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The pink guppy was genetically produced by David Liebman over a 10 year time period utilizing over 62,000 test crosses. That is the short story of how this organization came to be named.

David Liebman is a trained biologist, naturalist and forensic handwriting expert. When teaching in college and high school he noticed that the photographs in textbooks were more like snapshots. Being closely acquainted with all forms of life he began photographing flora and fauna. Within a few months he started winning in nature photography contests and was a winner in a National Wildlife photography contest with over 7,000 submissions. Publications contacted him as they became aware of his awards and saw his photographs in publications. The collection of his images grew to over one million.

Good photographers noticed his photos in hundreds of publications. Some asked if he would represent them. By word of mouth and recommendation additional photographers joined in. The list of photographers continues to grow. Pink Guppy is proud to present this website as a accumulation of many talented artists and photographing their various specialties. Every effort has been made to insure that each slide has the correct common as well as scientific name.

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