canyon marina
ARIZONA, Glen Canyon Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam
ARIZONA, Glen Canyon bridge
ARIZONA, Glen Canyon Glen Canyon Dam
ARIZONA, Glen Canyon generating equipment plant
ARIZONA, Parker Parker Dam on Colorado River, world's deepest, 65% of structure is under
ARIZONA, Parker Colorado River near Parker, AZ
ARIZONA, Parker Parker Dam Power Plant (with sign that also says "NO PETS IN POWER PLANT
ARIZONA, Apache Trail (In TontoTonto National Forest sign marking Apache Trail (among most scenic roads
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Saguaro Cacti in background
ARIZONA, Apache Trail various images of the ragged rock formations
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Superstition Mountain, various images
ARIZONA, Apache Trail One way bridge
ARIZONA, Apache Trail desert marigolds
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Tortilla Flat, only settlement on Apache Trail
ARIZONA, Apache Trail images of Cliff dwelling
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Native Plant Trail, Lost Dutchman State Park
ARIZONA, Apache Trail campgrounds, beaches, picnicking, bank fishing
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Canyon Lake
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Roosevelt Lake
ARIZONA, Apache Trail bridge expansion across Roosevelt Lake
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Roosevelt Dam, world's highest masonry dam, circa 1911
ARIZONA, Apache Trail various images scenic overlook Fishcreek Hill, rugged rock formations,
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Lookout Fish Creek Hill
ARIZONA, Apache Trail 10,000 Acre Lake Pleasant, formed by Waddell Dam
ARIZONA, Apache Trail Apache Trail, Arizona's first historic highway, various rock formations
ARIZONA, Salt River Canyon various scenics
ARIZONA, Salt River Canyon known for its beauty, often called Second Grand Canyon
ARIZONA, Wickenburg BLM land, digging gravel for panning gold
ARIZONA, Wickenburg gold panner
ARIZONA, Wickenburg precious gold in the pan
ARIZONA, Wickenburg evening falls on gold panner
ARIZONA, Wickenburg panning gold Lynx Creek National Forest
ARIZONA, Wickenburg gold nugget
ARIZONA, Wickenburg miner's lunch at noon
ARIZONA, Sun City Easter Sunrise Service
ARIZONA, Sun City Statue of Del Webb, founder of retirement villages
ARIZONA, Sun City Indian Statue, Heard Museum
ARIZONA, Sun City rows of Golf Carts
ARIZONA, Fort Apache home where General George Custer lived
ARIZONA, Fort Apache Re-created Apache Indian Village with teepees (tents)
ARIZONA, Fort Apache various scenics
ARIZONA, Fort Apache Post Office, tiny
ARIZONA, Fort Apache General George Crook headquarters here. Ft. Apache
ARIZONA, Fort Apache General George Custer lived here
ARIZONA, Fort Apache White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation, post office
ARIZONA, Fort Apache Captains Quarters, Circa 1892, houses a small museum
ARIZONA, Fort Apache shown also Teepees
ARIZONA, Fort Apache shown also Chain Cholla cactus
ARIZONA, White Mountain various scenics
ARIZONA, White Mountain Volcano, a part of 3rd largest volcanic field in continental US. -U.S.
ARIZONA, White Mountain man with trout, fly fishing is big in this area
ARIZONA, White Mountain Bob Pollock giving fly fishing lessons
ARIZONA, White Mountain Woodland Park
ARIZONA, White Mountain Casa Malpai kiva, largest and best preserved in nation. Casa Malpai Arc
ARIZONA, White Mountain Interpretor Trail to Mogollon Rim, Pinetop, Lakeside
ARIZONA, White Mountain wooden footbridge across a narrow creek
ARIZONA, Reflection Lake large format
ARIZONA, Sedona, Slide Rock, Oak Creek NR large format
ARIZONA, ARCOSANTI (Futuristic Brainchild of Architect Soleri
ARIZONA, ARCOSANTI (Futuristic various images, among best bellmakers in nation
ARIZONA, ARCOSANTI (Futuristic one of two continuous vaults
ARIZONA, ARCOSANTI (Futuristic all buildings are futuristic
ARIZONA, ARCOSANTI (Futuristic modern sculpture signals outskirts of Arcosanti (Cordes Junction)
ARIZONA, PAGE Navajo Parks
Upper Antelope Gabriel's LightUpper Antelope is also known as the Corkscrew
Lower Antelope Walls, The Artery
North Coyote Buttes
North Coyote Buttes Reflection, The Wave, Wave close-up, The Hamburger, The Spiral, Abstract Pattern, L
Sedona, AZ Bell Rock, Village of Oak Creek
Sedona, AZ Court House Rocks
Sedona, AZ Motel Window view of Village of Oak Creek - Rock Formation
NORTH OF SEDONA AZ Slide Rock State Park, near Sedona
NORTH OF SEDONA AZ Smooth Rock at Slide Rock State Park
Red Rock State Park Reflection

UTAH, BRYCE CANYON The Queen's Garden
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Morning in the Queen's Garden
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Hoodoos in the Queen's Garden
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Sunrise in the Queen's Garden
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Thor's Hammer, shown also Close-up
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Inspiration Point
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Glowing Hoodoos
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Glowing Hoodoos, Afternoon Light
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON The Sentinel Hoodoos
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Agua Canyon, The Warrior
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON View from Sunrise Point
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Afternoon Shadow
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Hikers ascending Navajo Trail
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Hikers Navajo Trail (Switchbacks)
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Hoodoo Along the Trail
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON View from Sunset Point
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Lone Tree at Sunset Point
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Afternoon in the Queen's Garden
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Afternoon Close-up
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Hickman Bridge in Capitol Reef National Park
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Lizard at Hickman Bridge
UTAH, BRYCE CANYON Under Hickman Bridge
CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK Scenic Drive Boulder, The Castle, Capitol Reef National Park
CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK Courthouse Rocks (Oak Creek)
UTAH, ZION NATIONAL PARK Checkerboard Mesa, shown also close-up
UTAH, ZION NATIONAL PARK Hoodoo Zion N.P. (near Checkerboard Mesa)
UTAH, ZION NATIONAL PARK Cedar Breaks, Window Visitor's Center
UTAH, ZION NATIONAL PARK Sunset Point, Cedar Breaks
UTAH, KANAB Sunrise at C.P.S.D.
UTAH, KANAB Morning Shadows, C.P.S.D.
UTAH, KANAB Morning at C.P.S.D.
UTAH, KANAB Dune Buggy Tracks, C.P.S.D.
UTAH, ESCALANTE Trailhead for Peek-a-Boo Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Entrance - Peek-a-Boo Canyon, shown also close-up
UTAH, ESCALANTE Winding Path- P-a-B
UTAH, ESCALANTE Double Arch - P-a-B
UTAH, ESCALANTE Entrance to Spooky Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Choke Stone - Spooky Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Getting Squeezed in Spooky Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Sand Dune - Coyote Gulch
UTAH, ESCALANTE Desert Flowers in Sand Dune (possibly Prairie Sunflowers)
UTAH, ESCALANTE Hiker entering Brimstone Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Buttes along Halfway Hollow
UTAH, ESCALANTE Quartz in Sandstone, Halfway Hollow
UTAH, ESCALANTE Moqui Marbles, Zebra Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Moqui Marbles on top of Zebra Canyon
UTAH, ESCALANTE Devil's Garden Hole-in-the Rock Road
UTAH, ESCALANTE A line of Devils
UTAH, ESCALANTE Strange Little Devil
UTAH, ESCALANTE A Pair of Devils
GRAND CANYON Morning at the North Rim
GRAND CANYON North Rim Vista
GRAND CANYON Alpenglow at the North Rim
GRAND CANYON Last Light North Rim
GRAND CANYON Mount Hayden North Rim (Point Imperial)
GRAND CANYON Morning Haze Mount Haden North Rim
PARIA CANYON Abstract at the Wave
VERMILION CLIFFS Abstract at the Wave
WILDERNESS AREA Reflecting Pool - Entrance to the Wave
UTAH, MONUMENT VALLEY John Ford Point & Scenic Drive
UTAH, MONUMENT VALLEY John Ford Point close-up
UTAH, MONUMENT VALLEY Monument Valley, also close-up
UTAH, MONUMENT VALLEY Sundown at the Mittens
UTAH, MONUMENT VALLEY Last Light at the Mittens
UTAH, ARCHES NATIONAL PARK Delicate Arch Trail Markers
UTAH, ARCHES NATIONAL PARK Delicate Arch Replica Marker
UTAH, ARCHES NATIONAL PARK Return from Delicate Arch
UTAH, ARCHES NATIONAL PARK Turret Arch through North Window
UTAH, ARCHES NATIONAL PARK Double Arch, vertical & horizontal
UTAH, DEAD HORSE POINT Dead Horse Point State Park
UTAH, CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARKRoad Near Entrance to Canyonlands N.P.
UTAH, GRAND STAIRCASE Halfway Hollow, close-up
UTAH, GRAND STAIRCASE Mountain of Rock & Color
UTAH, GRAND STAIRCASE Harris Wash (it gets dry out here)
UTAH, ESCALANTE Cliff & Reflection
UTAH, CEDAR CITY Fall Color Rt. 14 near Cedar City
UTAH, VERMILION CLIFFS Vermilion Cliffs off Highway 89A AZ
UTAH, SLIDE ROCK STATE PARK The Path to Slide Rock State Park

NEW YORK, Watkins Glen Rainbow Falls (Waterfalls)
NEW YORK, Watkins Glen Pools below Rainbow Falls
NEW YORK, Watkins Glen Water Curtain
NEW YORK, Watkins Glen Wet Walkway
NEW YORK, Watkins Glen Falling Water
NEW YORK, Ithaca Buttermilk Falls (one image taken with enhancing filter) (Waterfalls)

MASSACHUSETTS, Hyannis Port Ted Kennedy's Boat
MASSACHUSETTS, Boston John F. Kennedy's Boyhood Home
MASSACHUSETTS, Boston Old & New architecture
MASSACHUSETTS, Boston Last Supper carved on the exterior of a church
MASSACHUSETTS, Cape Cod Chatham Lighthouse
MASSACHUSETTS, Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse

MAINE, Camden Camden Harbor
MAINE, Camden Boats at Sunset
MAINE, Portland Portland Head Light (Lighthouse)
MAINE, Bar Harbor Bar Harbor from Cadillac Mountain
MAINE, Bar Harbor Whale Watch Boat
MAINE, Bar Harbor Whale's Tail
MAINE, Acadia National Park The Bubbles
MAINE, Acadia National Park Balanced Rock
MAINE, Acadia National Park various scenes
MAINE Hydrastis canadensis (plant)
MAINE lobster traps
MAINE, Freeport Dockhouse at Pier side
MAINE, Pemaquid shore with crashing waves

NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway Reflection at Swift River Bridge (Covered Bridge) Fall Colors
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway Inside Swift River Covered Bridge, looking out at beautiful fall foliage
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway Glen Ellis Waterfalls, Rt. 16
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway Saco River
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway beautiful fall foliage under the Bridge
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway Leaf Peepers destination, Kancamagus Hwy.
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Conway Lake beside Kancamagus Hwy. Rt. 112 - with beautiful fall foliage
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Lincoln Loon Lake
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Lincoln Kancamagus Hwy. Pine Needles at Otter Rocks
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Lincoln Stream
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Lincoln Mad River
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Lincoln Fall at Mad River - fall foliage
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Franconia Notch Morning Mist
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Franconia Notch Covered Bridge
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Franconia Notch Stream & Rapids
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Franconia Notch Old Man of the Mountain
NEW ENGLAND, N.H. or VT Beaver Pond, fall foliage
NEW ENGLAND, N.H. or VT Beaver Pond, tree growing in Rock

VERMONT, Waitsfield Round Barn
VERMONT, Waitsfield Round Barn Mailbox
VERMONT, Warren Horses and fall colors
VERMONT, Warren above image shows also stratus cloud
VERMONT, Warren new home in the mountains, beautiful fall foliage
VERMONT, Warren new home - New England Window Design
VERMONT, Warren Glen Falls, Moss (Waterfalls)
VERMONT, Bennington White fence at Old First Church, beautiful fall foliage
VERMONT, Texas Falls Moss covered fence

MICHIGAN, Holland Holland Lighthouse
MICHIGAN, Grand Haven Grand Haven Lighthouse
MICHIGAN, Grand Haven same as above, shown also choppy water
MICHIGAN, Grand Haven stone marker in memory of lives lost off these piers
MICHIGAN, Jackson The Cascades, colored lights, American Flag waving (Waterfalls)
MICHIGAN, UPPER Tahquamenon Falls, Upper Falls and Lower Falls
MICHIGAN, UPPER Munising Falls

WISCONSIN, BAYFIELD Tour Boat Apostle Island
WISCONSIN, BAYFIELD Ferry Boat for Madeline Island

SOUTH DAKOTA, MITCHELL The Corn Palace, exterior and interior
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. S Curve inside the Park
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Jagged Rock, close-up
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Blue Sky over the Badlands
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Buffalo in Custer State Park
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Begging Burros Custer State Park
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Profile of George Washington
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Profile of George Washington, close-up
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Mt. Rushmore Presidents
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Mt. Rushmore Walkway
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Mt. Rushmore at night
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. George Washington & Thomas Jefferson
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Thomas Jefferson & Teddy Roosevelt
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Teddy Roosevelt & Abraham Lincoln
SOUTH DAKOTA, BADLANDS N.P. Abraham Lincoln close-up
SOUTH DAKOTA, NEEDLES HWY. Black Hills along Needles Highway
SOUTH DAKOTA, NEEDLES HWY. RV Squeezing - tight fit

WYOMING, GRAND TETONS Jackson Lake, Town Square
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. Cafeteria, Lake Village, Yellowstone Lake
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. Waiting for Old Faithful
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone NP
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. rock formation
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. Liberty Cap, Mammoth Hot Springs
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. Mound and Jupiter Terraces
WYOMING, YELLOWSTONE N.P. Elk on lawn at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

MONTANA, GLACIER NATIONAL PARK Food Storage unit, to keep Bears out and keep them wild
MONTANA, GLACIER NATIONAL PARK Trail to the Cedars, leads to Avalanche Creek

CANADA, ALBERTA Prince of Wales Hotel, Waterton National Park
CANADA, ALBERTA Outhouse from "The "Unforgive" Longview
CANADA, ALBERTA Tour Boat, Maligne Lake

WASHINGTON Skagit River, picnic
WASHINGTON. SEATTLE Seattle Sports Stadiums with Mt. Rainier in background

OREGON, COLUMBIA GORGE Bridge at Multnomah Falls
OREGON, COLUMBIA GORGE Photographing the Photographer at Multnomah Falls
OREGON, COLUMBIA GORGE Moss Covered Tree and Tree Branches
OREGON, COLUMBIA GORGE Boiler Bay Wayside - Depoe Bay
OREGON, COLUMBIA GORGE The Geyser, Cape Perpetua
OREGON, COLUMBIA GORGE Trough filled with Ocean Foam

CALIFORNIA, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PHalf Dome, shown also close-up
CALIFORNIA, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PYosemite Valley and the Merced River
CALIFORNIA, YOSEMITE NATIONAL PHalf Dome Reflection - Merced River
CALIFORNIA, BISHOP Fish Cleaning Facility
CALIFORNIA, MARIN COUNTY Tamalpais State Park, various
CALIFORNIA, OAKLAND Golden Central Mts. east of Oakland


CALIFORNIA, San Pedro San Pedro Lighthouse

HAWAII, Kilauea Kilauea Lighthouse

OHIO, Cuyahoga National RecreatBrandywine Falls (Waterfalls)
OHIO, Cuyahoga National RecreatBlue Hen Falls (Waterfalls)
OHIO, Cuyahoga National RecreatButtermilk Falls (Waterfalls)
OHIO, TOLEDO Toledo Skyline
OHIO, TOLEDO Tall Ship, Toledo Harbor
OHIO, TOLEDO close-up of Mast of the tall ship
OHIO, TOLEDO Tall Ship, The Bounty
OHIO, TOLEDO Building the Skyway Bridge
OHIO, TOLEDO Statue downtown, "Seasons"
OHIO, TOLEDO 10K Race - for Breast Cancer
OHIO, TOLEDO homemade viewing box for race view
OHIO, TOLEDO sculpture Government Center
OHIO, TOLEDO urban renewal
OHIO, TOLEDO water taxi
OHIO, TOLEDO hot air balloons University of Toledo
OHIO, TOLEDO Carnivora Building turned into a restaurant
OHIO, TOLEDO Toledo Zoo, shown also, animal cages turned into places for people to ea
OHIO, TOLEDO Bird show, Toledo Zoo
OHIO, TOLEDO Trainer and Osprey, Toledo Zoo
OHIO, TOLEDO Seal, Toledo Zoo
OHIO, TOLEDO Lights at Christmas, Toledo Zoo
OHIO, TOLEDO Fall Tree, Sidecut Metro Park
OHIO, TOLEDO Waterfall & Reflection, Sidecut Metro Park
OHIO, TOLEDO Tulips, Toledo Botanical Garden
OHIO, TOLEDO metal sculpture of tree at Toledo Botanical Garden
OHIO, TOLEDO Catamaran with Man and his Labrador Dog, Maumee Bat State Park
OHIO, ELMORE Shedel Gardens scenics, with fall foliage
OHIO, COLUMBUS exterior of Franklin Park Conservatory with lots of flowers
OHIO, COLUMBUS FPC with Dale Chihuly huge blown glass flowers
OHIO, LOGAN Ash Cave, Hocking Hills
OHIO, LOGAN Ash Cave, Rock House, inside
OHIO, LOGAN Ash Cave, Rock House, cave window
OHIO, LOGAN Ash Cave, Rock House, Rain Forest
OHIO, AKRON exterior of Stan Hyet Mansion with huge Rose Garden
OHIO, AKRON Birch Tree Walkway at Stan Hyet Mansion

NORTH CAROLINA Cullasaja Falls (Waterfalls)

Crystal Forest tree trunks glow with semi-precious stones
Jasper Forest unbroken log over stream bed supported by concrete
scenic weird, barren
Crystal Forest contains hundreds of bejeweled tree trunks
hikers in Rainbow Forest, shown also, massive logs in park
rain scene
several scenes, some showing a family on an outing
petrified wood in the Petrified Forest
Painted Desert Inn, 1940
sedimentary rock
Blue Mesa Petrified Forest, undulating blue-gray mounds of clay
same as above, showing also, erosion formations
beautiful Blue Mesa Badlands harbors many fallen stone trees

Craters of the Moon National MoInferno Cone
Craters of the Moon National MoIndian structures large format images
Craters of the Moon National MoRanger
Craters of the Moon National Mohiking
Craters of the Moon National MoGreat Owl Cavern, lava cave with stalactites
Craters of the Moon National Moentrance to Indian Tunnel
Craters of the Moon National MoTriple Twist tree, very old tree that died in 1961
Craters of the Moon National Movarious other scenics
Idaho City pioneer cemetery - plotted in 1863, huge Ponderosa pines grow
Idaho City Idaho World newspaper estabished in 1863
Idaho Panhandle statue erected by Nez Perce Indians, at site where the Nez Perce war was
Idaho, Coeur d'Alene Beauty Bay, Coeure d'Alene Lake
Scenic Salmon River Canyon US 12 Lewis & Clark Trail, edges the Middlefork of the Clearwater River
river near Ketchum Idaho where shows erosion
Lewis & Clark Trail, U.S. 12, avarious scenics, highway, fast moving river
Idaho, Sun Valley at night Sun Valley Lodge
Idaho, Ketchum Hulon Meadow larger format

Barn and barn with windmill (location unknown)
Capitol State Bldg. in Salt Lake City, UTAH
road sign
boat dock
Harbor Seal in Calif.
Railroad, old time
freighter, Japanese
Calif. Live Oak
Pine Tree Blossom
Alpine Flowers
Wildflowers meadow
Yellow Lupine
Forest, leaves
Purse Seiner Fishing Boat, Lobster Pots

Rhodes Greek Wedding, people dancing, musicians, groom, inside Church with lit
Rhodes Greek Wedding, Orthodox Priest
Rhodes Greek Wedding, Bride and her wedding party
Rhodes tourists walking the "ruins"
Rhodes headshot of camel
Rhodes Marina
Rhodes outdoor market
Rhodes outdoor restaurant or café
Rhodes men playing Backgammon
Rhodes various scenes of the "Ruins"
Rhodes various scenes looking down on the City
Rhodes man - net mender
Rhodes fruit market
Rhodes mermaid sculpture in a museum
Rhodes Ferry or possibly a tour boat, loaded with people
Rhodes various scenics such as ancient theater
Rhodes scenes looking down on the City from perhaps mountains
Rhodes man painting a picture
Rhodes, many of the above scenes are in large format negatives also
ATHENS Several views of the PARTHENON
ATHENS Several views of the ACROPOLIS
ATHENS, many of the above scenes are in large format negatives also

NAUPLION various scenes of the City
NAUPLION a 'costumed' Guard at a Gatehouse
NAUPLION, many of the above scenes are in large format negatives also
PATMOS various scenics and people
PATMOS, many of the above scenes are in large format negatives also
SANTORINI various scenics and people
SANTORINI, many of the above scenes are in large format negatives also

Atlantic Beach

Kure Beach agave plant
Kure Beach pelicans
Kure Beach alligator
Kure Beach Harlequin Bass, Serranus tigrinus
Kure Beach sea gulls
North Carolina Aquarium in Ft. Fisher, North Carolina, Saltwater
Kure Beach Portly Spider Crab, Libinia emarginata
Kure Beach cat "hiding"
Kure Beach North Carolina Aquarium in Ft. Fisher, North Carolina
Nagshead Lighthouse, shown at distant, also shown close-up
Nagshead good shots of osprey on nest
Nagshead seagull taking flight
Nagshead sand sculptures
Nagshead small ship's mast
Rockport craggy rocks
Rockport lighthouse or light station

Tabby stripes cat - sleeping - good camouflage
Cats, various, hiding, sniffing, sitting on top of car roof
Siamese sleeping, snoozing, Chocolate Point Siamese coloring, not a purebred

large concrete bridge, perhaps downtown
right down town, the corner of Michigan and Wacker
Ferris Wheel at Night
buildings, unsure of location

black swan, Lake Eola, Orlando
Spanish moss in tree
trees with water birds, Anhingas
goose, shown close-up orange beak, orange feet, shown entire goose

horse on mailbox dripping icicles
cardinal next to pottery birdhouse

Scenes of pond, fence, pastoral
Tortoise hiding, camouflage
Close-up of Zebra stripes

Government Buildings
Various Restaurants & People, Interior, Exterior
Internet Café
Hotels, Interior, Exterior
general Country scenes, Communications, City scenes, Toilets, Pharmacy, Hospital
various transportations, ATM, Foreign Stamps, Foreign Postage
Newspaper stand


AFGHANISTAN Remote village
AFGHANISTAN Women, Children, Refugess, poverty
AFGHANISTAN Women in jail, prison, some with their children
AFGHANISTAN woman in prison with her baby, she chopped up her husband because he bea